The Bruins and Celtics have had exciting wins this week, and the Red Sox are ramping up towards opening day.

But still much of the local talk this week has centered on the bumbling, incompetent, cheap, Super Bowl winning franchise that plays NFL games in Gillette Stadium.

The Patriots have had five players from their Super Bowl team sign elsewhere – Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner, Shane Vereen, Akeem Ayers and Jonathan Casillas. They also parted ways (at least for now) with Vince Wilfork.

As of now, the only signing of note that the Patriots have made is linebacker/DL Jabaal Sheard, who should make a nice impact in the front seven. Their other signings have been depth and special teams guys.

But, we’re entering the phase of free agency where New England usually makes their moves. The silly money has been spent, and there are still productive players on the market looking for jobs.


It sure was nice of Felger and Mazz to license their show for Dan Shaughnessy to use almost word-for-word as his column today.

I’m curious though, just where are these Patriots toadies who are trashing Revis right now and saying that he can’t play and how he only had two interceptions this season?

Did Dan make them up like characters in a Mike Barnicle column? Because I haven’t heard them. It’s been pretty universal to me that fans wish the team could’ve found a way to keep Revis.

Also – if Robert Kraft was truly “needy” about being “more special and smarter than the competition” and being “loved and admired” wouldn’t he have just paid Revis whatever he wanted?


A few links, items of interest from this week:

Katie Nolan to debut talk show on Fox Sports 1 – Chad Finn looks at the Framingham native and rising star getting her own show, and also examines some numbers from last weekend’s prime time boxing telecast for NBC.

NESN to feature Worcester State duo – Bill Doyle looks at the “NESN Next Producer” contest, and the entry from a pair of students about the “Death and Rebirth of Baseball in Worcester”

The Red Sox will finally formally introduce Cuban phenom Yoan Moncada at an 11:30 press conference this morning.

The story behind how Yoan Moncada landed with Red Sox – Rob Bradford has a good look at how the deal between the club and the player came together.

Scouts say Mookie Betts poised for ‘All-Star’ year – Alex Speier has baseball evaluators very high on the Red Sox young centerfielder.

Tuukka Rask turns mistakes into wins – Fluto Shinzawa has a couple of hot games from the Bruins goaltender putting hope into the team’s chances for the postseason.

Celtics set bar even higher after beating Memphis – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics getting a signature win this week, one that can only raise their own expectations for themselves.

‘It Was Like Living in a Video Game’: An Oral History of Larry Bird’s 60-Point Game – A must-read from Finn yesterday on the 30th anniversary of the Legend’s 60-point game. Almost all the principals from the game participated in the article, even benchwarmers Carlos Clark and Greg Kite.


23 thoughts on “Revis Fallout Continues…

  1. Finn’s piece on Bird was great, very well done. I know we all spend a good deal of time talking about the negativity/hypocrisy of the media here but credit for the good stuff has to be given when it is due and Chad’s piece was excellent.


    1. Yup. He did a great job on that. Loved that he was willing to track down and interview so many people. And written entertainingly as well.


    2. How about the collection of talent on that Atlanta team? Dominique, Carr, Levingston, Willis, Rivers, et al. Those guys could play and they were athletic as hell. That’s a 62-win team and perennial title contender in today’s NBA. Back then they weren’t even good enough to get past the Eastern Conf. Semifinals. Aside: I really loved DJ as a player. Terrible shame that he was taken so young and so abruptly. Those backdoor feeds to Bird were pure basketball artistry.


  2. other than for mocking purposes… there is no reason to pay attention to Felger and Mazz… END of STORY


  3. I wish Kraft would just offer to by Shaughnessy a nice Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons or something. Maybe that will help Shank get over his butthurt feelings over not being invited to the Super Bowl breakfast nearly two decades ago, and then maybe the agenda/vendetta will finally be dropped.


  4. Yup… the straw man thing that Mazz and Shaughnessy love to play with, is getting ridiculous (“Mike! Red Sox fans think Grady Sizemore is going to be the modern-day Lou Gehrig!!!” No, Tony… no one actually thought that)
    Even the most distraught fans I know understand why the Patriots let him go. That’s not the same as wanting him to go. I know of NO fan who feels that way. We all wanted him back.
    It’s like these guys not only don’t understand fan mentality, they openly mock it and set up this false choice that you are either:
    – Critical of every single thing the team/coach does and thus, “objective”.
    – Root for, and are optimistic about, the team and thus, a blindly-loyal toady, fan boy, footy-pajama wearing, yahoo…
    It’s so frustrating.


  5. Even for the likes of the Mike, YAARM and the Curly Haired Boyfriend, that column is a massive, steaming, pile of dog$hit.

    This is a new LOW for the once great Boston Globe sports section.

    I have one question for the other-than-trolling utterly useless hacks (and their wannabees, Jones, Merloni, Mutnansky, Benz, etc.):

    If Kraft and Belichick aren’t smarter than most of the competition, then how, with such a level playing field (salary cap + FA), did the Patriots become the winningest (gotta love how Shank begrudgingly mentions the winning at the end, YES MORON, THE WINNING IS THE POINT) and best franchise of the era?

    It must be dumb luck!


    1. What amazes me the most is Shank’s (and others) constant belittling of the fan base. From calling them “toadies” to “pink hats” (YARM’s term), the insults hurled against the people who root for the team — the Pats in particular — never seem to stop coming. Shank’s attitude towards the audience must be the dominant attitude at the Globe in general, because if it’s not, I don’t understand how he remains employed over there.


    2. In what other industry is it acceptable to directly insult your customers over and over again?
      The Boston Globe; the paper of record, is failing the 4th estate on all levels.


    3. You know exactly what their answer would be: “The Patriots lucked into the best QB in history, and cheap Kraft and arrogant Belichick have been riding his coattails ever since. Put Brady on the [Bills/Jets/Steelers/Dolphins/Giants/whomever’s the “class franchise” du jour], and he’d have a ring for every finger.”

      Because that’s seriously how they think. Scary, isn’t it?


      1. You forgot another one “he only won with Parcells’ players!”, something that Tony Mazz threw out there yet again this past Friday.


  6. I just listened to clips of Schilling on the Dan Patrick show. He admitted that he expected some negative response and that he was engaging with those people, joking about sending his Special Forces buddies after frat guys. In other words he knew exactly what he was doing dragging his daughter into the crapfest known as Twitter feuds. It is so obvious now, he went after the trolls because he knew that he had made a big mistake and desperately had to.fix it. Curt’s daughter was victimized as a direct result of his actions. Tsk tsk Curt.


    1. Doesn’t this get back to: if a parent can’t congratulate his kids for some type of accomplishment on social media, then we’re..

      It seems like the people who went after his daughter have a beef with him. Fine. Hate his politics? Fine. Hate his views? Fine. I still don’t see what this has to do with his daughter. I don’t see how anything justifies the stuff sent at his daughter. You want do to disagree with him or send him nasty stuff, fine. He puts it out there. As far as I know, his daughter isn’t as verbose as he is.

      When I graduated high school, one of the “well to-do” parents put an ad in the paper (yeah, that was still a thing in the late 90s) congratulating his daughter on it and getting accepted to one of the prominent universities in the area. I could careless. For the people like me, and many others, who had to work in life to get something, she represented the antithesis of our reality. But, did it mean that me, or someone else, should send her some vile messages to him or her? Things bordering on death-threats?

      There seems to be a justification of what was sent to him, about her, going on because people don’t like him. I’m not sure where that works.

      Even if he put that out there, as bait, it still has nothing to do with her–and, it should not matter if it’s him or a more “likable” person such as Collinsworth doing the same thing.


    1. same here and frankly it gets tiring having to “defend” that position ….Patriots have (overall) been the most successful team in the NFL since Kraft/Belichick . Why wouldn’t I trust them over the ass clowns in the media?…. no brainer


      1. Mike, they were 5-11 in Belichick’s first season — 5-11!!!

        YOUR team was 5-11, Patriots fans.


        1. Except for the 4 Super Bowls they’ve won, they haven’t won anything since Cheap Kraft and Arrogant Belichick let Michael Bishop walk! FACT, NOT OPINION!


  7. Did anyone else hear Dale and Holley around 3:30 on Friday? They had Holley play the role of the “troll” and go after Thornton’s “fanboy” views. This was all in jest. However, Dale stole the show, IMO, when he jumped in with “You’re absolutely right Mike, ” after Holley made a “point”.

    To top it off, Dale finished with, “wow, that IS easy.”


    1. Can’t say I don’t laugh when I hear it. And, it’s not just them. I hear the same on almost every show, across both stations. Even Ordway+hosts mocks it on BSUNF. The F+M reach in this market is quite potent.


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