The Bruins pushed the Detroit Red Wings to the brink of elimination after a hard-fought 3-2 OT win at Joe Louis Arena last night. Boston now leads the series 3-1 and has a chance to close things out tomorrow at home.

That 3:00pm game will NOT be broadcast on NESN (the channel will still have pre and post game coverage, as will CSNNE) but will instead be on NBC.

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The Jared Remy situation is not going away quietly. The son of Red Sox NESN color analyst Jerry Remy isn’t doing his father any favors with his reported letters to Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan and reporter Laurel J. Sweet.

Jared Remy’s jailhouse screed: Leave my dad out of this

The younger Remy was also in the news recently for his reported attack on another inmate earlier this month.

Meanwhile Jerry Remy continues on the air on NESN. I’ve made my case on this already, and it seems like what I feared is happening – this isn’t going away, and the more incidents that Jared has while in prison, and the more information that comes out  – does that have an impact on how people are viewing Jerry Remy on the Red Sox broadcasts?

I think Jerry Remy has actually been very good this season – he seems to have picked things up a notch in terms of his analysis, and while he’s still goofing with Don Orsillo at times, much of the ancillary stuff that was getting annoying in the past has been eliminated or toned down.

It still feels like this is going to come to a head at some point and not end well for Jerry Remy. Does NESN ever say “enough?”


Patriots cleared of mishandling injury reports

There was quite a bit made out of statements from former Patriots Brandon Spikes and Aqib Talib on the matter of the team and their reporting of injuries. Ben Volin reports that there has been found to be nothing to those allegations.

The allegations were played up quite a bit in the national media:

I’m sure all these will be cleared up now…


It’s cute that Christopher Gasper thinks we should give the Red Sox the benefit of the doubt because they’ve had lots of injuries and have not been able to get their full lineup out on the field.

I haven’t listened to a ton of sports radio as of late, but in the afternoons I’m finding that the renewed Dale and Holley show is much more appealing than Felger and Mazz, who every time I’ve turned in have been ripping the Bruins in Patriots-like fashion. Can’t be all puppies and unicorns.

I’ve checked in on The Big Show Unfiltered from time to time, and it’s nice to have that there as an option as well. After a lot of buzz at launch time, it will be interesting to see how things develop there and if they can keep is going and growing.

I wonder how many more hockey columns Mr Bruin, Dan Shaughnessy will have for us in the coming weeks. Bruins fans would just as well have Shaughnessy continue to ignore their team.

If Roger Goodell hadn’t messed with the schedule, we’d be having the NFL draft this week. Now it is still two weeks away. Now there’s talk of extended the draft to FOUR days in the future. Goodell seems determined to kill the golden goose by trying to mess up as many thing good things as he can. They’re just going to keep pushing and pushing, Thursday night games…when do Tuesday night games start? More playoff teams? Why not have all teams make the playoffs? 18 game schedule? Let’s for an even 20. Team in London? Let’s go to Moscow while we’re at it.


21 thoughts on “Bruins Take Wings To Brink, Jared Not Doing Jerry Any Favors

  1. Can you explain the Gasper comment? Are you ripping him for saying the Sox haven’t been healthy or being sarcastic?


      1. That might be true, but it’s still a valid excuse for the team. I think (at the risk of being repetitive) it’s easier to rip Mike, Yes Mike and Protege Jones for their attacks on the Red Sox approach to “depth.” First we had Strawmanotti’s strawman that Mike Carp was all of a suddent the second coming of Jimmie Fox. They play dumb and pretend not to understand that the point of having players like Gomes, Nava and Carp is for inexpensive platoons, pinch hitting and that sort of depth. No one, outside of Strawman HQ, thought those guys were potential all-star players waiting in the wings for the first major injury.


        1. Homer, what truly makes Spazz’s Carp/Foxx comments all the more exasperating is that the YARMing Phony absolutely knows he doesn’t mean a word of what he’s saying and that after his show each night he’s been known to hang out under a bridge.


  2. Stated it before, FWIW, NESN will have enough when the Red Sox have had enough; and the Red Sox will have had enough when whatever terms
    of separation they have (or will have) worked out with Remy have reached
    completion. Right now he’s like the older co-worker who should have
    retired a while ago but is holding on out of cussedness because no one
    is going to tell them when it’s time to go. The guess here is, barring some
    bombshell, he makes it to the end of the year and then steps off with
    a whimper rather than a bang. If something else is lurking – – besides
    Junior’s scintillating personality asserting itself from time to time – – then
    arrangements will be made sooner. It’s all a matter of keeping family
    business in-house, protecting the brand, and lining up all your non-disclosure ducks in a row. One wild card: Young Frankenstein never
    makes it to trial due to some rough justice in jail, and the sympathy card
    gets our lovable post-modern Yogi Berra, Remdawg, his own get-out-of-jail pass.


  3. Without doubt there will be an 18 game schedule, two expansion teams, (London & LA) and eventually 16 playoff teams. Why have a team on bye when they can be playing an 8 seed like the other sports. It will further devalue the NFL Season and continue the pattern that we’ve seen in since really 2005 where its the least injured team not the best team that wins the Super Bowl. Seattle was an exception. Of course no ever mentions that Tom Brady ankle wasn’t a huge factor in Super 42. That just gets glossed over despite the fact he was sailing the ball in warmups and never looked right that game. But to the F&M red meat crowd it was Brady showing he’s average.


  4. Speaking of “conspiracies” with the Patriots and national media:

    @JTTheBrick Absolutely incredible that the #Raiders have the toughest schedule in the NFL as the #Patriots continue to have the easiest?

    Blazin #HOTSPORTZTAKE from BRICK there. Yes, Bob Kraft calls into his buddy Goodell and makes sure that the Patriots have cupcakes lined up like they’re some Big5 CFB team.


      1. I recalled him as edgy but not a Colin Cowherd-type bomb thrower, so I was surprised he said it. I have no clue where he got it.


        1. Brick’s been a Raiders honk since Al Davis gave him his first break in radio. He goes on an unreasoning jihad whenever he feels the Raiders have been slighted in any way. He can’t bear the thought that Al’s old team is anything less than the best in the league.


    1. As Ross Tucker pointed out on Twitter today, it is amazing how few people actually understand the NFL scheduling procedure. (ie that 14/16 games have been predetermined for the better part of 12+ years).


  5. “I think Jerry Remy has actually been very good this season – he seems to have picked things up a notch in terms of his analysis, and while he’s still goofing with Don Orsillo at times, much of the ancillary stuff that was getting annoying in the past has been eliminated or toned down.”

    Even as one of Jerry’s biggest critics (as a TV personality, not father), I have to agree. Maybe he is trying just a little bit harder. And I don’t think about Jared for a second, during the broadcasts (and hadn’t for weeks until see this blog entry). If a person can’t handle watching the games because of Remy’s son, that says a heck of a lot more about the viewer (to me) than either of the Remy men.


    1. I think Remy’s been better too, and I think back about a decade or so–maybe a little less–when Charles seemed to be taking an almost contemptuous attitude toward his TNT gig. Around the time when he was assigned to the NBA draft, when a foreigner (I forget who–I’m thinking Tony Parker, but I don’t think the year is right) was drafted in the first round, Charles was asked for his thoughts. His answer was something along the lines of, “Never heard of him, but if they drafted him in the first round, they must think he’s pretty good.” Charles began getting some pretty poor reviews for his TNT work, and the following year, put a lot more effort into it, got to know players and coaches better, and once again had some genuine insights to share. I feel the same about Remy this year (and I don’t doubt being on the hot seat because of his son is part of his motivation–hell, maybe trying to put his son out of his own mind is part of his motivation).

      As far as he and Jared go, it’s pretty clear that Jerry is nobody to admire. He’s proven himself to be a narcissistic enabler of a serial breaker of the law. But he himself hasn’t broken the law. I think the only way this ongoing bleepstorm takes Remy off the air is if the custody battle–something he himself has a primary role in–becomes increasingly public and ugly. Or if Jared does something so disgusting and bloody in jail that it can’t be ignored.


  6. Some of the mediots seemed so disappointed, “but..but..but.. IF the Bruins had lost, Marchand would have been the reason!! ..IT COULD have changed the whole series!!”…..Sure, when Marchand missed those empty nets I was dropping F-bombs all over the place but after a thrilling OT VICTORY had to laugh that the “usual suspects” were trying to make Marchand the story of the game.


  7. With Gerry Callahan it’s “FRAUDS”…with Shank Shaughnessy it’s “Tomato Cans”…jeeze, Boston teams are really lucky, they never have to play anybody good…..smh


  8. Shaughnessy must have written Kevin Dupont’s column this morning as it references tomato cans and reviews all of the Bruins playoff losses to Montreal over the years.
    Nick Cafardo still holding a candle for Stephen Drew where two days in a row he points out that Xander Bogaerts has a lower UZR than Drew did at this point last year. He even gave himself a pat on the back yesterday in his notes column where he added that this is “something that was predicted in this space long ago”.


    1. Steve Buckley of all people told Butch to can it with the obsession over game results from 30 years ago having any bearing whatsoever on what happens in this series.


      1. exactly, yes Montreal is a better team, but the Bruins record against the Red Wings this year was 1-3 we just saw what that was worth.


  9. Anyone else think that sometime Saturday Doc Rivers might have said to himself, maybe I should have just rebuilt in Boston.


    1. This is an interesting topic. I’ve heard people here say that “He knew what he was going to, but he still left..” and others say that, “there was no way he could predict this would happen”.

      I’m not sure what way to go on this. I get the impression that Doc thought he’d just exist in the background, allowing him to build a good team, and Sterling would not be a problem. At the same time, he had to know what he was getting into. Woj said today that he’s considering leaving if Sterling still controls the team next year:

      What came out over the weekend is nothing new with Sterling. The stuff he said UNDER OATH during the DOJ trials was, if anything, WORSE (go read the transcript excerpts that have come back up from writers).

      If anything, I think it’s a bigger joke that this guy was allowed to exist for 30 years as an owner with what’s been known about him. If we’re also going to go there, there’s a number of other owners who have sketchy histories and scrupulous doings that both the league and the outlets covering it have ignored (BKN, CLE, MIA, etc). Similar to ESPN and every other major outlet ignoring the story about Irsay basically using the Colts as a front for his pill addiction, they obviously stayed as far away as possible until .. the NBA gave them the green light to go full-bore. It’s clear the NBA wants this to be the #1 story to push him out (I think it makes him dig in his heels deeper):


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