Here is what the newspapers of New England look like this morning. Click on each image to go to the coverage from that paper.




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  1. All the pictures are great! My favorite is the one from the Herald with all the players making the “safe” signal. It looks like they are all on home plate. Really cool shot. What a night!!!


  2. “Look, Mike, I’m not saying the Sox didn’t have a nice little run there for a bit. But, there are big issues about next year that I’m concerned about that haven’t even remotely been addressed yet by management. And, I’m sorry, but that’s all on ownership and Cherington!! Do I need to go down the list? Ellsbury. Napoli. Drew. Salty. What about Middlebrooks? His growth appears to have been greatly stunted by not playing that much in the Series, and he might very well now be severely psychologically damaged!!! Then what?!?!? And, let’s face it. For a team that won 97 games, the Cardinals played just dreadful baseball at the worse possible time, Mike!!! So, I can’t sit here in good faith and say the Red Sox won anything at all this year. You might as well put an asterisk next to it. I’m not impressed at all!!!!!!”


    1. Yeah. I turned on my car this afternoon and wasn’t (sadly) surprised by the eleven seconds of Felger and Mazz I heard. Nothing but “Mike, how do we know they won’t commit the same errors they did before?!?!”



    2. Please tell me this is either made up or grossly exaggerated. He didn’t really say anything like this a day after the series win, right? BTW – The WEEI caller from Quincy complaining about Farrell has made national shows.


  3. The broadside delivered to insufferable Dan Shaughnessy on widely-read Deadspin was delicious. Hidden and locked behind a $0.99 pay-wall as he is, Shaughnessy still managed to draw national attention for his snarky early-season comments about the Red Sox. Deadspin happily relived his column from the spring for the sports world to see. It must be a tragic twist of the knife to know that Shaughnessy’s biggest audience is for a piece he was so wrong about. Of course, many people were not enthused about the Red Sox leading into the 2013 campaign. But Shaughnessy delivers his commentary with snark and rage, which means that anything making him look bad deservedly should boomerang right back into his face. And so it has.


  4. I have a huge problem with the media narrative. T&R and D&C and Pete Abraham as a guest on T&R all agreed this morning that “no one could have predicted” this team would win anything at all this season, i.e. not even make the playoffs. This is a huge insult to Ben Cherington while massively overrating the role of the (middle) manager. Cherington was interviewed by Salk & Holley just a few weeks ago and he defined what the phrase “Bridge Year” meant when used in reference to this season. It was a bridge with veterans mostly on short-term contracts to future years with many more home grown prospects on the 24 man roster. It wasn’t a bridge year as the radio idiots define it – i.e. 80 win team until more improvements can be made. Cherington said that their internal projections had this team winning between 86 and 94 games…

    As for the batters specifically, Cherington didn’t sign these players only because their good guys and they didn’t win just because of their chemistry. They were signed and won because they take pitches until they get one worth hitting, take walks, field well enough, hit for power and string hits together.


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