NESN will broadcast 12 games of the Red Sox spring training schedule, beginning with a March 8th game against the Mets. Remember, for a safe place to bet visit

NESN’s 2015 Red Sox Spring Training Game Telecasts

Sunday, March 8 New York Mets (Port St. Lucie) 1:00 PM
Friday, March 13 New York Yankees 7:00 PM
Sunday, March 15 Philadelphia (Clearwater) 1:00 PM
Tuesday, March 17        Atlanta 1:00 PM*
Saturday, March 21       Pittsburgh (Bradenton) 1:00 PM
Sunday, March 22 Philadelphia 1:00 PM
Sunday, March 29 Tampa Bay                                     1:00 PM
Monday, March 30 Minnesota 7:00 PM
Tuesday, March 31        Tampa Bay (Port Charlotte) 1:00 PM*
Wednesday, April 1 Toronto 1:00 PM*
Friday, April 3 Minnesota 1:00 PM
Friday, March 4              Minnesota (Hammond Stadium) 1:00 PM

*Select Spring Training day games will be replayed in their entirety at 7:00 pm as the schedule permits.


12 thoughts on “Red Sox Spring Training Game Schedule on NESN

  1. High quality Red Sox beat writer, Jason Mastrodonato, has moved from / Springfield Republican to the Boston Herald.


  2. We have to wait until April 4 (I am assuming there is a typo in NESN’s release) to see the awarding of the Governor’s cup. I am not sure I can handle the suspense. I think the schedule makers are clearly wicked evil for doing that to us. I mean we all wait the whole year for the Governor’s Cup games and to have it decided on the last day of Spring training just seems like torture to me. Where will you be for your Governor’s cup Party? Its like the Superbowl and Truck Day all wrapped into one multi game event! Can’t wait! I can see it now…Steve Buckley’s coverage of the GC. His asking John Ferrell about his memories of prior season’s Cups and if he has a nostalgic feeling going into this one. Chills…I have chills thinking about it.


      1. Its actually the Mayor’s cup. My mistake originally. I have corrected the post. It is the fictitious spring training competition between the Twin and Sox who both call Ft. Myers home. Buckley writes about it every year.


          1. It’s the MAYOR’s CUP. Intense competition by two intense rivals during the most intense part of the not real games season. I do not know how that would be a snooze fest. I know at our annual Mayor’s cup party (which rivals and surpasses our Superbowl and World Cup fetes) we go all out with pixie sticks, spam and coffee milk. This year we are thinking of adding grilled spray cheese and triscuts but that is still up in the air. It is the Mayor’s Cup for god’s sake. you can’t take games like that for granted!


    1. Last week, Mutt was on with Kirk in the morning drive. Kirk was pushing Mutt to pick a side (read: his side). There were hints that it was about the Andrews thing.


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