After a long run with Dennis and Callahan on Monday Mornings during the NFL season on WEEI, Boomer Esiason will now be heard on their competition, Toucher and Rich on the morning after each Patriots game.

It’s actually surprising that this hasn’t happened earlier. Esiason does a morning show on WFAN in New York with Craig Carton. WFAN is part of the CBS Sports Radio network, as is 98.5 The SportsHub. It made no sense for Esiason to be appearing on competitor WEEI.

It’s another loss for WEEI, but at least they still have Tom Brady on Monday mornings…


WAAF 97.7/107.3FM announced that the station’s Hill-Man Morning Show will, once again, feature on-air interviews with several  New England Patriots players on Fridays as part of its fall football programming lineup.

The “Hill-Man Huddle” will feature interviews every Friday during the regular Patriots football season, which kicks off this Sunday, September 8th in Buffalo, New York against the Bills. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, left tackle Nate Solder, defensive back Devin McCourty, left guard Logan Mankins and linebacker Jerod Mayo will each call into the station at different times between 5:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. to offer their insights into that weekend’s game.


Yes, NESN last night actually had Jenny Dell “interview” the fan who threw a slice of pizza at another fan during a game SIX YEARS AGO. The station has been obsessed with Pizzagate, to the point that they did this during a critical juncture of the game.


On the plus side for NESN, it was great to hear Jon Rish doing Red Sox games again. Hopefully he gets some more time the rest of the way.


CBS (WBZ TV4) has the Patriots season opener on Sunday in Buffalo, and the network’s number two team of Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf will have the call.

The number one network team of Phil Simms and Jim Nantz has been assigned to the Bengals/Bears game in Chicago.


Last Thursday’s Patriots preseason finale  garnered a 14.6 household rating with an average of 435,000 total viewers, placing it at the top of the local rankings through Thursday for the week of Aug. 26. The program peaked with a household rating of 16.6 and 499,200 total viewers.

The new broadcast format, was, from this view, a mixed bag. It seemed like Dan Roche had a bit too much on his plate at times, and in other stretches it did just seem like a traditional broadcast with down and distance and play calls.

For the future, as noted previously, I’d prefer more Chatham, less Fauria, and few Muppets references.


And finally, from reader Kevin P:

I almost have to give Tony Mazz some begrudging credit. It takes a special commitment to @*^ stirring to take Peavy’s 3-1, 3.18 ERA, with a 0.958 WHIP in six starts, and then say, “But who has he beaten, Mike??”


15 thoughts on “No More Boomer on D&C – Midweek Media Notes

  1. Yep, Rish did a good job, he seems natural in the booth…However, I will never complain about ANY interview involving Jenny Dell at any time in any game…

  2. I have to admit that I’ve been really confused and disconcerted the last few games, as I’m not accustomed to having the color commentator give actual analysis and insight instead of just verbally describing the thing I just visually saw….

    And the pizzagate interview? No words. You could actually hear the embarrassment in poor Jenny’s voice.

  3. Tony Mazz talking points:
    * We still don’t know what we have in this team.
    * There’s still two and a half weeks left — anything can happen.
    * Who have they beaten?
    * The Rays have a better lineup and better pitching.
    * This team is only 18 games out of last place.
    * They can’t hit good pitching.
    * The Orioles! Remember 2011? The Orioles!
    * Nothing is a lock yet.

    1. And yesterday, he criticized Workman’s job in getting Cabrera out in the 8th inning. “he won’t be able to do that in the postseason!” What a joke.

  4. While I still find them superior to whatever ‘EEI is trotting out lately, Felger and Mazz’s Sox coverage since the deadline has driven me to podcasts. I’m sure today the Iglecias will be the second coming.
    Why on Earth would anyone want to listen to Greg Hill in the morning? Or really any time of the day…

  5. Pete Sheppard has been absent from WUFC 1510, NBCSports in his place and it’s rumored he’s gone. Ran out of $? Pete’s FB has questions (“don’t tell me you left this station, too?”) and he says on Twitter, “Lots of good stuff happening kids…I will have more later this afternoon, that’s all I can say for now….” If he’s saying anything, he’s not saying it on 1510.

    Last wk he lambasted WEEI management etc on his show and a youtube video has him swearing his head off about Entercom’s Field, Brown, etc .Ok, so if he’s gone where does he go now, another podcast/stream?

      1. I will never understand how anyone enjoys Pete Sheppard. I spent far too much time listening to him during the time where The Big Show REALLY went down the toilet.
        I hate any radio host who thinks it’s OK to yell at or berate a caller on a semi-frequent basis which Peachy did a lot of.

  6. Hey at least Felger and Mazz are en lighting us to the “real issues” and that our deep fears about the Red Sox are still there because of how Lester looked on the mound after Farrell came out to check on him…

  7. During tonight’s (Wednesday’s) Sox-Tigers game, I witnessed an extended ‘paid-for’ infomercial for 99 Restaurants with a NESN hack interviewing a 99 Restaurant big-wig (“So! What kind of new menu items can guests expect next time they visit?”) DURING THE GAME. It was shameless, but it exemplifies the lengths to which they will go to extract as many profit dollars as they can from each telecast. The only thing missing was the insufferable Steve Burton doing them.

    1. Sounds like they saw too many Applebee’s commercials with Chris “Boomer” Berman doing their jingle. Or, maybe it was Lou Holtz or Dick Vitale doing the Hooters commercials.

    2. Do you think you’re owed something when you turn on a telecast, comrade? Change the channel if you don’t like it. You sound like a pinko socialist.

  8. You know what I’d love to listen to today? Michael Felger complaining all show about fantasy football. That’d be great radio.

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