The “eerily poised” Michael Wacha made only one mistake last night -a sixth inning home run by David Ortiz which temporarily put the Red Sox on top – and this time it was the Red Sox making uncharacteristic mistakes and the Cardinals taking advantage of them as St Louis tied the World Series at a game apiece last night with a 4-2 win at Fenway Park.

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Taking stock of Stephen Drew’s historic postseason slump – It’s not the worst of all time, but Alex Speier says that it is darned close.

The Bruins won last night on a shot that was as last second as you can get, as David Krecji scored with just 0.8 seconds left to beat San Jose. Get all the coverage at

Mike Milbury correct with criticism of John Scott – Chad Finn’s media column backs up the analyst’s condemnation of the Sabres enforcer, and also has some disappointing news about some CSNNE staffers being placed on “hiatus” as emphasis on is apparently being trimmed back.

WEEI will have weekend programming from St. Louis:

On Saturday, the live lineup begins at 11:00am with John Dennis, Gerry Callahan and Kirk Minihane on a special edition of the Dennis & Callahan show. D&C will be followed by Mut & Merloni co-host Mike Mutnansky being joined by Red Sox Insiders Rob Bradford and Alex Speier from 3:00-6:00pm, before giving way to Mike Salk and Michael Holley of the Salk & Holley program, with special guest Lou Merloni, which will lead into the World Series pre-game show with the Red Sox Radio Network’s Dave O’Brien and Joe Castiglione taking listeners up to the first pitch of Game 3 at 8:07.

Sunday’s coverage again begins at high noon with Mutnansky and Minihane, followed by Bradford and Speier at 2:00pm. Dennis & Callahan return at 4:15pm before Salk & Holley return with Merloni at 6:00pm, once again leading up to O’Brien and Castiglione and the pre-game show before Game 4’s 8:15pm first pitch.

Monday’s coverage will resume at 6:00am with the Dennis & Callahan morning show live from St. Louis, followed by Mut & Merloni from 10:00am-2:00pm and an extended edition of Salk & Holley beginning at 2:00 pm, again leading into the pre-game show with O’Brien and Castiglione and the first pitch of Game 5 at 8:07. Mut & Merloni will stay on in St. Louis on Tuesday, October 29, from 10am-2:00pm.

The Patriots will look to get back in the win column as they host the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will have the call.

NFL ON CBS’s Simms and Marino Talk Miami-New England

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5 thoughts on “Cardinals Tie Up Series – Wacha, Wacha Wacha!

  1. WEEI’s pathetic attempt to use Red Sox world series coverage to “cross promote” their truly awful brand only serves to infect Red Sox coverage with their horrendous talk show hosts that we ironically refer to as “talent.”

    Be it the un-listenable John Dennis all over the airwaves on the lead up to the game broadcasts or Lou Merloni talking all over the place like a twelve year old during the actual broadcasts with his in game second guessing, WEEI is failing once again by ruining the only good thing they have on the air (i.e. the games.)

    Who came up with the great idea of inflicting these truly awful jive ass deejays upon us during the lead up and into the games broadcasts? As if the tens of thousands of listeners that were driven away over the last few years by these same hosts are going to come back because they here them even more now?


    1. the older you get, the more you’ll realize these sports blowhards have nothing to offer….entertainment?…no…Information?…no…enjoyment?…no… there is no reason to listen/watch these guys other than like a bad car accident, you don’t wanna see but you can’t help but look.


  2. Shank being Shank as usual, one day after adding St Louis to the list of tomato cans and wondering if a sweep was going to be so easy, now it’s the fans who had the false sense of entitlement after Game 1. Tool.


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