I’ll be honest. I didn’t see guard Terry Rozier (Louisville) as the Celtics first pick last night. I didn’t see them staying where they were in the draft. I didn’t see them making all four picks, and none of them being stashable Euros.

Then again, I am not the president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics. Danny Ainge is, and he made the decisions last night.

The draft felt eerily Patriots-like last night with the Celtics pick coming up, and players available on the board which many of the draft analysts had projected as good fits for the Celtics, and then the team going with someone who many felt would’ve been available much later in the draft.

Their next two picks – shooter R.J. Hunter (Georgia State) and shotblocker Jordan Mickey (LSU) seem to fit team needs, and then the team went back to point guard with Marcus Thornton from William and Mary.

Ainge says that he tried mightily to move up in the draft, but was unable to. So he had to make the picks he had.

Next up is free agency, and the Celtics again face a difficult task in trying to convince teams to deal with them and for star players to come to Boston.

Celtics can’t move up, so they draft three guards, a forward – Adam Himmelsbach looks at the night for Boston.

Celtics fans left to hope projections are correct – Steve Bulpett has Rick Pitino gushing over Rozier.

The Bruins are up tonight with pick #14 in the NHL draft, and there is plenty of trade talk around them as well.

First draft: With limited time on job, Don Sweeney hopes to pull a Jeff Gorton with Bruins – DJ Bean has the new GM looking to hit big in his first draft in charge.

Bruins open to trading No. 14 pick in draft – Amalie Benjamin looks at possible moves for Sweeney.

The Wells Report continues to get smacked around. WellsReportContext.com has another scientific debunking of the methods used by Exponent.

This one found that Exponent incorrectly used a starting temperature of 67 degrees in order to produce a worse result for the Patriots and a better one for the Colts.

Although Wells claimed that Exponent had considered  “all permutations”, the simulations and transients of Figure 30 (and 27) were carried out at 67 deg F – the temperature most adverse to the Patriots – rather than 71 deg F. (Exponent purported to justify this adverse assumption, but their justification does not stand up, particularly to the gauge assumption, as discussed later.)


However, the pre-game temperature was set at 67°F because this was the only temperature that allowed the Colts balls to subsequently reach their average pressure during the simulated Locker Room Period. Any pre-game temperature that was higher than 67°F resulted in the Colts balls reaching the Game Day halftime average pressure later than 13.5 minutes into the Locker Room Period.

Yet clowns like Emmanuel Sanders still want to spout off about the Patriots being the cheaters.

Of course, Sanders is just another cheating hypocrite himself.

There were major holes in Fox’s coverage of US Open – Chad Finn looks at the FOX’s Golf Major debut, which could’ve gone better for them.



30 thoughts on “Area GM Criticized For Selecting Player In Draft

  1. On the Celtics, this is from a day or two ago but some interesting quotes Steve Bulpett got:

    I think it sums up the market well.


  2. I was a little puzzled by the picks. I’m guessing Danny’s thinking on Rozier is that if he pans out as an NBA-worthy guard, it gives him the freedom to move him OR Smart in a future deal. If you can’t trade up to get a guy, get cost-controlled talent to trade for him later, I guess….


    1. I think they may have drafted him for somebody else, but you never know. I really liked the Hunter pick. It always helps to have a guy who can roam the entire floor and make a basket from almost anywhere. I’m really Jones’ing for Aldridge to come here. To me, he’s exactly what they need: some size, scoring and toughness in the middle. Not that enamored with K. Love, though I know he immediately makes them a top four seed in the east. Tough to get FA’s to come here in the modern NBA era: cold winters, mediocre club scene, tough media, and only the #6 or #7 media market in the USA, as opposed to a top three market. The Leprichaun and those banners in the rafters no longer have appeal, unfortunately. However, what a lot of media reports don’t mention about all of those future picks they have is that a lot of the “protection” clauses on them go away over time. The Dallas pick they got for Rondo, for instance, is top-seven protected for like another five years, but then it’s anything goes. Where will Dallas be five years from now after Nowitski has retired? The Brooklyn picks must be kept, IMO, unless they can make a deal that will really help them. The Nets should be pretty lousy when those picks come due.


    2. I am not puzzled. Danny could not make a trade. He has finally come to the same realization everyone else has…with no superstars…there is no winning. He took the best players he could with the hope that next year he can find a dance partner. He is not building a team…he is building a high end retail outlet. He can’t build a team until he gets a horse to build around. The NBA with its lack of shooting, the way the defense is played and the advent of the isolation offense has made it such that there is no value or development of fundamental skills.


  3. The Hot Takers consensus seems to be that the Bruins should not give Doug Hamilton a huge contract. What do the fans think? I smell a rat here, but don’t know enough about the NHL to confirm the odor.


      1. I liked Dougie and thought he was a foundation player. What a disappointment this is.

        On Mirtle. Is he that much of insider that we should take those tweets seriously? I find it hard to believe that anyone in the GM seat doesn’t know how to explore all options when trading a player or if they don’t talk to certain teams it is because they aren’t interested in trading a player to that those teams.


        1. By real reporter, I meant that it was a real account. During all sports FA/Draft times, hundreds of fakes dupe media people. I don’t know how good or bad he is.


      2. Draft picks (only) for Hamilton and they traded the rights to Soderberg for a 6th round pick?

        This is a total teardown and rebuild.


        1. Maybe, maybe not. The truth is that Dougie was a RFA on a team with cap issues. He wants a long term deal, and won’t take a short term bridge deal to get you to a less cap-constrained point. (Per reports, that is.) There’s a non-zero possibilty that some other team comes in and offers him a front-loaded long term deal that you just can’t match. Which would leave you with nothing. In that case, you need to take what you can get for him and be glad you’re not left with an empty basket. It’s not a decision driven by whether you want to rebuild or not; it’s a decision driven by necessary results, i.e. something vs. nothing.


        2. Total tear down going younger and faster with Claude. This is going to end well. I am staking out my seat for the impending train wreck now.


  4. So Danny apparently offered a large package of picks to Charlotte to move up to #9… and they turned him down.

    Sometimes you can’t control for the lack of sense of other GMs, I guess. (Otherwise, Cole Hamels would probably be pitching for the Sox tonight….)*

    * I’m talking about my good buddy Ruben here, not Big Ben.


    1. And Volin says the guy “emailed him out of the blue.” So naturally Volin ran with it.


      1. Much like the Wells Report, you have to wonder if he read what he produced in the report.

        I had a professor who did the same thing. I was doing paid work on a report/paper and one of the jobs I had toward the end of my time was to find anyone in the media who was talking about/on the same subject and produce a XLS of all articles. Besides producing the research they did, part of their job was to get published, from within and outside the community. Media people loved it because it meant less work for them and anytime you can provide quotes/data from a credentialed person, it makes your article look better.

        I’m not trashing this UofVermont guy specifically but this situation above happens daily and on every topic.


    2. I read just for entertainment..

      DeSarno pointed out that the data set is incomplete and flawed

      Isn’t the point of presenting scientific data like this being able to replicate the same exact results over and over again? If I presented an “incomplete and flawed” data set, a HS science teacher would reject it. Any “peer reviewed” publication with credibility would laugh at me.

      What about the dozen others who attacked either the methodology or dismissal of the Ideal Gas Law? If I have time, I’m interested to see what this guy says.

      Guess Ben had to find someone who disagreed from within the region so he could just continue the nice anti-Patriots troll.


    3. Why is this guy even here? Wasn’t he a Dolphins beat writer? Does he have any connections to Boston or New England? He acts like he was forced to come here and has decided to just troll people until his contract is up and he can leave. Or maybe he looked at the Want Ads and picked Boston so he could do exactly what he does, on purpose.


      1. They hired him from the Palm Beach Post when Bedard left for SI. I wonder, why, as you do. Is it a general hatred for the team/fans from covering a division rival? Is it from above? General approach because it works better than NFLN/ESPN comes calling?


      2. I feel like he came up from Miami as a “move up in the world” type of thing but he hasn’t quite realized how to embrace what he has. Let’s not forget that he is working for Joe Sullivan who is clearly calling the shots on the Patriots over on Morrissey Blvd.


  5. Big moves for both the Bruins and Celtics. I’d have to say that the general assessment is the Bruins had more head scratching moves. It’ll be interesting to see the contrast between both radio stations at 2PM.


    1. I was flipping between the two on Friday afternoon. It was great radio on both stations and what I’d expect out of both, but interesting radio from each side.


    1. Just heard the cross over, what did KM get suspended for? The yelling and talking down to Christian? He does that to most callers too, granted they have been hung up on before it gets to that point but still, nothing new for him. Or is this a “pattern of behavior” type of thing…


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