On today’s Globe 10.0, Joe Sullivan and Chris Gasper will debate whether or not fans should boo the full-page ad that Jacoby Ellsbury took out in today’s Globe.

Would that surprise anyone?

This week has been a banner one for bang-your-head-on-the-desk sports talk radio storylines. Consider:

  • Patriots win cheapened by “gift” pass interference call.
  • Feigned outrage over Shawn Thornton’s beatdown of  Brooks Orpik.
  • Should fans boo or cheer Doc Rivers? (Can’t say that I’m upset that I missed this variation on the topic.)

I suppose there are those who enjoy these types of “debates” but none more than the hosts, who can just roll the topic out there and give the airtime to the loonies who call sports talk radio.

The Patriots now have the opportunity to control their own playoff destiny. Thanks to the San Diego upset of the Broncos last night, if the Patriots win their remaining three games, they will be the number one seed in the AFC.

They’ll have a challenge in Miami this Sunday, as the Dolphins appear to be trying to make this a statement game for themselves.

Here’s a few links that I enjoyed as we head into the weekend:

Northborough teen has been hot on trail at Winter Meetings – Chad Finn looks at an 18-year-old who has made a name for himself at the baseball winter meetings with several big scoops.

Curt Schilling plans to reinvent the way pitching is talked about in new Sunday Night Baseball role – Bob Raissman has the former Sox ace looking to bring a new style of TV analysis.

Inside the NHL’s process for player discipline – From Wednesday, Amalie Benjamin with a good look at how the NHL reviews and administers discipline for on-ice incidents.

Players have full belief in Brad Stevens – With the Doc Rivers return out of the way, Steve Bulpett looks at how the Celtics players have completely bought into their new leader.


8 thoughts on “Globe 10.0 To Debate Whether Or Not To Boo Ellsbury Ad Today

  1. As the game clock was running out on a Manning/Broncos December home loss to a sub .500 football team that put them in position to surrender the number one seed in the playoffs to New England, the only thing Mike “The Clown” Mayock has to say is that the Patriots need to worry about Cincinnati. HUH?!? They control their own destiny. They only need to worry about themselves. Do I chalk this up to Patriots hate or Peyton Manning love?

    Speaking of: Is anyone nationally or locally going to call out Manning for his not-so-subtle mention of the short week of preparation in his post game press conference? I can only imagine the reaction if Brady or Belichick alluded to such an excuse after a lost.


    1. I recall hearing D+C say something.

      Nationally? I heard one of the Mikes say something the next day but they really didn’t get on him about it. The rest of ESPN? I can’t say but I wouldn’t count on it.


  2. Listen up, class. Today Prof. Felger is going to teach you how to troll your audience with a technique I like to call “Yay/Boo.” This technique is particularly useful time-killing tool when someone who used to play or coach locally professionally returns with a visiting franchise, particularly the first time (but can be applicable for subsequent visits). Make sure you’re taking notes as there will be a quiz today from 2-6 p.m. on TSH.

    Alright, let’s begin. Now, recalling back to my lecture on “Straw Men,” first we must establish the argument by telling the audience what the the fan base thought prior to the departure of said figure. Don’t be too concerned about being factually accurate. In fact, if need be, you should be comfortable making sweeping generalizations that are so vague, they will invariably apply to ::some:: of the listening audience. Remember, it is important to make these generalizations as personal as possible. Think about every ex-girlfriend or failed relationship in your own personal life and apply that anger to this player or coach.

    Once you’ve sufficiently ret-con’ed the past to suit your argument and made it as personal as can be, aggressively pose the simple question, “Will you cheer or boo said figure upon their return?” It is important to pose it aggressively, because you need to convey the anguish this person caused by abandoning you. This person said things, made promises, and then they deserted you!

    If you have successfully followed these steps, the callers generated to your show will be the height of jilted lover, angry and disillusioned that their beloved sports hero could ever find love in another city with another franchise. They will be eager to boo at the drop of a hat.

    “Doc said he’d be a Celtic for life!”
    “Where are all the Ellsbury people?”

    On the other hand, you may get some callers who will try to reason with you, for example in the case of Doc Rivers or Jacoby Ellsbury, mention that the team actually received compensation from their departures. Or that their departures was more about business than anything personal.

    This is where our lessons in labeling callers “footie-pajama-wearing fans” will come in handy. Actually, it’s brilliant, because you can use it win both arguments. Yes, when using the “Yay/Boo!” technique, you actually cannot lose. If they call in to agree with your ret-con’ed past and they will boo, you can accuse them of being an all-too-sensitive breed of “footie-pajama-wearing” fan. But — and here’s the brilliance — if they call in to tell you they’re going to cheer, you can accuse them of being “frauds” and “footie-pajama-wearing” fans.

    See you in the studio.


  3. Sign of the apocalypse .Heard a “tease” on UNO’S Sports Tonight the other day. After the commercial they were going to debate whether Belichick would get booed or cheered If he left and came back coaching another team (I swear to God I’m not making this up)…so now they are doing the “boo or cheer thing” ABOUT PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T EVEN LEFT! (this tease had the opposite effect, I immediately changed the channel)


    1. I’m surprised they didn’t already fire the survey up on if Stevens wins here but then goes back if he will be booed. Can’t be too early.


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