The Celtics began their regular season last night with a 121-105 drubbing of the Brooklyn Nets at TD Garden. The Celtics placed eight players in double figures last night.

While the Celtics may be fourth in Boston in terms of coverage and popularity st the moment while they rebuild, there is certainly much to be interested in as the team enters its second year under Brad Stevens.

DISH Network subscribers continue to miss out on the Celtics, as the Satellite provider dumped CSNNE in August, and it appears the sides are still very far apart. CSNNE struck back this week with a series of radio ads, but the station was still dark for DISH subscribers for opening night.

CSN New England Tips Switch Campaign Against Dish

Last night also saw another return to the Garden by Kevin Garnett, who was impressed with the young Celtics:

Kevin Garnett still bleeds green (Bulpett)

Rajon Rondo makes all the difference – Jackie MacMullan looks at the triumphant return of the Celtics PG. No mention of the trade demands she claimed earlier in the summer.

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Are we almost done with the Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning comparisons for this week?

I don’t know about you, but it’s been old for a while now. Can we agree that they’re both among the all-time greats and just try to enjoy the experience of seeing them play?

It’s an easy topic for sports radio, which is why they’ve clung to it. It’s much easier to recite the same arguments over and over than it is to actually analyze the upcoming game.

You’re better off turning off the radios.

Heated rivalry turns corner with Darrelle Revis, Aqib Talib – Jeff Howe with a nice look at how each cornerback has been used this season and what we might expect for Sunday.

Pats should beware of Broncos’ Miller & Ware – Tom E Curran and Mike Giardi look at challenges from the Broncos defense.

Patriots face dynamic duo in Denver’s Miller and Ware – Glen Farley has more on the pass-rushing threats.

Patriots-Broncos through stats-based lens – Mike Reiss checks some of the relevant stats heading in.

Brady vs. Manning? It might come down to defense – David Pevear says this one might look different than past matchups.


Remember Jimmy Young and Jimmy Myers?

The Boston sports broadcasting alumni are doing a weekly sports show on YouTube, called The Jimmy’s Sports Talk. Each Monday from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Nobscot Cafe in Framingham they are doing a live show.


Oh yeah, there was some baseball game on last night? The San Francisco Giants won their third World Series in the last five years.

Your move, Red Sox.


9 thoughts on “Celtics Start Things Off Right

  1. No. No the Celtics DIDN’T get off right. They are supposed to tank again! Last night’s win may cost them a ping pong ball! Sorry, just getting a head start.

    Also, Ben Volin chiming in with Belichick’s breakdown of last week’s game, calling it “awesome.” Of course, this is the same guy who criticized Belichick for only breaking down plays after wins, and when they lose, looking ahead.


  2. Heard on BSUNF that Alex Speiers is leaving WEEI for the Globe. I didn’t see something formal?

    Also, even if you’re not a fan, it is the last day of D&C simulcast on NESN tomorrow morning. It should be interesting.


      1. I don’t think Ordway would put it out there if it is fake. I also checked his feed and Chad Finn but nothing.

        That’s why I wondered.


  3. can’t agree more about the Brady/Manning comparisons ..both 1st ballot Hall of Famers, what more needs to be said?…These “barroom” type arguments bore the crap out of me because there is no definitive answer…it’s just round and round and round we go *YAWN*


    1. This is what Minihane is best at, bustin on the other medi-ots. It’s the formula “Potsy” Felger has used for years. Most media-cons are so thin skinned that it kills them to be criticized, see Deano, Toucher, Gresh, Etc.


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