In a somewhat surprising move, Jared Remy yesterday pleaded guilty to the murder of his girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Jennifer Martel.

The plea avoids a very public and gruesome trial, which is good for the victim’s family. Is it also good for Remy’s father? By entering the plea and going to jail, the case will fade in the public eye faster than if a trial was going on this fall.

This was something in the works, as NESN had sent out a notice on Monday morning that Jerry Remy would not be in the booth  that night or last night. They were “planned days off.” According to that email, Remy will be back in the booth tonight at Fenway Park.

Update: NESN has since said that Remy will be out tonight and tomorrow night, replaced by Steve Lyons.

Jerry Remy is still getting heat from Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan – ‘RemDawg’ benefits from a blatant double standard – but it seems in general the cry is fading out against the broadcaster, who has as many or more defenders in the media as he does those who are uncomfortable with his continued presence on the air.


In other news involving the legal system and sports media, former Channel 7 and 56 sports anchor Bob Gamere is a free man, released after serving 4 1/2 years in prison for child porn.

Ex-sportscaster Bob Gamere out of prison after child porn conviction


Yesterday marked the debut of the new WEEI midday show.


I gave it some time yesterday. I’m not making any judgments after a day, the show went pretty well, Benz to me anyway sounds a lot like Mutnansky. A little deeper voice maybe. We’ll see how the show develops over the coming weeks and whether or not the station made an upgrade here.

I heard Mike Mutnansky a little last night on with Mikey Adams before the Red Sox pregame, and some after. He needs some time as well to adjust into the new role.


28 thoughts on “Does Jared Remy’s Guilty Plea Help His Dad?

  1. Borges’ latest seems to drawing attention on the radio this morning.

    “How many times since the Patriots and Red Sox began what has been an unprecedented streak of across-the-sports-landscape excellence have you heard someone say, “We’re about championships!””

    This is something that we hear on BSMW have talked about quite often. We mostly hear it from some mediots that cover the Patriots and some Pats fans. It also started to creep in during the MLB playoffs last fall.


    1. I am a little annoyed by Borges article but at the same time I can’t help agreeing at least a little bit with his overall point. It is something that Mike Reiss has been saying for a while now, and it even got mentioned in his mailbag yesterday, (not that I’m saying that was the inspiration for Ron’s article, he would never steal someone else’s thoughts, whoops) that we should try and appreciate what is happening with the Patriots, and the other teams as well, rather than complaining about how because the team didn’t deliver a championship it was a failure. I think his overall point is right on, people should be more appreciative of the tremendous streak the city has been on for over 10 years now. Having said all that I do find it a little funny that this sentiment comes from a guy who seems to love noting more than pointing out the shortcoming of the Patriots, and their head coach.


      1. Yes, the point that we should be happy with success that may come short of a championship is a good one. I think most reasonable fans agree with that. But the media for the most part doesn’t, especially sports radio. Borges himself spends the first half of the column on a bizarre rant about the Red Sox “whining” of the 2014 Red Sox compared to the “winning” of the 2004 Red Sox. The same team (for the most part) last year had an amazing and unexpected World Series run, and now they are losers? (Borges also conveniently omits that the Pats won two SB to start the streak before the Sox win in 04).
        And the whole point that fans are worse now than before the winning started? Total revisionist history. Does he not remember the 86 Superbowl, when an amazing streak of road victories was deemed irrelevant by a 46-10 drubbing and drug scandal? How about the 96 SB run which was completely over-shadowed by the Parcels-Kraft feud and the coach’s departure? The Sox playoff appearances in 86, 88, 90 were all deemed failures, even though back then only four teams made the playoffs.
        I was very disappointed by some of the playoff loses, particularly in the 07 SB, which was a winnable game. But that didn’t make that season a failure, nor did other tough endings like the 08 Sox,12-13 Bruins, 09-10 Celtics or last year’s Pats.


        1. I’m probably younger than a lot here (early 30s) and hence can’t recall much about the fandom before the late 90s, but I’d consider fans worse now than they have been in the past. The fandom has been spoiled by the championships. And the over the top negativity and “hotsportztakez” mentality of the local media has made large portions of the fandom unbearable. I’m sure plenty of others can say that they’ve also heard their friends or colleagues parroting talking points from people like Felger and others.


          1. I’m around the same age.

            My question, one I don’t have an answer to, “Were people like this before but without forums, Twitter, etc you were just not able to hear them, so you perceive it as better?”

            If people seem more edgy, I agree completely. I just wonder how much it was different, with the obvious “championship” factor as the one big change.

            The Felger example is one I’ve mentioned before in times where I’ve seen “cap is crap” used as an excuse or reason for trying to sign someone. When trying to convince them how wrong it is, you, unfortunately, usually encounter the same ‘defiance’. But, even before this age, how many people didn’t understand a cap or a system in a sport, and didn’t have the benefit of the Internet?

            The only point I’d want to postulate is that I find people are more interested in being “right” than “correct”, when you talk about a subject were there is no subjectivity, like the NFL Cap.

            If I also had to speculate if the winning “spoils” teams, I’d be on the same side as you are, but I’d still wonder if its a function of the winning, or more of the “changing culture”. I do remember a time when I’d encounter Cowboys fans everywhere. They still have a large fanbase but I wonder how many people have jumped off the bandwagon in the more recent part of the last 17 years.

            We benefit from more information out there; unfortunately, it also means we benefit from a bit more “wrong” information as well. I’m sure there are studies in academia on this type of thing.


          2. The question is: Does the media reflect the fanbase or does the fanbase reflect the media? I think it’s mostly the latter. There is a portion fans who are reasonable and just want to enjoy the games and the occasionally debate, but many take their cues from the media (or at least don’t object).
            Certainly the internet has created new outlets and made it so stories are harder to miss. But other outlets have virtually disappeared or become much less prominent. The Sunday night shows on channels 4, 5, and 7 were a big deal well into the 90s. They defined the sports debate. Columnists like Shaughnessy were much bigger deals and didn’t need another forum to drive the discussion. Shank did go on EEI regularly, but his appearances were famously mailed in. He was collecting checks (and as the running joke went, balancing his own checkbook during the show). Now, he only gets any notice when he trolls and other outlets pick it up. I am not sure they were less negative back then; Shank certainly wasn’t, Lobel’s signature quote was “why can’t we get players like that?” and WEEI was certainly not a love-fest.
            Now, you could use the Celtics of the 80s to make the case that winners were treated differently back then. I was too young to be a regular newspaper reader in the 80s but from what I remember it was much less doom and gloom for the aging Celtics than it is for the aging Patriots (at least Brady). The Len Bias saga was certainly ugly but that is somewhat understandable. But from what i remember/understand about the Pats and Sox coverage, it was very negative/doomsday in the 80s.


  2. Gentlemen, we need a promotional picture for our new midday show that says, “One guy holds a bat, one guy carries a football, and the other guy folds his arms, confident that he can moderate discussion.”

    Oh, and something that says, “We all buy our shirts at Express for Men.”


    1. You had me laughing out loud there. It reminds me of this cutaway from Family Guy where they mock those generic “oh hey look at stupid new sitcom coming to next fall” on Family Guy:

      (Go in to 9:28 if the scrubber isn’t moved by the url.)


  3. Sorry, but Remy has to go. He is a completely self-centered person who is totally out of touch with reality. Not only has he raised 3 pretty crappy children but now he wants to ruin one other child, his granddaughter, by requesting custody of her. This issue alone (ever mind that he enabled is steroid addicted son and contributed to the murder by doing so) should be enough to show everyone the true Remy. This man can think of no one but himself and is unable to act in the best interest of anyone.

    Others have suggested he could use this tragedy to be a spokesperson for domestic violence and instead of paying for high priced lawyers make a substantial contribution to a charity. Has he??? Or, has he just gone on buffooning around in the broadcast booth???

    He has shown too much of what he really is and stands for for me to ever support him. NESN, please get your head out of the sand and do the right thing.


  4. Wait, Jared killed Jennifer Martel?! I though Jerry was the one accused of murder.


  5. NECN has a poll up right now asking if people are upset that Remy is returning to the booth tonight. As of 2 minutes ago, it’s 83% no to 17% yes. It’s becoming obvious that those who want him gone are in the minority. Some people may have gotten over it or just don’t care. I personally was uncomfortable at the start of the year but that’s kind of faded. I’m watching the game to watch the Red Sox, not listen to Remy. I do not absolve Jerry Remy for enabling his son nor do I fault him for trying to help him. What happened unequivocally remains the fault of Jared Remy. Glad that he is where he belongs, caged up with the other animals. Jerry Remy will have to live with this for the rest of his days. It looks like that will have to be punishment enough for his sins.


  6. I still wish Remy was off the broadcasts, aside from the stuff with his son I don’t enjoy his particular brand (…and it is a goddamn brand at this point) of calling a game.

    But I like the Red Sox and baseball more than I hate Jery Remy so… yeah, what can ya do?


  7. Funny how the guilty plea means that there will never be any in-court testimony illuminating to what extent Jerry and Phoebe Remy intervened to prevent the issuance of a restraining order against their son, innit?


  8. The Great Gamere should forward his resume to NESN. Take over the BoSox Jenny Dell position. The verbal interplay between Don, Jerry & Bob would be must see TV. Think of the interactive poll questions. The Wally references. The locker room interviews. The hair grooming tips. The possibilities are endless if not, also, offensive. Certainly someone at NESN can see the potential in this. Or so it would seem.


  9. That interview of Manny was a HUGE score for NESN. Here’s the one problem: Steve Lyons talks too much!

    Eckersley > Remdawg > Lyons


    1. I’ve noticed the same. As a SoSH commenter put it so well:

      It appears that Lyons views his job with a terminator-like mentality: he must identify silence and eradicate it. Silence is the John Connor of Steve Lyons’ world.

      Maybe it’s all of those years being “bottled up” with Vin Scully and he’s letting the years of silence out in bursts.


  10. Have to applaud Fluto for doing some good work (and others involved) here, not that the mafia who “condemned” the Bruins and all their fans would ever care:

    How the P.K. Subban tweets became a digital wildfire:


  11. Merloni going over the top with bombastic anger towards Manny this morning. Boring, Angry, Yelling, Ignorant Lou. He must be taking Charm lessons from John Dennis.

    A 3 game winning streak, only 5 back for the Wild Card (and only two teams ahead of them have scored more runs than they’e allowed) and these guys will spend four hours proving how bitter about and jealous they are of Manny Ramirez.


  12. With a day of hindsight…

    – Does the plea help Jerry…of course it does. If NESN was not going to fire the guy with the spectra of a trial looming, I can’t see how time does not make Jerry Remy’s behavior and culpability less of a distraction. I do wonder if NESN axes him next year so that there does not look like linkage or causality. I still maintain that the best thing for all would be Jerry Remy to volunteer to leave the job, ask to do some analysis work on the pre/post game shows and reduce his public profile. He won’t because he has no honor but…I can dream.

    – On the question of why did Jarod plead. I think Kirk Minihane in a throw away line no one really addressed nailed it this morning. I think Jerry & Phebe when to Jarod and said…make the best plea you can because if this goes to trial we are not paying for it. You have done enough to our name and livelihood. I can’t think of any other reason this guy pleads.

    – Regarding Manram and the return. I am thinking the amount of faux indication media guys have today for him is laughable considering they enabled him every moment he was here. It wasn’t until he stopped hitting that we heard how he never went to the Jimmy Fund and other stories of how bad a human being he was came out. To me Manny cheated, the WS victories are tainted. His lack of contrition on that issue alone should have made him persona non grata…so if the Sox want to keep him in the family and honor him…it shows that the organization is as phony and as enabling as the BBWAA.

    – Lastly, I wrote a short post on the new MFB post the day after it came out where I concluded that the problem is still Merloni. As I listen more, I continue to like Fauria, I continue to think Benz keeps things moving at a good pace and plays the foil well, while Utility Lou is overmatched while he searches for a role.


  13. In 2 unrelated items. It seems that Jenny Dell has finally left NESN, i’m sure Bruce will have more on this later.

    The other thing was i was listening to Mutt on the postgame last night as i drove home from the game and he was actually very good.
    Being the sole man with something defined to talk about it was enjoyable to listen to. His interaction with callers also was well balanced. It appears he may be suited to this style of work, rather than the constant banality he had with Merloni. I, like everone, enjoyed Ryder on this, but i think Mutt is a good choice for this role.


  14. Sorry but I’m not buying it…these people who say they won’t watch a Red Sox game on NESN because of Jerry Remy are either:

    A) not Red Sox fans at all
    B) very,very,very,very “casual fans”
    C) lying through their teeth


  15. Meanwhile 1510 switches to libertarian and lifestyle talk on Mon June 9 but sports is allegedly still part of WUFC; one host is Jay Mohr and they may have some college sports & headlines…but word is the likes of Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, and some libertarian from DC named Dr K will be on. Waiting for more lineup details but followers of Bawstin Diehards or Yahoo Sports (both of whom will still be on sat. radio) may find them missing by next week. Again, waiting to hear more…Leaving us with 98.5, 93.7, and those ESPN shows on 850.


  16. WUFC 1510 to carry JT the Brick wkdays 6-9 pm starting Mon. so there you go more sports


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