Enough with the Mike Felger Pity Party! Enough with the Tim Benz pity party! Enough with the Gary Tanguay pity party!

I’m not sure where the basis of the pity party comes from other than here:

Amazing. Gary Tanguay web articles are now used as show fodder.

All of this while the hosts who spent hours speculating every trade/release possibility and coming in with crazy theories about rifts between the coach and quarterback are whining because they are now being called on their comments. They’re playing semantics – I never said Brady should be benched/traded, I was just ASKING THE QUESTION. We’re being attacked! We never meant they would actually trade Brady, just asking IF they should! I WAS RIGHT AT THE TIME.

Then they turn and call Patriots fans sensitive. The irony should not be lost there.

I’m glad that my personal listenership to this garbage has dwindled to practically nothing. I’ll listen to D&C&M for periods in the morning, then Gresh and ZO, and back to Dale and Holley in the afternoon. Thats about it, and my trigger finger is pretty quick.

I’ll also say this for about the millionth time, it feel like. I don’t have any problems with legitimate criticism of players, teams, franchises, etc. The problem comes when people rush to judgment, eager to be the first to declare the game, season, era, QB, coach DONE usually in the most vociferous and obnoxious victory-lap-taking manner.

They’re proven to be dead wrong, year after year, but it deters them not in the least. They know that each day brings a day closer the actual end of the Brady and Belichick era. Someday they will be right!


The group that enjoys consuming the non-stop creating of fictional yet plausible storylines to be screamed out each day and evening on radio and television eat it up and can’t get enough. I don’t get it.


Sports media: Early reports on Bob Neumeier are encouraging  -Chad Finn has an update on the health of the long time sports anchor and reporter.

Be very leery of folks like Dan Shaughnessy pumping up an acquisition of Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval. I can guarantee you this is being do to set up Sandoval as an out-of-shape guy who doesn’t work hard and was given big money. Regardless of what the facts actually are, you can bet on a few references to Joe Offerman.


ComcastSportsNet, in conjunction with the Boston Celtics, will debut a 30-minute TV special on Celtics rookie Marcus Smart, giving viewers and in-depth look at the Point Guard’s journey to the NBA both on and off the basketball court. The special, titled The Education of Marcus Smart, will air at 7:30PM on Saturday, November 8th following Celtics Pregame Live (7PM) and just prior to the Celtics vs. Bulls matchup (8PM).

The Education of Marcus Smart, narrated by CSN’s Celtics play-by-play voice Mike Gorman, outlines Marcus’s journey from his childhood in Texas through current day as a rookie Point Guard for the Boston Celtics. The show illustrates how Smart has overcome adversity both on and off the court from a very early age. Growing up just outside of Dallas, Texas, basketball was always part of Marcus’s life. His oldest brother Todd – who was diagnosed with cancer before Marcus was even born — was a local high school basketball legend and Marcus’s hero. After an 18 year battle with cancer, Todd passed away, leaving his 9-year old brother Marcus inspired to follow in his footsteps and commit all of his energy to the game of basketball.



39 thoughts on “Bye Week Banalty

  1. Bingo. The irony is unreal. Benz might be worse than Felger when it comes to calling out fans as sensitive, while at the same time being in complete defensive mode. Fans aren’t being sensitive (most anyway), they are just calling you out for the ridiculous proclamations you make. Just say you were wrong and move on.

    Quick note on Gresh & Zo: Look, I have issues occasionally with both of them, but they are BY FAR the best to discuss ACTUAL football and the Patriots specifically. They can be homers on some topics (esp. Zo), but I find they just as often are critical of the team, or will temper an excited fan who might be given to hyperbole.
    They do it with each other as well… just today, when Gresh suggested a hypothetical that if Adrian Pederson were available in the off-season and the Broncos were interested, should the Pats jump in to get him and at the same time block the Broncos. Zo immediately dismissed the notion saying that BB doesn’t operate that way, and Gresh right away pointed out that this past off-season and the acquisition of Revis suggested otherwise. That was really good radio.
    I’m so sick of people like F&M spending each week discussing, where $ was spent and where guys might be 3yrs from now and speculating on relationships they know absolutely nothing about. It’s nice to have option that discusses match-ups,etc. So kudos to G&Z.


    1. Based on their timeslot I hardly have any time to listen to them, but I do enjoy it (during football season) when I get the opportunity to. No, Gresh and Zo aren’t the end all, be all of sports radio, but when you’ve got Felger, “YARM”, Felger-lite Adam Jones, stoned out of his mind Mike Adams, the often dull Dale & Holley, Pittsburgh Salk, etc… as alternatives? Definately worth the time. Gresh calling Tanguay out on his extremely over the top reactions to the Pats was worth the listen too.


  2. Utterly thin-skinned as they are, we take a tremendous amount of joy at seeing the browbeating that sports media hacks are now receiving. Oh, how these limp-wristed failures pine for the days when the only means of ‘response’ came in the form of ‘Letters to the Editor.’ Web sites? Twitter? Comments Sections? Oh, the horror! No wonder sports media hacks disdain ‘new media.’ They wanted a highway with no one else on it, and now they whine when everything they say and write boomerangs right back into their faces.


    1. They wanted a highway with no one else on it

      Great line. But, it encapsulates the mentality fostered by many in the media.

      Biggest difference with those is people who react badly and those who embrace (Felger, Bayless). As we know, that means you’re now more of an entertainer than media. Paychecks still come in, if not bigger, once you’re good, so why not embrace (debate) ?


  3. My trigger finger is probably quicker than yours, Bruce… Couldn’t make it past the opening of “Comcast Sports tonight” or whatever the hell it’s called. Holley and Dickerson were absolutely GROVELING….”*sniff* *sob* *cry*, FANS were also questioning the Pats after the Chiefs game!!” ….please….What the vast amount of the media did went past “questioning” the were acting like hysterical fools. Now they are trying to cover their asses by dragging “The fans” into it….sure there are hysterical fans too, no doubt. However,RATIONAL Patriot fans (the SILENT majority, in my opinion) know you have to have patience. Time and time and time again the Belichick/Brady regime has shown the team improves as the season goes on.


  4. Tim Benz opened his mouth today said “People are saying the Bruins are better without Chara.”

    Who? Who is saying this?

    No one needs to be tarred and feathered more than Pittsburgh Salk.


  5. There is no need for the media to really report any real news since they just make their own “news”.

    Consider ESPN last year. Sometime in the morning Ron Jaworski (who I actually do like) says Colin Kaepernick could be the greatest QB ever. This in turn generates a response on every ESPN TV, radio, and online outlet throughout the day until they close it out with Sportscenter. Lather, rinse, repeat. Day in & day out. They are now the news without actually needing anything to cover.

    Also, I know he doesn’t appeal to everyone here, but I liked this from Jerry Thornton on Barstool Sports:



    1. Thornton makes a point and I’ll expand on it.

      1. Flashy WRs have in the last few seasons taken over the title of the most overrated position from Workhorse RBs.

      2. It is ironic that the same Talking Heads that love to harp on the NFL catering to fantasy football are also the exact same people that push for the real football coach and GM to make a play for Flashy, overvalued WRs.


      1. Isn’t #2 similar to the “workhorse” argument in baseball with having an “elite #1” ? I saw something recently on this in re: Kershaw vs. Bumgardener.

        I think some of this has to do with the elite flashy teams vs. what we have now, in almost all leagues.


        1. If I had the chance to vote for NL MVP, I’d vote for McCutchen, over Kershaw, 10 times out of 10, but I don’t think those guys are undervalued.


  6. My listening habits have changed quite a bit in the past month. For who ever cares to know or not. It goes something like this.


  7. Found this interview with Felger on youtube where he pretty much admits to being an entertainer and a troll. Would love to see/hear the reaction of the Felger Youth to this.


      1. and that’s the bottom-line, ain’t it? WE know they are ACTORS and They know they are ACTORS yet they continue to get excellent ratings… go figure….dumbest fans in America


  8. If you thought Felger and YARM went over the top with the talk about Brady’s contract this week, just wait until Monday.


    The Arizona Cardinals signed quarterback Carson Palmer to a three-year extension that keeps the two-time Pro Bowler under contract through 2017, the team announced Friday.

    Contract terms were not disclosed by the Cardinals, but sources confirmed to ESPN that the deal is worth $50 million in total. It is guaranteed through 2015 and includes a guaranteed $20.5 million during that span, a source said. The average salary range is between $15.9 million and $16.6 million.

    Palmer, who was due to enter free agency after this year, was slated to earn $9 million this season.


    1. Have to think that their postseason success will determine if this is good or bad, no?

      Palmer is also 34 now. He turns 35 in December. Have to think that it might be hard to compare here because each tick upward here means something different.

      It’ll show us if Palmer was really a ‘franchise’ QB that was hamstrung by the horrible Bengals organization or if they’ll be regretting it like the Bengals are doing with Daltons contract right now?


      1. He’s never been the same since the Steelers accidentally/on purpose took out his knee in the 2005 playoffs (I don’t accuse them, per se, but they did have a history of going low on QBs and taking them out of games during the Cowher era). Palmer’s a good QB. Could have had a much better career had he not suffered that injury. When he came back his throwing motion had been altered and that led to shoulder issues for the next few seasons. He’s playing well again now, but it’s interesting to think of what might have been had he not had his knee wrecked in that playoff game. The contract makes sense for Arizona, even if the rest of the NFL looks at it and scratches its head, because they’ve been utterly desperate for a good QB since Warner retired after the 2009 season, and now they finally have one. They’ve had a very, very good defense for at least the last three seasons, but its efforts have been wasted because of the gigantic void at the most important position on the field. From a talk radio perspective, they certainly will try to compare this deal to what Brady’s making, but the situations are totally different for the reasons I’ve cited here. Still, it won’t stop the professional yappers of the world from pushing the hotsportztake anyway.


      2. I’ve always been a fan of Palmer’s. My comment was more about the YARMs and the Adam Joneses related it to Brady’s bargain contract than Palmer’s performance.


        1. I was 50/50 on Palmer, in the same way I am about Tony Romo. I think if you got him out of that polluted Cowboys organization, maybe he’d have a real shot to win.

          Brady doesn’t go and leak stuff until he’s pretty pissed. The Mankins thing obviously bothered him enough to where he did leak it, and more than one person said it happened–ie: it wasn’t a “Only Ben Volin saw it”. I’ve yet to hear anything about that. Curran said he’ll retire elsewhere, but like the rest of the stuff, it’s speculation. Has anyone come out with something definitive?


          1. There are no direct quotes from Brady, There were alleged 3rd and 4th hand reports from “sources close to Brady”, but then you see these clips of him celebrating with Krafty Bob and BB and it’s very hard to see any tension.


          1. I hate to see these injuries. Not to minimize it for the players who, you know, are actually injured, but it’s the worst part of the game from the my point of a view as a fan. That clip of Palmer walking on the sideline gingerly after he came off of the field and then BOOM he takes another step on the injured right leg and you can see him collapse. Just brutal.


  9. Thin-Skinned isn’t a strong enough term for these guys, channel surfed over to “Sports Tonight” and there are Holley and Merloni ONCE AGAIN crying about how Al Michaels and Chis Collinsworth “bashed” the Boston Media for their early season coverage of the Pats….wow…just pathetic


  10. Is it me or has Bill Simmons morphed into the Kim Kartrashian of the sports media world? When he’s not in the news, he has to do ‘something’ (dumb) to get himself back in the news?


  11. I am Just a little curious to see if any show will have a break down on the Colts and what if any thing the pats can do against that power house of a team lol.

    If Brady can’t throw for more than six touchdowns like big Ben. He sucks and has lost a step and blah blah


  12. Great map by the NYT showing interest of CFB across the country. It should surprise nobody that this area has little interest and you could name off “purple” places (South, states w/o a big pro team, big CFB programs). Data came via Facebook and likes, based on where people post they are:

    So, it’s no surprise that the media here spends little-to-no time on it here. Only 3 teams in the area, with BC not being that good, also does not help. The one thing this doesn’t gauge is ‘casual’ interest, but I know that when I look at “biggest CFB markets” that ESPN/CBS/FOX put out, the Top10 markets never include us here.


  13. Reiss: http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/new-england-patriots/print?id=4771832

    “Not sure if what has unfolded with the Patriots and linebacker/designated pass-rusher Akeem Ayers has received its proper due. To acquire a player who had been on the field for a total of 10 defensive snaps this season with his prior team, and then two weeks later have him as a vital cog (77 of 82) in a brilliant game plan against Peyton Manning and the Broncos, is basically unheard of.”

    Naturally, “the son of Bob Kraft” is the only person in Boston talking about it.

    On the other hand, Christian Arkand is counting down the snaps until Gronk’s next injury and YARM is counting on a Brady contract controversy next July. (The Sky Will Be Falling any time now).


    1. The speculation about Gronk’s next injury is crossing the line IMO, and it’s really getting annoying. We can’t be allowed to enjoy this force of nature of a TE at his best? We have to be told that it’s not if, but when he gets hurt again and takes the team’s Super Bowl hopes with him? Guys who push that b.s. deserve to be berated not by us, the fans, but by their own colleagues, because maybe then, and only then, it will stop.


      1. And you know that if Talib were here, we’d be getting “but will he be healthy for you in the AFC Championship Game? Wouldn’t you rather have Revis who you know will be healthy?”

        (Even though I’ve heard some say that they don’t trust Revis’ knee…the one he injured TWO years ago…)


      1. Lately, I’ve enjoyed Curran going after the losers in the media like Jones. Only thing: don’t most of these people show up on some of CSNNE’s silly shows? Can’t imagine their management would be too happy there, but I’m enjoying it.


    1. Just so you know, Felger, on his Sunday night show last night while introducing the Revolution highlight reel, claimed that the big name signing the Revolution made over the summer “cost the Patriots Logan Mankins.” Then he said: “Just kidding Pats fans….well, not really.” How does ANYONE stand this guy for more than 90 seconds? That’s all I could take. I changed the channel. I mean, does he really believe that schtick? And if he does, has he even bothered to checkout Mankins’ performance in Tampa this year? I think I know the answer to both questions. What a massive DB he is.


      1. Just watch the video posted below where Felger openly admits that he’s an entertainer and sports media is inherently negative.


      2. “How does ANYONE stand this guy for more than 90 seconds?”

        That’s easy, they’re rooting against Kraft and BB.


    1. Manning with the scoreboard thing would have been much worse.

      What if this org gave out a Cutler or Dalton contract?

      We can what if all day. We know there’s good and bad with every team.

      Ordway, on Friday, brought up a great point about the perception in the media in their team’s drafting. This isn’t limited to the Boston media but we all know the drill. Every team but ours hits on every single pick. No bad picks. It’s just our team that SUCKS at drafting. How that comes to be is because when some team hits on X guy from the 4th round, everyone knows his name. What they’re not telling you about, nor does anyone care, is how many guys went before that didn’t even last through camp. Maybe that perception is worse here but it’s not limited to this market. I’ve been sampling some Pittsburgh and Chicago talk today (tune in if you want some meltdowns), and have heard similar things.

      As usual, you’re not a homer if you don’t hammer home the bad. You’re not a bad media member by pointing out bad decisions and moves. Balancing them is the key. We know who does.


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