We’ll come back tomorrow with Media Musings.

Today: In an effort to serve the growing BSMW readership, I’m going to host a weekly sports/media/culture podcast (because I’m original like that) every Thursday afternoon entitled, “Reading In Between The Lines” (Get it? Sports ANDDDD writing pun — yeah, you got it!).

Now, a few quick caveats about the podcast, before you guys advise me not to quit my day job. First off, from a technology perspective, it’s an extreme work in progress. I bought a fancy-schmancy microphone with my Super Bowl winnings (PUMPED & JACKED), which is why I sound great in the introduction, but the recording software I’m using leaves a lot to be desired (hence the crappy interview sound).

But worse, as a host, I LEAVE A LOT TO BE DESIRED. I’m my own worst critic. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to do “Sports Media Musings” here, as well as find my voice for my column over at Metro Boston. Sometimes, I look back to pieces I’ve written and a feeling of shame runs through my body. I suspect that’s the same feeling this first few months of the podcast will engender.  In general, with podcasting, I’m currently going through what Ira Glass calls the “creative gap” (Seriously, I implore you to watch this video, it’s 100000% true). I know what works, what doesn’t — and I expect everything about the product to improve.

Anyway, in Episode 1, I talk to Dan Kennedy, the author of Wired Cityand a nationally known media commentator who writes for the Nieman Journalism LabThe Huffington Post and other publications. He is also a panelist on “Beat the Press,” an award-winning weekly media roundtable on WGBH-TV (Channel 2). We discuss the Jenny Dell-NESN situation and the ramifications of John Henry purchasing the Boston Globe.

Then, at the 18:20 mark, I check in with Adam Kaufman, columnist for Boston.com and 98.5 The Sports Hub personality, about Curt Schilling, angry reader comments, and the new Entourage movie.

I’ll come back in later today and provide time stamps so you can skip around. As always, thanks for reading listening! Say hello on Twitter: @Hadfield__.


2 thoughts on “Reading In Between The Lines Podcast: Episode 1 – Dan Kennedy, Adam Kaufman

  1. Looking for this podcast with my iphone’s podcast search function, but nothing comes up. How do I subscribe?


    1. Beat me to the punch! I’m going to make an iTunes feed in the near future — hopefully tonight after I write. I’m not sure how involved, if at all, the process is. In the meantime. The Sound Cloud player should work on smart phones.


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