For once, Bill Belichick humbled himself and listened to the sport talk radio hosts and sat fragile tight end Rob Gronkowski in the season finale yesterday against the Buffalo Bills.

Now if he would just say things to the media like, I just want to apologize to everybody. I didn’t want to hold anybody up here today. or Thank you. Again I apologize for any inconvenience here. I hope I’ve taken care of everything for you.

Wait, what?

What is happening here? The Patriots coach must’ve been really been running a high fever yesterday or something.

The Patriots finished their season with a 17-9 loss to the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium. Having already wrapped up the top seed in the AFC last week, the Patriots sat many of their key players, including Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Dont’a Hightower, Brandon Browner and Dan Connolly. QB Tom Brady played the first half before giving way to Jimmy Garoppolo in the third quarter.

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The Patriots next game will be on Saturday, January 10th at 4:35pm on NBC.

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21 thoughts on “Arrogant Bill Finally Listens To Omniscient Media, Sits Gronk In Finale

  1. Imagine how many Super Bowls we would have won by now if Arrogant Bill had just listened to everyone calling for Michael Bishop to be inserted as the starter….


    1. Nice walk down Memory Lane there! I remember going into work one day after Bishop “electrified” the crowd in Foxboro in a pre-season game the night before (against third-stringers), and having a co-worker who was at the game tell me: “I have seen the future of the Patriots, and its name is Michael Bishop.” It’s amazing how carried away some people can get after witnessing impressive “garbage-time” performances. In a similar vein, I once had an Eagles fan tell me a few years ago that Kevin Kolb, undoubtedly, was going to lead the team to glory because he’d “proven himself” by putting up some big-time numbers in a couple of regular season mop-up appearances during the last year that McNabb was the starter. In one game, in particular, Philly was down by something like 35 points when McNabb was yanked, and the opposing team just rushed three and played a soft zone for the final quarter and a half. Kolb threw for something like 250 yards and three TDs and made the final score look a lot closer than it really was. I think half the city of Philly went out and bought Kolb jerseys the next morning.


      1. You know that old saying that there are two guarentees in life,death and taxes? Well add overrating the backup QB to that.


    1. The one aspect of this that I know Mazz will harp on is that the restructure allows for the Patriots to release Brady without enduring a cap hit.

      Mike, they can release Brady WITHOUT TAKING A CAP HIT! I mean, Mike, he’s gone next year. GONE!!!



      1. Sadly, this is the first thing that popped into my head as well. The media will focus on THAT part of the deal, more than any other.


  2. ” Mike, there is now absolutely NO REASON the Patriots shouldn’t LOAD UP and go ALL IN next year!!” .. If they don’t, Kraft is just lining his pockets and taking advantage of Brady”


    1. “If Darrelle Revis wants $60m guaranteed, YOU GIVE IT TO HIM, Mike! What more does he have to prove to Arrogant Bill and Skinflint Kraft?”


  3. Arrogant Bill will regret running up the score on Denver and Indianapolis when his spent team staggers to a loss in the playoffs!!!!


  4. Ok fun prediction here. Harbaugh leaves Michigan after 3 to 4 years and comes back to run the Patriots when Bill at 66 years old sails off into the sunset with his cougar girlfriend.


    1. And they say my predictions are
      Nuts. To be honest I like yours but I have Rex Ryan coming to coach the pats so Bill can stick to the jets


  5. Apparently Tanguay must have been told by the Krafts that his services won’t be needed next year on the pre and post game shows because he was on with that slimeball Kirk last night and he called Robert Kraft cheap. And that he’s basically just gonna pocket the 24 million Brady freed up for the team. I’m glad to see that the media around here doesn’t let personal feelings get in the way of an opinion.


  6. Tom Coughlin is having a great media session right now. He’s practically yelling at the dumbass reporters asking stupid questions.


  7. Another installment of things that drive me batty about the Boston Sports Media:

    – So Tom Brady restructures and frees up no cap room but $24 mill in real cash that can be used for actual contract payments. So what happens with the illustrious Boston Sports Media… well first they report it wrong and say that brady freed up $24 mill in cap space. Next they reported that Brady could now be cut without consequence to the cap. It took a good solid day for someone to report that Brady received another $1 mill per season in agreeing to the restructure and that the money was moved from guarantee to injury guarantee. Ugh.

    – Maybe I was watching a completely different game than anyone in the media but the 2 quarters of Jimmy G showed me that not only is he not ready for primetime but that he is a gimmick QB…read option, run first. I was singularly unimpressed It looked to me like they dumbed down the playbook and had him running the Jimmy G package. If that is the case, and he can’t run the complete playbook then I make the bold prediction that the eventual Brady replacement is still not on the Patriots roster. I know BB keeps talking Jimmy G up but based on what I saw he has a very long way to go. Of course virtually none of the media in town have remotely looked at what a disaster Jimmy G was. Instead they blamed the OL, lack of receiving options and Buffalos pressure D rather than really pointing out he held the ball too long, could not get through progressions and did not make good throws or good decisions when he did eventually release the ball.

    – I think it is disrespectful to actual people who are being fired (lives being uprooted, families put into limbo) to casually call the day Black Monday because a couple of football coaches loose multimillion dollar jobs. It is an example of sports taking on a larger than life importance (promoted self importance actually) because of the dollars being pumped into the NFL. So Rex Ryan lost his job…he could retire tomorrow and never worry about money. Black Monday…please.

    – Most people in the media agree that Woody Johnson tampered with Darelle Revis and the Patriots with his comments. What I do not understand are the people letting him off the hook because he quasi apologized and did a sort of Mea Culpa. Its not just NY media. The Jets should lose a high draft pick because of his comments. What Johnson did was far worse than spygate, on par with bounty gate and it is being treated as if Woody Johnson is as harmless as Barney Fife. Johnson, in case people forget is the billionaire owner of the New York Jets. He does not get to covet a player under contract with a different team publicly…going as far as saying the money can be worked out easily enough….and not get in severe trouble for tampering. This is as open and shut case as I have ever seen. There should be much greater indignation coupled with real consequences.


    1. We’re gonna have to call sales and see if we can get a sponsor for these 🙂



    2. The PR dept of the commissioner (Peter King) said the NFL will likely just send Woody a “strongly worded letter”.


      1. It’s not a big deal because the Patriots aren’t the ones being accused of wrongdoing. Remember the Jets’ camera guy being shown videotaping from the sidelines at Gillette a couple of years ago? (He was working for the Jets’ website, not for the game operations staff, to be fair.) The anti-BB media immediately leapt to the Jets’ defense, reciting the league’s claim that as long as the guy had a green vest on his body, it was OK to film from the sidelines. That argument, of course, pretty much contradicted the wording of the hallowed, sacred “rule” (actually, memo) that the evil BB violated, thus “tainting” all of those Super Bowl wins, but no matter. The “perps” in that case were the Jets, not the Pats, so it was no big deal, and the media made sure to tell everyone exactly that. This clear case of the NYJ tampering, too, shall pass.


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