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NFL free agency starts up this afternoon, but if you heard any of the afternoon show on the Patriots flagship station, you know that FA is already a failure. The owner is cheap, the team would rather sign has-been or injured players on bargain deals, and they are content just making the playoffs instead of “going for it all.”

So what else do you need to know? They seem to have it covered.

Here’s a better idea. Get your information and analysis from people who actually cover the team.

Patriots 2014 free-agent wish list – Tom E Curran addresses the howlers before getting into what the team might actually do.

Patriots have had internal discussions about Revis – Mike Giardi is pretty plugged in down in Foxborough.

Patriots aren’t getting bang for bucks – Mike Reiss says that spending money has NOT been the Patriots problem in FA. It’s spending it wisely.

Proceed with caution: When it comes to free agency, patience key part of process – Christopher Price sagely notes that “winning” free agency doesn’t often translate to in-season success.

Of course, when news comes out, it’s more than likely to be broken nationally first, via either Adam Schefter or Ian Rapoport. Follow them on Twitter, and you’ll probably be ahead of the game.

A fantastic all-in-one option is the Rumor Mill


11 thoughts on “Free Agency Primer: Avoid Sports Radio

  1. Mike Tanier on Sports On Earth had an interesting idea in his “GM for a Day” column on the Pats: signing Devin Hester. You’d use him primarily in the special teams function as a kick/punt returner, but could build a few field-stretching plays into the playbook to take advantage of his raw speed. (This assumes you’ve resigned Edelman and have your receiver corps roughly set.) If you want an actual receiver-receiver, he suggests Jacoby Jones. But Jones would cost you more.

    Some of his other ideas are questionable (offer Talib Grimes-level money if he wants it) so the article as a whole is a mixed bag.


    1. I saw that one. Hester is interesting. The article was kind of BS though as he had the Pats signing and paying everyone. It just doesn’t work that way.


  2. ” The owner is cheap, the team would rather sign has-been or injured players on bargain deals, and they are content just making the playoffs instead of “going for it all.””

    Yep, and correct me if I’m wrong, but think I’ve heard this song and dance once, or twice, or 500 times before?….Felger’s audience loves it… SIGN SOMEBODY!!!…ANYBODY!!…EVERYBODY!!……Waaaaaa!


    1. The F+M effect:

      Greg Bedard on with T+R today, “I know you hear that ‘cap is crap’ on this station”. G+Z constantly have to address the “2-6 message”. I heard Dale talking about it on his 2-6. I have to think others brought it up on their shows or time.

      It’s annoying that this has to be ‘addressed’ by everyone else but shows you the power of the pulpit. Unfortunately, this then empowers the LCD listener to either call-in or speak out elsewhere (like the Reddit post Ryan brought up in his last column).



    2. I should not be surprised that mediots play up the sky is falling card. Or they get upset and think the Patriots have been a failed franchise because they have not won a SB in 10 years. Visiting 2 and losing both of them on fluky plays evidently is not part of the thinking. Losing two other AFC championship games…each time with depleted teams..also not part of the calculus. If you listen to Boston Sports Media the Patriots are no better over the last 10 years than the Buffalo Bills (who averaged 5 wins a season in the same time).

      In any event, the Pats were not going to give Talib $57 mill over 6 years with $26 mill guarantees. The guy has yet to play 12 games in a season for them. Was a nice disruptive corner…sure. Is the amount of money in football rising so players are getting paid more…absolutely…do you pay a crazy amount for a corner with a degenerative hip condition…NO. You look at plan B…Derrell Revis, Anthonio Cromarte, Dominique Rogers Cromarte…ideally 2 of these players and then look at moving Denard to Safety. I hope they are looking at someone like Jared Allen and then a TE and a WR. There are players out there. The Pats will field a competitive team in 2014 that by October will be the best team in the AFC. Panicking on the first day of free agency is just silly.


      1. Actually it’s 3 AFC championships not 2.. In 9 years they’ve made 2 Super Bowls, 5 AFC championship games and have had the bye week 5 times. 8 division championships. The way the media proclaims them you’d think they were the bills.


  3. Talib goes to the Broncos. Today should be another fun day of lets see what sports talk host in town says what.

    Chris Price (WEEI) with the win:

    @cpriceNFL Hey, so Rutgers Pro Day is Wednesday. So, there’s something. Right?


  4. Eric Wilbur: With Talib Out, Revis Only Option for Pats

    Yes, because in the entirety of God’s universe, there are only TWO PEOPLE who can effectively play cornerback in the NFL.

    I think I’m just going to hide under a rock today.


  5. If I may interrupt the “riveting” free-agent blather that has permeated the airwaves around here for a moment…am I the only one that appreciated the band getting back together for two shows? Dale and Holley from 2-6 Monday and Tuesday was a welcome breath of fresh air in an otherwise cynically polluted radio atmosphere…Put these two back on from 10-2 WEEI…immediately!!!


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