While nothing is official yet, indications seem to be that the Red Sox need to start thinking of the rotation for 2015 and beyond without lefty Jon Lester at the head of it.

Ken Rosenthal had reported yesterday that Lester would likely choose between the Cubs and Giants, though Lester’s agents quickly refuted that report as did the Red Sox, who said they had no indication that they were out of the bidding.

No sign yet from Jon Lester – Scott Lauber looks at the signs that lead Lester away from Boston.

Lowballing Jon Lester haunts Sox – Michael Silverman has the team likely regretting their decision to produce such a weak offer to the pitcher earlier this year.

Only one man knows Jon Lester’s true intentions: Jon Lester – Rob Bradford says that speculation is useless.

In defense of the Red Sox: GM Ben Cherington explains Boston’s pursuit of Jon Lester –  Jason Mastrodonato has the Sox boss trying to outline what happened between the two parties earlier in the season.

Jon Lester has options to weigh – Gordon Edes notes that whichever way Lester chooses, he really can’t lose.

Red Sox continue to wait on Lester’s decision – Sean McAdam has the Red Sox content to wait things out.

With Jon Lester decision imminent, different levels of optimism for Red Sox – Tim Britton has the Red Sox admitting they’ve changed their view of Lester’s value since the offer last spring.

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington wading through options at Winter Meetings – Nick Cafardo says that the Red Sox haven’t only been focused on Lester in recent days.


The Patriots resurgence apparently has Mike Felger yearning for his old days of writing about the team, as he has a new column up on CSNNE.com – These Patriots have a different feel.

Patriots used week in California as bonding experience – Shalise Manza Young has the team using the week out West to their advantage.

Film review: How Jamie Collins and the Patriots defense battered Philip Rivers and the Chargers = Kevin Duffy looks back on the win.

Bruins strictly average so far, and they will need help – Fluto Shinzawa says that it is time for the Bruins to make some moves.

Celtics hit Wall in 2 OT, lose – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics falling a point short last night, behind a huge game from rookie Marcus Smart.


15 thoughts on “Red Sox Need To Prepare For Rotation Without Jon Lester

  1. “Mike, the Red Sox should have given Lester $30m a year for 8 years in spring training. It’s cheap short-sightedness like this that’s the reason why the team hasn’t won squat in over 380 days.”


    1. And if they had signed Lester to that contract…

      “Mike, what are the Sox doing!? They just won a World Series, there is no reason to go so out of control with handing over $30 million a year to Lester. He is not an Ace! Now they won’t have the money to sign anyone else and they still don’t have a good rotation even with him! S T O O P I D!”


    2. Here is my insane mind working. I think the red Sox have a deal in place with Lester and just want to milk the pr out of it. With tickets coming on sale plus steal the spot light away from the pats. They have had bogus press conferences before. Sell a brick. Walk thru Fenway when it’s snowing. Aren’t we great mentality runs that place it’s one thing to have ego it’s another thing to pound your chest and say how nice and great I am… Fenway group lol. I just feel I smell a rat sweet and sour at the same time


      1. Never would happen. No agent would go along with that. Agents are super-competitive, and paid based on the total value of the contract they get for their client — and they’re always looking for ways to sell themselves to new clients. If there was a deal in place, the Levinsons would be shopping it to the Giants, Yankees, and Dodgers asking them to beat it, or — if it was an overpay — trumpeting it to anyone who would listen. We’ll know a deal has been made when news leaks that a deal has been made.


      2. With this and the Ray Rice signing with Pats prediction, you are the Nostradamus of this board.


    3. You kid around, but I have seen fans saying this exact same thing on Twitter. Mind you, these are the same people (along with Mediots such as Merloni) that have made the claim since July that Lester would’ve signed for “Homer Bailey money”. So which is it? They can’t make up their minds, i.e. the mark of a true phony contrarian.


  2. I know why John Henry flew out to see Lester the most recent time: They’re pitching “Lester: The Decision” as a show they’ll air live on NESN. (You know they’d jizz over that being a reality.) We’ll get to see 59 minutes of Lester highlights and then Jim Gray will ask his buddy, Jon Lester, where he’s taking his talents this Spring!


  3. So ESPN is reporting that along with the Giants, the Dodgers are now out of the running for signing Lester.

    That’s funny, because as I recall it, just a few days ago when it was reported that the Dodgers were all in on Lester, pretty much everyone in the Boston media declared the Dodgers the obvious and eventual victors.

    Does everyone but me have a 24 hour memory?


  4. Not only do the Patriots have the best scoring differential through the regular season thus far, but among the current teams on a trajectory towards the playoffs, they have played the second toughest schedule (ranked by won/loss %), behind only the Broncos and have earned the third best “strength of victory” (by won/loss %).

    Let the March of the Tomato Cans continue as planned annually by Bob and Jonathan with the help of the league office!

    source: http://espn.go.com/nfl/standings/_/type/playoffs/sort/strengthOfSchedule/order/true


    1. That’s good stuff. I may have to expand beyond Reiss for my Pats info.

      Anyone know why no Pats/Chargers roundup from Jerry Thornton on WEEI? Things go bad there already?


    I like Felger, but I can’t remind the commenting audience enough about that disingenuous crap which we all should use as a cudgel against him until the second decade after he’s off the air…


  6. Over/under on days before we hear about the meth lab Lester runs in the basement of his Newton home? Hohler? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?


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