With both winter franchises struggling to regain past levels of excellence, there has been quite a bit of trade talk around both clubs.

Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Spears first reported that trade talks regarding Rajon Rondo have heated up, and with the Mavericks in particular.

Mavericks considering making trade offer for Celtics’ Rajon Rondo – Gary Washburn has more on the interest of the Mavs.

Market down, but Mavericks make offer for Rajon Rondo – Steve Bulpett says that the market isn’t what it once was for the point guard, but teams are showing interest.

Rajon Rondo trade rumors 2014: Danny Ainge says Boston Celtics ‘having a lot of discussions just like we do every year’ – Jay King has the Celtics boss telling 98.5 that this isn’t really any different from any other year.

The Celtics beat the Magic last night at the Garden. Get all the coverage at CelticsLinks.com.


The Bruins are probably also looking to make some moves, as they look to jump back to contender status in the East.

Going for Hall, Bruins may have to wait – Steve Conroy says that Taylor Hall is probably wishful thinking at this point.

Hall, Oshie & Stewart Great Fits For Bruins – Joe Haggerty talked to Toucher and Rich about possibilities for the Bruins.

The Bruins beat the Wild 3-2 last night to halt a three-game skid. Get all the stories at BruinsLinks.com.


My media column in Patriots Football Weekly this week looks at the teflon status of Jets coach Rex Ryan in the media. Despite this being the fourth straight season where the team will not finish over .500, everyone else gets the blame except Rex. Mike Tannebaum, John Idzik, Brian Schottenheimer, Tony Sparano, Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, anyone but Rex. The media has defended him and continues to defend him simply because he’s fun and gives them plenty of fun quotes.

Run, don’t walk to the nearest newsstand and pick up your copy.


3 thoughts on “Celtics, Bruins Talking Trades

  1. Driving home last night I got a listen at how the media is going to cover the Rondo trade and I’m already annoyed. The general attitude from the hosts and most callers to the Hub and WEEI last night was that how can Ainge trade Rondo for so little as is being speculated in the Mavs deal. This coming from some fans and the hosts on these two stations who have for the most part done nothing but crap all over Rondo since he got here. And the trashing of him has been off the charts since the rebuild started. And these guys are then going to complain about not getting enough back for a player they deem to be a bad person (Felger’s exact quote. Fact not opinion) and overrated player on the court? If Ainge could get another 1st round pick for a player they deem to be this negative to the Celtics then I think Ainge should be applauded. You can’t have both ways. You can’t be on the radio for years trashing a player then criticize the Celtics for not getting enough for the guy who you deem to be bad. But it won’t stop them for trolling. I swear to god that if Felger and Mazz, the two biggest haters of Rondo, criticize the potential return for Rondo then I’m going to lose my mind. That would be the ultimate phony troll job.


    1. Felger and Mazz have been trying to run Rondo out of town for years. If he gets traded, you would think they should be happier than they have been ever in regards to the Celtics. Don’t worry, Felger the contrarian will find someway to crap all over it. He was talking top 10 PGs in the game lists today, hoping that Rondo wouldn’t even rank top 10 then got disappointed when Jimmy Stewart, Keefe, etc… included him in their top 10s.


      1. One of the funniest (in terms of laughing at Jones’ complete and utter uselessness and stupidity) that Jones has ever said on the air was when he complained last season about Ainge not getting enough in exchange for Doc.

        They traded a coach for first round draft pick! A coach that no longer wanted to be here and that very few teams would actually trade for, because, you know, Doc made it clear to everyone on the planet (except for Jones) that he was not interested in coaching a ‘rebuilding’ team.

        The fact that Jones is employed in a job that can be described as sports analysis should be an embarrassment to everyone that is associated with the world of sports analysis.


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