It will be interesting watching what facts come out in the next few days/weeks regarding what happened to Chandler Jones over the weekend.

This is what we know for sure:

What else do we know? Very little apparently, but that’s not stopping rampant speculation.

This was what started the whole story:



The Tweet was taken down soon after and replaced with this.


The bit about Gronk’s house was removed. Then Lou Merloni advanced the story.

So now of the original Chris Curtis (D&C producer, runs the Twitter account) Tweet, the bit about Gronk’s house has been removed, Lou says Jones “walked” into police station which would seem to disprove the “OD” aspect. The Police dispatcher in the case mentioned “class D Delta” which often refers to marijuana. Other unnamed sources suggest sleeping pills and a bad reaction to something.

For someone who spent months railing against Chris Mortensen for blindly tweeting what sources told him, Curtis seems the ultimate hypocrite here. Instead, much of their show today was spent focused on whether the police covered up for the Patriots and Jones, and calling Patriots fans hypocrites. Okay.

There is definitely a story here though. The question is, who is going to get it, and get it right? Gillette Stadium was mobbed with reporters this morning, ensuring that this story will already have more coverage than the Peyton Manning HGH story. But will the stories rely on facts, or speculation?

We’ll be watching, media.

Try and get it right this time, OK?


48 thoughts on “Watching The Reporting On Chandler Jones

  1. I am generally aware that Bill Belichick and Earnie Adam’s “opponent mind control ray” unit in the Gillette light tower must be malfunctioning. It is more probable than not Chandler just happened to come up with the short straw, so he became the “fall guy.”


  2. This truly has been the 12 months from hell if you’re a Pats fan (aside from that one miraculous evening in Glendale last February). I’d like to know where the “at Gronk’s house” tidbit came from. I read this morning that Jones, himself, lives right down the street from the Foxboro P.D. station. All-around bizarre story. The important thing is that young Mr. Jones did not die, did not fall into a coma, or suffer any other type of life-threatening damage from the incident. McCann’s level-headedness, sadly, will not be the typical response to this, as we all know.


    1. Gronk lives walking distance to the police station (Not a stalker I live in Foxboro) so that may be what triggered the report but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the police reported going to Jones’ house/apartment to secure it. Jones probably lives in the old state hospital that was converted into really nice apartments and they are basically across the street from the police station.


  3. Is anyone dead? Is anyone hurt? Were any laws broken at any time? If the answers are all no (we know the first 2 are no) then move the bleep on. This is why sports radio is the devil, especially from ‘EEI. So desperate to reclaim morning #1 that they have turned in to TMZ for old white guys.


    1. My thought exactly…this reeks of desperation on WEEI’s part. And I’m not saying they shouldn’t report it and discuss it but it’s in the tabloid manner in which they are doing it that makes it unseemly. Gerry can’t believe they’re not investigating this like it’s a case of national security. It’s none of our buisness what happened to Jones. He’s not an elected official,he’s a pro athelete. Just like it’s nobody’s buisness what Gerry is up to in his free time.


      1. I finally had to turn them off this morning before I OD’d on all the absurd self-righteousness. Considering the substance abuse issues that D & M have had you’d think they’d be a little more understanding of the privacy issue here.


        1. Yeah, Why don’t they do 4 hours on all the cociane John Dennis and Minihane have shoved up their nose? Or all the alcohol Gerry drinks combined with his anger issues? I’m sure they all had issues due to their problems that were swept under the rug due to their status. Let’s talk about that. Instead of yelling at your listeners.


        2. Kirk is the least empathetic recovering addict I’ve ever witnessed. While I enjoy his constant hammering of Shaughnessy, he is clearly a miserable human being – and never learned humility even after hitting rock bottom.


  4. Thank God internet comment sections and Twitter have the answer on Chandler Jones:

    “Um, he’s sick. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s
    girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the
    girl who saw Chandler pass out at Gronk’s last night. I guess it’s
    pretty serious.”


    1. Oh damn….awesome Ferris Bueller reference. On a side note, maybe someone should send a “Nurse-O-Gram” to Jones’s house. You know, to cheer him up.


  5. So I’m catching up on this on the podcast and Minhane keeps defending their coverage by equating this to Hernandez. Basically saying that if people keep this a secret then CJ could be a killer like Hernandez…unbelievable.


  6. I find it funny that the national media has barely touched this story and it’s WEEI mostly that is ESPNing this. I don’t ever wnat to hear anyone on WEEI blast ESPN again. ESPN had more of a right to cover a sports related issue like deflategate no matter how ridiculous it got than WEEI does in regards to someones medical emergency. That is low class.


    1. Oh, no no no no. It is always and forever open season on ESPN. WEEI, National Enquirer, Perez Hilton, I don’t care. Everyone line up and take your shot(s) at that f–king joke of a media conglomerate. Today has no bearing on that. Changes literally NOTHING about ESPN. Not a single damn thing.


  7. Okay…let’s look at this another way. Jones, a high profile athlete on his own never ind having a brother who plays in the NFL and another brother who is one of the top MMA fighters in the world, shows up at the police station with an issue. The police evidently help him and then remove any evidence of his being there from the official record, the chief denies knowing anything Jones visit to the station and then he later says “oh that was a medical issue not a police issue and that explains why i did not know about it”. So from the beginning it looks like a cover up. Add to that Gronk not practicing and BB showing up with a black eye and you have a story that screams for rampant speculation and idle gossip.

    I am not upset with the coverage as it has unfolded. I am surprised that an organization like the Patriots allowed this to spiral out of control. The simplest way to handle this should have been…we do not comment publicly on Hippa cases…and then privately leak that he had an allergic reaction to something. Instead they made this into a federal offense.


  8. The worst thing about anything dealing with recreational drugs is you get every kid who is preparing the Poland Spring Bottle bong calling up trying to give their expertise in whatever it is. I thought the screeners do a better job filtering them but man that’s rough. There are others where this happens but I swear recreational drugs is the worst.


    1. It was nauseating to listen to all of the “one time my friend in college” stories floating around the airwaves. They’re second to the weekend warriors that compare their knee injury playing pickup basketball to torn ACLs by pro athletes.

      I also found it comical how out of touch some of the hosts sounded discussing recreational drugs. I don’t expect them to be experts or dare I say users, but they came off like dinosaurs trying to wrap their heads around what many people do recreationally, especially today’s younger folks.


      1. They’re second to the weekend warriors that compare their knee injury playing pickup basketball to torn ACLs by pro athletes.

        Ah, those.

        They used to call G+Z the most, I recall, I think mainly because both guys played.

        It’d go something like this:

        “Yeah, former player here. Let me give you my expertise. I played a little college ball in my day.” (They were 5th string on some DIII team.)

        Dude, that garbage works when you’re hitting on the dumb 20-yearold at the bar. You sound like a f-ing idiot elsewhere, including on the air. Stop.

        I also found it comical how out of touch some of the hosts sounded discussing recreational drugs.

        Same when discussing anabolic steroids. It’s not hard to understand how they work. You could have a trainer (who has a clue) or doctor do this in about a minute. Explaining != condoning, too. I sometimes think that the stations shy away from this because they consider it some indirect endorsement. It’s not like they don’t have trusted professionals who could write them a few paragraphs in an email or even call in. It’s nothing special but much better than every amateur in the world trying to call up and share their knowledge.

        All of these make me cringe.


  9. I had all I could stomach of this (and Belichick’s eye) this morning before 10am. Not even gonna give 1 second of time to Felger & Mazz. I can only imagine (and, probably, correctly so) the reaction from those two turds.


  10. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, D/C/M have circled the wagons this morning and it’s “us vs the world” mentality. Once they gave double middle fingers to Dale, Jerry, Toucher, Gasper, etc they then doubled down on the great conspiracy of our time…Belichick’s eye!! And of course the fans got a big F-U for not believing them over Gasper.

    They’ve become what they spent a year fighting. They’ve turned into Chris Mortenson and ESPN.


    1. D/C/M have really disappointed me with how they’ve approached this. Lately they’d really been winning me back during my morning drive into work, but this has been unlistenable. I’m not willing to say this is a non-story, but whatever it is it’s infinitely less than the “stop the presses!” drum they’ve been beating. The venom in Kirk and Gerry’s voices makes me roll my eyes. It sounds like their blood is boiling that no one wants to make this bigger than it needs to be. They *thought* they had a whopper of a story but it’s really just another day in the NFL… Player does recreational drugs, ends up doing something stupid, cops look the other way.
      Now, with that being said, if some journalist is able to drop a bombshell and discover a detailed network of cover ups by Foxboro PD with a laundry list of examples, then it’s worth spending the time and energy they’re putting into this. Otherwise, move on.
      Plus, the irony of presenting all of this through anonymous unreliable conflicting sources and having to delete inaccurate tweets is hilarious. “Hi pot, meet kettle.”


  11. Police report issued:

    Is this one of the biggest non-stories this year? Guys on our team and other teams smoke pot and do dumb stuff. It’s covered up all the time by “NFL Security” (which is their real job), the team and local PDs. That’s reality. Nobody cares until it’s their rival team.

    This whole thing sounds like the Foxboro PD f’d up on the cover-up.


  12. Wth happened on D&C today? For the first time I can recall they did not make their show available on the podcast app. What are they hiding?


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