Changing things up a bit here, I’m going to list out some folks out there who do a great job (they really do) but aren’t necessarily at the big outlets, or the top billed at their place of employment.

Nick Underhill, @Nick_Underhill

Underhill covers the Patriots, and does it very well. He delivers extensive analysis each week, such as this week’s film study and report card which is clearly not written just “off the cuff.” He’s rewatched the game several times with keen observations and takeaways.

Jay King, @ByJayKing

We’re sticking with MassLive here to mention King, who covers the Celtics. Again, King is prolific in his coverage, and looks at both advanced statistics as well as traditional means of analysis in his writing and tweeting.

Christopher Smith, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune @SmittyOnMLB

Smith has been covering the Red Sox for a few seasons now over in the valley, and he’s been consistently good. His Sunday baseball column this week On Pro Baseball looked at Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan as a possible solution for the Red Sox at the position.

Erik Frenz, @ErikFrenz

He writes the Going Deep blog for, which is mostly about the Patriots, but he also provides updates from across the entire AFC East. He brings good film and play analysis and agenda-free coverage of the team. It’s worth checking regularly.

Mick Colageo, @MickColageo

Colageo is a veteran writer whom I’ve linked to many times in the past. Though he’s covered the Bruins for over 20 years,  his work these days is often locked behind the paywall at the New Bedford Standard Times, but he also provides Rink Rap blog at, which is definitely worth checking out. (Mike Loftus @MLoftus_Ledger at the Patriot Ledger is another veteran Bruins writer worth paying attention to, if you can navigate the myriad of pop-ups and pop-unders at the paper’s website.)

Dave D’Onofrio, @davedonofrio

D’Onofrio covers the Red Sox for the NH Union Leader, but also writes the Red Sox Extra Innings blog at, as well as the Off the Field blog. Busy guy. His stuff is good though, and worth checking out. While you’re on, the On Deck blog by Craig Forde, (@OnDeckBDC ) which  looks at Red Sox prospects and minor league baseball throughout New England, is also very well done.

Who are some other lesser-known media types that should get more attention than they do?


5 thoughts on “The Boston Sports Media You Probably Aren’t Reading, But Should Be

  1. you’ll learn more from 1 Nick Underhill column than you will from 6 months of listening to sports talk radio


  2. Jason Whitlock ‏@WhitlockJason9h

    Saved 4 points. #greatplay RT @johnhay54348018:how about the bush league move by Tomlin.

    sure he would have thought same if Belichick pulled that crap…comical how most media are treating Tomlin blatantly stepping on field with giggles and laughs


    1. If B.B. did what Tomlin did, or his players (Pete Carroll) were being suspended left and right, B.B. would be eviscerated by everyone in the local and national media. Felger, Mazz, Toucher, Shank and the rest of the douchebags would be calling for the state’s attorney general to launch an investigation.


      1. Beat me to this one.

        The people I follow called him on it but I didn’t see the typical fury that we’d all expect if BB did it.

        However, I think to Tomlin’s luck, the Steelers lost. Can you even imagine how bad it would be if the Steelers converted the 2pt and wound up winning in OT?

        Brought up by F+M, to their credit, anyone hearing a peep out of the national media about the Seahawks and their ‘substance’ problem? They’ve had 7 guys get hit on PEDs/substances since 2011, highest in the league, and not a word. They even read an article from the Seahawk’s blog from ESPN, where it was a huge apologist piece, a la Rob Bradford writing about Josh Beckett.

        Nothing. The league doesn’t even want one of its own ‘investigations’ on this?


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