Both WEEI and CSNNE announced their plans for Patriots coverage this season. Both will have similar programming to years past, with a few minor changes.

Comcast SportsNet Announces 2013 Patriots Coverage

Some of the highlights of the CSNNE coverage are as follows:

  • Logan Mankins will appear in Postgame Live after every game (Wes Welker was the guest last season)
  • Troy Brown and Ty Law return to Patriots Wednesday Live (Brown only) and Pre/Postgame Live
  • Mike Flynn joins the rotation for Pre/Postgame Live

The same format of a two-hour pregame show along with a 90-minute postgame show will be used this season. New England Football Night returns on Thursdays with New England Tailgate at 7:00pm, Patriots Football Weekly at 7:30pm and Quick Slants in its new time at 8:00pm.

WEEI will once again offer Patriots Monday and Patriots Friday, along with NFL Sunday with Dale Arnold, Chris Price and Matt Chatham (and weekly call-ins from Tom E Curran.) and The Real Postgame Show with Butch Stearns, Steve DeOssie and Fred Smerlas.


17 thoughts on “CSNNE, WEEI Unveil Patriots Coverage Plans

  1. Kudos to WEEI for keeping the Price/Chatham/Arnold. Best Sunday show around and always worth a listen. If you’re wondering about Faulk, he took a job back in his hometown (somewhere in Louisiana) coaching HS football, so that’s why he’s off.

    1. I enjoy the WEEI pre-game show and think it’s far superior to its counterpart on 98.5, but I’m not too sad that Faulk won’t be returning. Loved the guy as a player, but felt he added very little as an analyst and was way too hesitant when it came to criticizing former teammates/coaches.

      Would love to see them bring Troy Brown back though–think he brings a little personality (the combo of Dale/Price/Chatham got stale at certain points last season), and unlike Faulk (or even Chatham, in some cases), he isn’t afraid to call out certain players/coaches when warranted. Chatham’s Xs & Os analysis is great, but at times it sounds like he’s trying too hard to be cerebral. He doesn’t seem to be taking himself so seriously this season however–at least from what I’ve seen/heard during the preseason broadcasts and his WEEI appearances–which is a good thing in my opinion.

      1. Thanks. I knew there was an article somewhere on him going back home because it was in one of the Globe (Finn or Bedard) columns.

  2. Probably just wishful thinking but when Felger starts with the stupid questions don’t think Mankins will be as, “cordial” about it as Welker was.

    1. What’s with the Dale-hate on this board? I think Dale facilitates the round table on NFL Sunday quite well. He’s eloquent, usually even-keeled, and keeps the show topics moving smoothly. What else do you want from the guy? And if you can’t Dale [insert tired Ned Flanders joke here], who would you rather host the NFL Sunday show? Salk? Mutnansky? Meterparel?

      1. None of the above. New blood. Fresh thinking. Salk, Mut, Arnold and Meterparel are all the same person to me.

        1. I think the contempt of familiarity is Dale Arnold’s biggest problem. He’s low-key, rarely confrontational, smart and doesn’t try to say confrontational things, so his shows are rarely exciting. But he’s a pro.

          I’ve never heard Meterparel try to lead his own show (I do hate his voice as an announcer, and I think he yells and tries to hotdog–“Matty Heisman, take a bow!”–gimme a break, you Sterling wannabe), but I don’t know how well he’d lead a discussion. I don’t think either Mut or Salk are as good as Dale at leading discussions and managing other personalities, either.

          1. The “Milquetoast” on Dale seems to always come up if you try to compliment him. Don’t we know exactly what you get with Dale? A show like 9-12 on Sunday where you have two intelligent analysts/commentators is his strength to host. When he’s on a drive-time like the morning show and you’re looking for a F&M-style strong opinions, it’s not what he does. The 9-12 Sunday slot usually takes no calls, with a lot of intelligent discussion about the NFL, mainly from a Patriots-centric perspective. To me, this is what Dale is great at. If you put a “strong-opinion” host (Felger) during a show like the 9-12 Sunday, it would absolutely destroy it.

          2. Couldn’t agree more. Keeping an intelligent tone and not baiting or trolling callers is another big reason why Arnold’s call-in shows have tended to be less exciting than Felger’s, but his pregame shows are so good. And I like each a lot for what they do well.

          3. “Screw you guys and your milquetoast! I don’t even know what that word meansI Lolz!! I want #HotSportzTakes! I want on-air “characters!” I want wild and unsubstantiated opinions! Gimme agendas over a level-headed discussion any day!! Hooray sports radio!!!”

        2. Right .. “New Blood” .. Gotcha. Like Salk, or before him, Mutnansky! I mean, you understand that’s what the corporate types at ‘EEI consider “New Blood,” right?

          1. I can’t disagree with you there and I have to admit that today, Dale’s show was far less annoying than the show with Chris Gaspar on 98.5

  3. Looks like with the sports-media boom that many companies are finally enforcing exclusivity of talent:

    @bostonradio No Boomer Esiason on Pats Mondays this season most likely b/c of his corporate ties to CBS. He’ll probably
    resurface on 98.5

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