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How about all the reasons you and your d-bag co-hosts keep hammering us with:

– Belichick the GM sucks
– Horrible Drafts
– Letting Welker go
– Kraft is cheap
– Brady is DUN
– Window is closed
– Denver’s ALL IN !!!!!
– The game has passed Belichick by on defense
– They can’t win a rock fight
– They play too many close games
– Lousy free agent signings
– They can’t draft and develop wide receivers
– They missed on Amendola
– They traded the heart and soul in Mankins (which would inevitably lead to Brady getting KILLED!!!)
– Trading draft picks for guys would be cut anyway
– Waiting for guys to get cut and pick them off the scrap heap instead of being AGGRESSIVE. STOP MESSING AROUND AND GET SOME GUYS IN HERE TO WIN SOME GAMES!!!!
– Brady does not care about football anymore. Just banging Giselle and fashion week.
– They will never recover from losing Scar
– Belichick surrounds himself with only yes men, needs a strong voice in the room
– Too many Rutgers guys
– They hate Gooch
– They have a tuba player on the OL
– They don’t have a signature road win in 4 years
– The Jets passed them by (while somehow remaining a tomato can)
– Wasting a second round pick on a QB who won’t play for years INSTEAD OF GOING FOR IT!!!
– Tough stretch schedule with no tomato cans
– Inexperienced DB coach
– Coaches from Division III schools!

Based on your football acumen, the Pats are huge underdogs to hang on for the number 1 seed, Tony. It will be a miracle or I may start to think you don’t know what you are talking about.


46 thoughts on “No Excuses, Huh?

  1. Damn man…you really hate those guys. They have the old Howard Stern effect. You hate them but you want to hear what stupid crap they’re going to say next. I’m gonna guess you’ve heard their show the last week or so. If you have, you would’ve heard them being a bunch of crybabies about people mocking the whole Brady is done thing. They’ve been very sensitive about this. They had the nerve to criticize Al Michaels again fun making light of that commentary again. Then Felger telling Al to stop pontificating and just call the game was the highlight of hypocrisy. someone should call the show and call them out on it.

    1. “A call like that would never make it past the screener. And if it did, they’d be cut off and shouted down.”
      -Me talking about The Big Show in the mid 00s
      Just saying.

    2. They’d never put anyone on the air who disagrees with them if they can help it. There’s a reason Felger surrounds himself with nobody who challenges him. Try going on the air and disagreeing and Felger starts crying like a baby and drowning out any salient points the caller might have.

    3. They’d never put anyone on the air who disagrees with them if they can help it. There’s a reason Felger surrounds himself with nobody who challenges him. Try going on the air and disagreeing and Felger starts crying like a baby and drowning out any salient points the caller might have.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful piece. Also for having a stomach of steel because I can’t stomach that little bitch anymore. .

  3. Come on Bruce, don’t put words in Tony’s mouth!!! He never said there was “No excuse” for the Pats not being the number 1 seed. Why are you putting words in his mouth??? He said there was “Really No Excuse” Which is completely different!!! Why can’t he ask the question Bruce??? He never said the Pats should trade Brady for 2 first round picks, he just asked if it was worth it to ask the question if the pats should do it, which is completely different then actually saying the Pats should trade Brady!!!!

    1. no but really…The absolute genius of Felger and Mazz, I love how we have months and months of the Patriots not doing enough to build a team, are cheap, BB can’t evaluate players, the coaching staff isn’t good enough and they need to use the Denver’s model. Now they are the best team 10 weeks in (like that means anything) have no excuses to not make the Super Bowl.

      No matter what they have talking points!! If they lose a game, they will gladly admit they were wrong about “this years version of the team”, so they can be right about their old, recycled talking points and the big picture. They can reuse the Tuba player, LaSmell, South Dakota School of Mining and so on. If they win, That is always good for business and they were “right” because the D passes “their eye test”, even though the stats are similar and technically they did go sign Revis, even though they took the “opposite approach” as Denver with signing free agents.

      And Beetle learns a valuable Felger/Big O lesson about never really taking a side, complaining like all hell, making it seem you have a strong opinion but never committing to it. I.E. the Pats Defense stinks but they are still going to win at least 1 more super bowl. Or Claude Julian is a terrible coach with a terrible system buuuuut he shouldn’t be fired, he should just change everything he does and knows about everything, transforming him into a different coach. Even though everything Felger has said for years, is the window is closed, he actually never said it which is something that can’t be thrown in his face.

      1. It’s not genius it’s BS. They get to “claim” they were right, even though anyone with half a brain knows they aren’t/weren’t. That’s not genius it’s the height of stupidity, which is why I don’t listen. At least when Big O was sitting on a fence he was non-committal, these dopes want you to believe that they “didn’t say that.” They flat out lie. And people listen to this nonsense. Just unbelievable.

  4. He actually said last week that he would rather have Luck then Brady right now because it means you would have at least 12 years of relevance even though the past 10 years of Patriots relevance without a super bowl is apparently a sign of cheap owners who do not spend money and everything else…blah blah blah

  5. Tony Massarotti is one of the best arguments for violence that there is. Beating him to death might shut him up. Nothing else will.

    I’m NOT suggesting anyone should beat Tony Massarrotti to death.

    All I’m saying is, it’d work.

    1. That’s how I felt when I DID listen to that crap. Beating him to NEAR DEATH.. political correct . . But now I’m a happy man living in mazz & fag. Free live. A former listener. .

    2. If I ever had any respect for Mazz as a sportswriter, it all flew out the window the day after Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, when he passionately defended Grady Gump’s decision to stick with Pedro in the bottom of the 8th, “because the Sox have no bullpen!!” Never mind the fact that the bullpen had actually been very, very good during that ’03 post-season run and that they had all of their best relievers rested and ready to go that night. That was the second-dumbest defense of Grady Gump I heard that day–the dumbest being Bill Burt’s column that blamed the loss almost entirely on Pedro, who had pitched 7 brilliant innings against that stacked lineup in that hostile environment and had done everything the team could have asked him to do that night…..before Gump decided to push him beyond his physical limits at that stage of his career. But Mazz’s on-air defense of Gump on EEI the next day was infuriating.

      1. Tony Massarotti is a god awful writer. I’m not even talking about content. I mean delivery. I would be shocked if he doesn’t work from a template that he got in college from an intro to writing class. It’s like he thinks that having a format is the same as having a signature style or voice. It’s really bad beyond words. Need further proof? When sports writers and columnists started leaving the Globe in droves, the Globe, naturally, poached writers from the Herald. Tony Mazz was not one of them. It was only after those poached writers and columnists also left the Globe that the Globe took on Massarotti. Essentially because there was no one else left. So Tony was only good enough for the Globe when it was the Titanic halfway sunk.

  6. On today’s show (I give them 5 minutes daily) I heard Felger and Mazz get on people about changing their stance on Belichick’s reasoning of putting Gronk on the fg team. Of all people crying about consistency, Felger should be the absolute last one to say anything. It’s a cross between infuriating and amusing.

    1. Gronkowski is that guy. Did he not see that one handed grab? That was Moss like. He gets you those “gotta have it plays” that Belichick talks about. Not a choker like Welker was who Felger and Mazz were falling over each other to berate the Patriots about letting go.

    1. I tried to give his show a shot but it’s not good. There was a reason why he lost his audience when he finally had competition. Felger still does a better show even with all his faults. Ordway lost his fastball years ago. He would be better suited for a midday slot.

      1. Okay…I need to repeat this. Ordway’s revised Big Show sucks not because Glenn lost his fastball but because Glenn is in the wrong role…on his own show for god’s sake. Glenn is at his best and does really good radio…when he is the fence sitting moderator who does not have to give an opinion. When he is forced to opine, to take positions, to not use the conditional and to not set up a debate he is god awful. He is a little less awful when talking basketball because he really does know the game but Football and Baseball…blah. So without Pete, and without quality guests with strong opinions…Glenn’s show cannot succeed.

        1. His basketball knowledge is saying a player doesn’t move his feet on defense. Pete is a small dosage guy. Call the Herald again in January and tell them WEEI wants you again.

    2. Big Show Unfiltered is terrible without Pete, who’s apparently moved on for a more “stable” job. And Ordway’s love for Alex Reimer or whatever his name is is beyond baffling. The guy is annoying in his opinions and his nasally broadcast voice.

  7. For the 5 minutes I listened yesterday, theywere basically mocking this weeks Sports Illustrated cover featuring Jonas Gray – ” The Relentless, Anonymous Brilliance Of The New England Patriots” ….saying it’s not about players like Gray. The Pats are where they are because of the BIG MONEY players like Brady,Revis and Gronk. You could see where they were going with this, it’s all about spending money on more SUPASTAHS! and goin’ for it!

    All good teams (and some bad ones) have their “Big 3” so to speak. To imply that the rest of the roster doesn’t matter is ridiculous. The way these clowns view sports is mind-boggling. Of course there was no way they were going to credit Belichick for finding players like Gray, it wouldn’t fit the “bad GM” narrative.

    1. I find it amusing that before the season Felger predicted that the Patriots would be a “wagon”. Team starts off out of synch. Starts comparing them to the 2009 team. Now team looks like the wagon he predicted. He doesn’t want to look like a total hack so tries to find reasons to diminish their accomplishments over this 6 game stretch instead of just saying that this was the team he thought they would be because they finally spent on the CB position. Mike is in quite a quandary. And poor Mazz doesn’t know what to agree with anymore.

  8. I have a request to the Sports Hub because we all know for a fact you guys read this.
    What should’ve been a one time “spontaneous” moment has now been endlessly beaten into the ground and mined for every nugget that makes it hack radio. For the love of god stop.

    1. This is a big pet peeve of mine as well. One of Felger’s big obsessions is, with rare exception, portraying everyone else in the media as Patriots suck ups, in an attempt to output as much negativity about the team as possible, but also in an attempt to put him and his show across as one of the few outlets where people speak honestly and critically about the team. The portrayal of Perillo’s appearance as “sunshine.com” every week is completely absurd. Perillo for years (going back to his days on Ted Nation, if not earlier) has shown himself as an independent voice who is does not simply suck up to the team because he works for the team publication. If anything, Perillo has grown more negative on the team over the years.

    2. It’s the moron on the other side of the glass who thinks he’s clever and funny. Typically, he overdoes everything and has no sense of timing. In other words, he’s an asshole!

  9. Ron Jaworski is on ESPN right now talking about the brilliance of Belichick. He must be a bobo according to Felger .

  10. ESPN reporting Blount is “coming home”.:) Gray and Blount punishing d-lines for the stretch run. Love it.
    Can’t wait to hear how Felger spins this one.

  11. F&M have turned into the biggest frauds and clowns on the air. The other Pantload with them is just plain pathetic. Rave on Boys, we’re all laughing at you.

  12. So I’m flipping between 93.7 and 98.5 in the car this afternoon.

    After screaming about a lack of Weaponz for at least two years, about 45 minutes ago, YARM says “I wanted the Pats to be a power running team like the Seahawks or the 49ers all along.”

    1. I think that is the l tipping point of the frauds being kings oops I mean queens of drive time radio. Let’s mark this in our calendars as the day The fall of frauds

  13. The fanboy voice, as you put it, was the last straw for me with D&C when they imitated the callers (ie “Why don’t you just talk sports?!”) F&M, for the 5 minutes or so I listen, is quickly trending in that direction now.

  14. Leave it to F&M to have Chris Simms come on the air to further troll and antagonize Patriots fans over his asinine commentary of TB12 not being a top 5 QB. They couldn’t even control their glee at the fact they could just kick their feet up on the desk and do nothing for the next 2.5 hours because they could just take calls from angry fans about the Simms interview.

    Felger of course praised Simms for having balls to say what he said. One caller asked him why he’s so proud of Simms and “his balls” when what he said is utterly stupid. So it takes balls to say something colossally stupid now? They’re one step away from putting Vinny and Sal from White Plains on the air to talk sh!t about the Pats. Their shtick is getting old so they just look for other trolls to to the work for them now.

  15. Agree completely, plus their phony on-the -street interviews by that dipshit Adolfo is nauseating. BTW, aren’t Fred’s phony rants getting tiresome?

  16. If D&C got rid of KM and stuck to sports and no politics, they would be tolerable again. They certainly know more about sports and have the pulse of us locals than those other db’s.

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