In case the whole NESN-Don Orsillo mess couldn’t get any more screwed up, it did.

At the center of it is Boston’s favorite columnist, (oh wait, he didn’t even make the list) Dan Shaughnessy!

An important line was dropped from his column about Orsillo earlier in the week:

Dan Kennedy has written extensively about the incident, and has great coverage here:

Dan Shaughnessy Defends Boston Globe Over Deleted Sentence In Don Orsillo Column

The Globe attempted to explain the original charges thusly:

“Sourcing was weak.”

Shaughnessy’s original line was:

Two Sox employees told the Globe that workers at Fenway turnstiles were ordered to confiscate any signs supporting Orsillo as fans entered Fenway.

I’m interested to know what the Globe considers strong sourcing and weak sourcing. Shaughnessy writes a lot of things, many seem single sourced. Why the edit on this?

Of course it isn’t because Shaughnessy’s boss, the owner of the Globe, also owns the Red Sox. It isn’t. Trust them. Their coverage speaks for itself. Just ask them!

Kennedy adds a good followup on the topic:

Boston Globe Adds Clarification To Dan Shaughnessy’s Column About Red Sox Announcer Don Orsillo

As Kennedy notes, the online and print versions of the corrections were even different.

Are we supposed to give them the benefit of the doubt on this?


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  1. Was there another similar incident with signs in Fenway a few years back? Was it when Tito was fired?

    1. I remember a guy behind home play had a bag over his head but I forget if they took it away or not

  2. Eh, it’s a privately owned stadium and if they want to control what fans display there I think it’s okay. The Pats, back in the day, kicked out fans for “Missin’ Sisson” signs.

    1. LOL. I remember Missin’ Sisson. I also remember what an excellent kicker he was at the collegiate level — and this was long after the NCAA banned the use of kicking tees for field goals and extra points, so that shouldn’t have been a factor. His meltdown at the NFL level was puzzling, to say the least.

        1. Was he the last bare footed kicker in the league? I can’t remember anyone since. I can’t wait to explain that to my boys one day. “Yeah way back when, guys used to kick with no shoe on…”

          1. Pretty much. The Broncos had a barefooted kicker at around that very same time — Rich Karlis,. I believe after both he and Franklin left the NFL, that was all she wrote and barefoot kickers when the way of the dinosaur. I never could figure out how those guys managed to do the job with nothing on their foot, especially in frigid temp late in the season.

      1. I didn’t get it either. I thought he was going to be great. On the flip side, him sucking led to Matt Bahr, which led to bringing on Vinatieri to take over after Bahr retired.

        1. Thank God Parcells decided to hold on to Vinatieri after the very rough start to his career (4 missed FGs in a close loss at Buffalo in Week 2 of the ’96 season). There were calls for Tuna to cut Adam and bring in someone else, but then he nailed an OT game winner against Jacksonville in Foxboro a couple of weeks later, and it was pretty much smooth sailing after that.

    2. So they let people into the stadium with the missin sission signs only to kick them out for having them?

  3. It’s said that only 5-10% of Fenway Park attendees wanted to carry pro-Orsillo signs.
    In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How’d that go?

  4. Shank pulling a Scott Templeton? A Mitch Albom? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    Low talent + Low integrity = endless possibility

      1. Yeah, Hubbuch edited the clip and took out the part where Minihane said he was kidding. I don’t think that needed to be explained but I guess for people who follow Hubbuch because they like and respect him they will need it explained.

          1. I heard Minihane say in the 6 o’clock hour that he was considering legal action against Hubbuch. I could not tell if he was being serious or not. I have no idea if he even has a leg to stand on there.

          2. It’s amazing what “photoshopping” audio can do..

            I heard the same around the Zimmerman case, after NBC and a number of other networks did the same. But, I think they omitted a number of things instead of splicing it. That way, you could just say “well I only recorded what you saw..”

            I forget now if you have a leg to stand on or if its hard to prove?

          3. Since Minihane would be characterized as a public figure, I’d say his chances in court would be slim. However, “malice of forethought” exists if he can prove that Hubbach doctored the video clip. It would be an interesting case, but my guess is that Minihane will just smack down Hubbach on the airwaves every day, and leave it at that.

  5. Hilarious. How this guy is employed is amazing:

    Minihane’s outlandish suggestion is just the latest outburst from fans and media in Boston and New England as they anxiously await the outcome of Brady’s bid to have his suspension lifted in federal court.

    LOL. How about your own, buddy?

    It’s funny how he won’t come on the air but is trying to get all his critics fired.

    1. When do the Patriots get their draft picks back? Can the NFL be honest (ha!) and admit the picks are punishment for being too good for too long?

      1. Yet to see someone say how this would ever happen. And, even if Kraft fought it, he had little-to-no chance to fight it.

        However, I’d still love to see it happen.

          1. He should at least make a public statement directly appealing to the league office about the draft picks, now that a Federal court has ruled that the league’s process was inherently unfair. It won’t do any good, but at least he’ll get the word out there that the team penalties are not only absurd, but totally unwarranted. Hopefully, when the Dorito Dinks file their defamation suits, Kraft will find a way to fund their legal expenses without making it known publicly.

    2. “Tony, when we come back from the break, I’m going to explain to the Patriots toadies why this ruling today from Judge Berman not only doesn’t clear Brady of any wrongdoing, it clearly PROVES that the league had evidence that Belichick was guilty of a vastly more nefarious plan! But first, Rome-y has some advice for the Lakers on the CBS Sports Minute.”

          1. The stiffy they had, from the beginning, for BB being involved somehow was reprehensible.

            I never got it.

            Hot Take? Not like BB? What’s the deal?

    1. This guy’s a moron, we all know that. However, the real tragedy of this whole thing is that in order to be exonerated, Brady did, in fact, have to “get off on a technicality” (i.e., labor law). Nowhere in this court ruling will there be any text exonerating the Patriots, or Brady, from allegedly participating in a “ball deflation scheme,” because that’s not this particular court’s job — it’s the job of the court which presides over any potential defamation suit that may be brought (more likely by the Dorito Dinks who lost their jobs over this witch hunt, not by Brady or the Pats, who have much less legal standing). Therefore, when A-Holes like Hubbach, Doyel, Kravitz, F&M, etc., continue to say, “they still did SOMETHING” to those footballs; Kraft accepted the penalties and Brady only got off on a legal technicality,” they’re not actually lying. They’re being douchebags and they’re completely ignoring the utter lack of evidence the NFL has, but they’re not actually lying. That’s what is so frustrating about this entire absurd affair. That, and the stolen draft picks, which still causes steam to come out of my ears every time I think about it.

    2. You know, I just noticed that he wrote, “…the deflator stole the footballs and took them into the bathroom.” Really? McNally “stole” the footballs? He STOLE them? My God, what a complete tool this guy is. Like I said yesterday, Jets fans and Hubbach deserve each other. The dumbest, most troglodytic fan base in professional sports deserves to have the dumbest, most unscrupulous media morons covering the team.

  6. I know everyone says that the league will appeal, but I have to wonder if some of the owners will say drop this.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if the real reason the Judge wanted John Mara in court was not so much to facilitate a settlement but to show him how poorly the league office was working. I do not think it is a coincidence that the Judge wanted the Chair of the Executive committee in court to see “help” facilitate a settlement.

      I also wonder if some of the silent owners talk a look at the decision, take a look at the crap Goodells people were spewing and then talk a look at the uninformed comments from McNair and come to the conclusion that they were mislead or lied to about the actions of one of the teams. That cannot be standing well in all quarters.

      1. The thing that worries me is that you can tell some/most of them never bothered to read the Wells report. So to think that they may read this decision may be a leap. But one I hope they take.

        1. This is not about what the owners read. Its about how well their lackies read and then how well the summarize and present that information to the their boss. Until now that has been handled by the league. I am wondering if a guy like McNair who was just humiliated in the National media goes back to his people and says “I want to know what really happened in the next hour”.

          1. The NFL has announced that it will appeal. Just great….more months of hearing “legal experts” on ESPN (and our local talk show legal eagles, like Tanguay…LOL) talk about how Brady and the NFLPA have no chance of winning. Goodell, and the owners who back him, are a special kind of stupid to want to see this farce continue to play on. Yes, they DO have a chance to win on appeal, and I realize at this point that this is all about their power over the players, and nothing more. But if they win the appeal, then what happens? Brady’s team files another appeal….maybe he even contemplates a defamation suit at that point, since he no doubt will be of the opinion that Goodell and his minions simply will not stop until they’ve destroyed him and tarnished his name forever. This thing will go on and on and on because Goodell and the morons behind him — as “Timmy” said to George (after seeing him double-dip his chip) in that Seinfeld episode — couldn’t “just dip once and END IT!”

    2. You’d think…. but they’re appealing the Peterson case, which was (arguably) an even harsher rebuke, so…. you know…. don’t assume logic within the NFL executive suite.

  7. Question: Will Brady succeed in court and stop the NFL from suspending him for four games?

    Answer: No, Brady will not succeed. Although he enjoys top-of-the-line legal representation and his lawyers will file a brilliantly written lawsuit, his effort to stop the suspension is doomed. There are two reasons why: First, federal judges are reluctant to reconsider the rulings of arbitrators; second, Goodell produced a decision on Brady that is brilliantly reasoned, meticulously detailed, and well-written. Goodell’s recitation of the evidence of the tampering with game balls is powerful, and his description of Brady’s attempt at a cover-up is persuasive.


    1. Sitting next to Bob Levy he still couldn’t believed it happened. I don’t know who the guy that was sitting next to Schefter was, but he told Munson, that the Garvey case was not applicable. Good stuff. I will give Munson credit in that he didn’t run from his earlier predictions.

  8. Another, from CHB on 7/20:

    What do you say now, Patriot fans? Still think the NFL is out to get
    the Patriots? Still think Tom Brady is clean? Still think this is a
    witch hunt?

    Of course you do. And that is why at a time when you should be embarrassed, you are probably emboldened.

    Please. Give up. It’s time for local loyalists to parachute down from
    Planet Patriot and get in touch with reality. Stop twisting yourselves
    into knots to justify the petty crimes and coverups of the Patriots and
    their quarterback.

  9. “Tony, Belichick knew they were going to win that game yesterday, so why the need to run the score up to 62-3 if there was nothing to hide about Deflategate? When we come back from the break, I’m going to enlighten the Patriots toadies why yesterday’s blowout, the fourth in a row for this team, is actually a bad thing. But first, Rome-y has some advice for the Lakers on the CBS Sports Minute.”

    #HotSportzTake from Oct. 19, 2015

    1. Well, you just knew he couldn’t help himself, right? Yup, the Patriots got caught all right — in the deceitful web of lies spun by the Jets-centric NFL office and cretins like Irsay and his underlings. Poor Gregggggggggg. I think he needs a hug.

    2. Just to follow up: I really think this guy is unstable. His visceral hatred of the Patriots and his complete, utter inability to take a rational, hard look at the facts, not to mention his constant, constant, bashing of BB and the organization borders on the obsessive. Remember, this was the guy who, before Deflategate broke, went on local TV and radio programs before AFCCG and said the Patriots win, “but they don’t win with honor.” And he cited their use of the perfectly legal (at the time) unbalanced line formations the week before as an example. This argument, of course, completely ignored the fact that while John Harbaugh may never had seen the formations before, the referees knew they were legal, and other coaches at both the pro and collegiate levels had used similar formations prior to that Patriots/Ravens game. This latest tirade is just another example of how unhinged this guy appears to be, at least where the Pats are concerned (but he’s also apparently burned a lot of other bridges during his career, so I’m not so sure his anti-Patriots screeds are totally out of character either).

  10. Kraft’s statement is disappointing (although i agree with starting positive on Brady) . Why is he letting Goodell off the hook by blaming “lawyers at the league.” That is very specific wording and seems designed to protect/restore relationship with Goodell, who just an hour ago boasted that the league would appeal for the “integrity of the game” – meaning Brady has weakened that integrity.

      1. I sort of took it that way, too. Actually, I think Kraft can salvage the organization’s situation, somewhat, if he goes to Goodell and says he’ll continue to support him publicly, and continue to accept the ludicrous penalties levied against the team, as long as Pash and all of the ex-Jets under Goodell are canned (and that includes the Jets fan social media punk who’s been trolling the Patriots on the league’s Twitter account for months). I despise Goodell with the intensity of 1,000 suns, but I also think this situation was already spinning completely out of control before he even realized what was happening, because of the sting that Kensil set up, and then because of the false leaks to Mort by Kensil (not to mention Kravitz’s tweet that was fed to him by a probably high-as-a-kite Irsay not long after the AFCCG ended). If the ex-Rats under Goodell are fumigated from the league office and replaced with truly neutral parties, then that at least would be a minor good to come out of this unnecessary farce that, until this morning, had been nothing but a giant sack of bad stuff.

        1. I think Pash was already the fall guy anyway. Berman renamed that farce the Pash-Wells report. Agree I’d love to see Pash (and others) go but putting this on the lawyers makes it seem like a bad legal strategy was the issue when it really runs much deeper than that.

  11. I was just casually sleeping, I mean reading, through a column Chris Gasper just wrote. Don’t ask why because I don’t know. Anyways, in the middle of his story he has this line,

    What Goodell and the league should do now is pursue a settlement with Brady before any more damage is done to the league.

    Wait, what??? Has this douche been Felgerized. Mazzarottized, Boston Globized, Ben Volinized, Dan Shaughnessyized. A SETTLEMENT!!! Settle what?

    Here is the article.

    1. “If the US will just give up Hawaii and California, I’m sure the US and Japan can put aside all this Hiroshima/Nagasaki stuff that’s giving them bad press.”

  12. I had a pisser of a day but I still have a smile on my face because of what happened with Brady today. I can’t wait till get speaks. I am looking forward to the game tonight :-). , and thank you all for the insight and info, because I haven’t been bear a radio or tv today. … Tonight watching the game I will have a victory dance in front of my t.v.

  13. Several Deflategate aftermath thoughts/questions:

    – Has ESPN put Chris Mortensen into the Witness Protection Program? No tweet. No scoop. I can’t find anything. As far as I can tell his last tweet came from Sept 2. His last posting on ESPN in late August.

    – I did not see Mort on TV yesterday but I admit I did not watch ESPN much as I knew they would downplay the deflate gate coverage. How right was I? If you go to and click on the NFL link the lead article is on how well Tim Tebow played in the Eagles last preseason game. You have to scroll down for deflate gate info.

    – Both Sally Jenkins and Dan Wetzel who have both done a ton of admirable writing in this case each had fun summaries. In Sally Jenkins’ article she pretty bluntly says Goodell has to go:

    Wetzel writes a more philosophical piece looking at the effect on Goodell’s power in light of his beatdown.

    – Eric Edholm gets the award for fastest post looking at who the Chris Cater designated fall guy needs to be. His early candidate is Jeff Pash but he lists others.

    – Perhaps the most surprising thing in all this to me is the more than gradual sea change in certain media yesterday. To hear Marc Bertrand on the Pregame show you would never have known the guys has been screaming for months that Brady did something. To listen to Felger and Mazz, who in their defense were good sports in taking calls that rubbed their nose in Berman’s decision, you would think the last 8 months of defamation had been an inside joke.

    – Not sure what was better Tedy Bruschi’s victory lap or Rodney Harrison’s.

    – Memo to WEEI…I do not need to hear Jerry Thorton’s elation equated to sex. I do not need to hear Jerry Thorton erection jokes. Finally I do not need to hear Dale Arnold making them. Icky, Yuck…bleh..I can’t get the taste out of my mouth.

    – I am not as generous to Lester Munson as others seem to be because he showed up. When experts are paid to give their opinions their opinions should be somehow based in some sort of fact. Munson and for that matter Cosak were Ted Wells wrong in their legal opinions. This was not the first time for either of them. If they do not have any credibility they should not be on the air. It is one thing to present differing opinions of who may win a football game…its all about the entertainment and sport. It is quite different when you are paying someone to give a reasoned opinion about an actual legal matter that requires formal education, knowledge and analytical skills. ESPN for their own sake should seriously reconsider putting this guy on the air as he consistently does an embarrassing job.

    – Lastly, Dave can explain this in better detail but I have spoken to several law industry friends and they tell me filing a notice of appeal is not filing the appeal. There is still time for the NFL to let this go. One of my friends, a labor lawyer, suggested that it is in the best interest of the NFL to let this go…it is bad enough they have a NY court with a precedent matching what has gone on out in MN…but to compound it by getting an Appellate court to agree with the lower court would be a real problem for the NFL under the current CBA going forward. He suggests the only lawyers in the country who would continue to chase this case are employed by the NFL.

      1. The only guy at ESPn with a spine and a set of onions has been Schefter. He’s literally been a man alone on an island. Only guy at that company who has been fair to Brady and critical of Goodell and the league. He bitch slapped Bob Ley yesterday when Ley was getting a little big for his britches in the face of Tedy in regards to McNally and Jastremski. It was great.

    1. For all the criticism they receive, which is rightfully deserved, Felger & Mazz deserve credit for taking their lumps on this. Its not perfect, and the show is still heavily biased against the Patriots on the whole Deflategate matter, but they could have pulled a Burt Hubbuch or Chris Mortenson on this and they didn’t.

  14. Mad Dog thinks this is going to be overturned because Berman wanted his name in the paper. Sounds like he’s either only watching ESPN or is as uninformed as he was the first time he came on the radio and admitted he had not read TWR.

    1. Mad Dog is the radio equivalent of Volin in print. I seriously believe those two are just stupid. Plain old, eatin paint chips stupid. It’s not an act or a character. Just fukking DUMB.

      1. It’s like George Carlin once said: “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

    2. I stopped thinking Russo was dumb when he got rid of Francesca. I think Russo like a lot of these guys pander to an audience. Clearly his audience does not want to remotely entertain reading as a vocation, research as real or the facts when they can scream “I think”. Having said that Russo did not cover himself in glory with this interview. He was again exposed for being unread. It is frustrating knowing the case and having to discuss it with people who just know the soundbites and talking points.

      1. Agreed. Mad Dog is playing a schtick. He hosted a show in NY for many years. The largest segment of his audience is people from NY. What in the world should we expect? Don’t hold it against him personally.

    1. To barrow a phrase from El Pres at Barstool, it’s literally mind bottling to me that the biggest, most powerful city in this country, if not planet Earth, has arguably the two sh*ttiest newspapers ever printed. Really. Self-proclaimed, and probably true, “media capital of the world” and they have this trash as newspapers.

      1. Expand on that one further: That city also houses most of the corporate offices of every large media conglomerate in the country. Guys like Peter King are the folks who dictate everything from the shows (with most cancelled) on one of the hundreds of channels they own, to the what/how of news that is reported (setting agendas for the day).

        Out of touch, dumb… go down the list. There’s hundreds of adjectives you could use here.

      2. It makes perfect sense. Given the papers are owned by Rupert Murdoch and Mort Zuckerman. If people are conditioned to be moronic sexual perverts, they will be much less likely to challenge the elite controllers of government, media, academia, etc.

  15. Ah, we found it! Here’s what will get Berman reversed in appeals court!

    NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—Minutes
    after overturning Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for the 2015-16
    N.F.L. season, federal judge Richard M. Berman raised eyebrows by
    admitting that he had the Patriots quarterback on his fantasy team.

    “As a federal judge, I made this ruling based strictly on legal precedents and the merits of the case,” Berman said. “But, as a fantasy-team owner, sure, it’s going to be awesome to see Tom in there for all sixteen games.”

    The judge said that he was especially looking forward to seeing how Brady takes advantage of what he called “an amazing array of offensive weapons.”

    1. Apparently some not-happy Patriot haters were messing with the Wikipedia entry about “Deflategate” after the ruling yesterday, and referred to Berman as “Federal judge and Patriots fan Richard Berman….” The stupid (and irrational hatred) is strong out there in Internet-Land.

  16. Not to mention the life-size red-headed inflatable dolls being thrown around the stadium at least once that season. Not the greatest moment in the history of Pats fandom.

  17. This morning on D&C, Kirk made a few references to “seeing Hubbuch in New York.” Also, that things may not be all rosey between Bart and his employer but he declined to go further.

    Anyone heard anything? Care to speculate?

    1. Heard the same. Said he’d comment on it more during the following few weeks.

      I hate doing the Twitter Mafia thing and calling for someone’s job but I’m not sure how a paper would want someone like that on staff.

  18. We’re into dolt-grade Ben Trollin territory here:

    Again, how a paper keeps someone this hellbent is laughable. This guy has serious issues.

    Reminds me of this from Spaceballs:

    “Bob Kraft is his father’s cousin’s former roomate at the same college Berman went to! Ergo, he ruled in favor of Brady! HE’S GUILTY!”

    1. Yes!! Bart has cracked the case! Berman didn’t rule based on his extensive knowledge of labor law as well as the facts of the case. He was just doing his ex-coworker’s buddy a favor! Hubbach is clearly in Greggggggggg Doyel territory now. Unhinged and unable to control himself vis a vis the Patriots.

          1. Bruce chimed in:


            I can’t think of it enough but this guy needs serious help. He’s trying to find every single conflict of interest.

            “You know that Tom Brady and Judge Berman were present in the same courtroom at one point? Ergo, they were breathing the same atmospheric air. That means… CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!! SHOULD HAVE RECUSED HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL BE OVERTURNED ON APPEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

          2. Berman left that firm in 1974? 1974? You DO realize that was the year Nixon resigned over Watergate, right? Watergate/Deflategate/Spygate! They all have “gate” as part of the name. It cannot be a coincidence! They’re all connected to BB and Kraft! Fine the team $20 billion, take away their next six drafts, in their entirety, and suspend BB indefinitely…..the integrity of the game depends on it.

      1. By the way, I’m sure if you tossed a pebble into any conference room in any of the leventy-billion law firms in NYC, it would be hard for you to NOT hit at least one Columbia Law alumnus in the foot. It’s NYC….you know, the home of Columbia University. Surely, Bart knows where Columbia is located, doesn’t he?


    1. Considering that…

      A. The science proves his innocence
      B. The Wells Report which concludes his guilt was torn to shreds by the federal judge and
      C. The judge’s job was not to find guilt/innocence

      you could say the judge did his job and did it well.

    2. The AP has picked up on this theme now too. I’ve seen it on the Eagle Tribune site, WCVB, and CNN.

  19. Grantland does the first on the media’s role in all of this:

    Anybody who has had to write about Deflategate has grumbled about the experience. But Kravitz is evidence that Deflategate has been nothing less than a full-employment act for the sports media: seven and a half months of hot takes, scoops, conspiracy tracts, anti-Goodell jeremiads, explainers on the ideal gas law, and — on Wednesday, as if to prove that not everything had been said — a casual suggestion by a Boston TV host that Roger Goodell should be murdered.

    “The New England Patriots have done more for national sports radio than any other team, I believe, in history,” Michael Harrison, the editor of the trade magazine Talkers, told me earlier this year. Kravitz said, “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

    1. Remember…Upton’s father was NFL commissioner (granted, long before it became the behemoth that Pete Rozelle created in Bell’s wake). So, if he’s upset that “Tom Brady’s complaining father” is calling the current “defender of the shield” a flaming liar, it could be his NFL-familial roots talking. Then again, it could be that he’s an out-of-touch, clueless dupe who’s been irrelevant in this town for at least 15 or 20 years.

  20. These hacks like volin, shaughnessy and hubbuch etc. cannot take defeat with any class or dignity. They keep moving the goalpost to fit their agenda. First it was no way Brady can win. Now he won but not really because it will get turned over on appeal. These miserable trolls must get joy out of telling 5 year old neighbors that there is no Santa Claus.

    1. There’s really nothing left to do now except ignore that creep. Credible journalists like Curran and legal minds like Stradley have been providing him with tons of factual and legal evidence to prove how wrong he is, but he’s just sticking his fingers in his ears and doing the “la-la-la-la, I can’t hear you” act, while continuing to push his Full Retard narrative. This weekend, he was still asking “why did the Patriots suspend the two equipment guys, and why are they still suspended, hmm?” People responded by showing him screenshots of the actual memo from Troy Vincent stating that the Patriots need HIS approval to reinstate the guys, and that they’re forbidden to handle the footballs in the future. Hubbach just yawned and moved on to his other talking points, such as this nonsense about Kraft and Berman attending the same party together, AFTER the ruling, being proof that somehow Kraft was able to buy-off a Federal judge who sits on a court that was handpicked by the NFL. Hubbach also admitted to Stradley at one point that he is basically trolling to get a rise out of Pats fans. He’s just giving his troglodytic Jets fan readers some red meat to drool over. Best to just ignore him at this point.

    1. What a despicable, despicable article. I had to stop reading halfway through because my blood pressure couldn’t take it. What an effing joke. For the love of God, there are on-the-record interviews with no fewer than 4 Super Bowl winning coaches (Cowher, Shanahan, Johnson and Vermeil) stating that they did the same, or similar things when they coached, and that it was a common practice around the league. This “article” makes it sound like the Patriots not only invented the practice, but that they were using the signals in real time (which Matt Walsh told us they weren’t). It also refers to it as Belichick’s “cheating scheme” and makes it sound like Goodell has actually been protecting the Pats all this time. Utterly despicable. ESPN truly is the NFL’s house organ media outlet….worse than the NFL Network. Incredible

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