The Patriots put on an incredibly inept display of football last night, as they lost to the Detroit Lions 40-9 in their third preseason game.

Not much good to take out of this one, you can catch up on the gory details at

Almost as bad as the game was this halftime “interview” by Steve Burton. WOW.

The Red Sox are in Los Angeles to face the Dodgers, the team that helped them completely change the future direction of their franchise with the blockbuster trade last August.

Consider the alternatives: Where would Red Sox be without golden wrecking ball offered by Dodgers? – Alex Speier looks at how the Red Sox might’ve proceeded had the Dodgers not bailed them out all at once with the trade.

A year later, effects of Red Sox-Dodgers trade still felt – Peter Abraham also offers his thoughts on the impact of the deal.

Tonight’s game (10:10om) is on NESN, while FOX has tomorrow (4:05pm) and ESPN on Sunday night (8:05pm).

Turning to the media side of things, there are a couple columns today:

Jay Onrait, Dan O’Toole show Fox Sports 1’s promise – Chad Finn gives his initial thoughts on the new sports network, as well as some notes on the latest happenings at WEEI and on Jerry Remy.

Fouracre to host spiritual sports show on Emmanuel Radio – Bill Doyle looks at sports talk of a higher calling being done by the longtime radio voice of Holy Cross football and basketball, Doyle also touches on WEEI and Remy.

Some national notes:

FOX Sports 1 and MLB Productions Collaborate For “Mission October – Each week this series will focus on a postseason contender.

NBC Sports Group To Produce Live On-Site Pre-Game Show Prior To All Notre Dame Football Home Games – The Fighting Irish are going to have their own nationally televised pre and post game shows. Expands NFL Nation Network with Sites for All 32 NFL Teams – ESPN announced this week that they will have a blogger and site for every NFL team.

Bleacher Report Bolsters NFL Coverage, Fantasy Football Offerings – The blogging network continues its foray into the big time, with recent hires of Mike Freeman, Matt Bowen, Matt Miller, Aaron Nagler, Ty Schalter and Michael Schottey as featured NFL analysts providing year-round, in-depth NFL coverage for the site.


8 thoughts on “Patriots Mauled In Detroit, Sox To Face Dodgers

  1. The Pats lost big to the Lions in the third preseason game two years ago and went on to lose in the Super Bowl. They are doomed. Might as well not play the season.


    1. LOL…I was thinking the same thing as my daughters (and my dog evidently) thought the sky was falling last night during an exhibition game. They moved the ball well in the first half without Amendolla even with 4 turnovers. The defense without Vince WIlfork held the Lions to 13 points considering the 4 turnovers. Bill Belichick could not have asked for a better tape to use as motivation all year.

      Bonus observation…because it was a blowout in game three…we were not subjected to Tim Tebow!


  2. Yeah, that was BAD.. is Burton new to the Boston Sports scene? (sarcasm) He really thought he was going to get Belichick to “open up” by mentioning his father?….he’s dumber than a bag of door knobs


  3. I remember a few weeks ago when Chachi Loprete was on with Felger talking about interviewing members of the Beatles, and he said he would try to get some of these guys to open up by asking them about their parents. I think Burton thought he had something there with that. Yikes.


  4. Is this story a joke?

    1.) The story is an obvious example of what PIs can be used for. Hey, Boston Globe, we’re well aware of what trailing someone can do. Hell, anyone can use Google and anyone with a brain can do the rest. The dirt digging and other stuff? Much of it is illegal. Fine if you want to catch your wife with another man. Try to make it stick in court and while the 4th Amendment has been basically destroyed in recent years, you’d at least have your credibility destroyed. I get that many low-information people read your paper and don’t watch CSI or any other show but man stop making these people sound like they’re a Arthur Conan Doyle character.

    2.) 0 of the story is spent on the reality of what would happen if a team started trailing players. I talked about it before in a post. You’d have problems from the league, NFLPA, and then run the risk of race-baiting journalists, which the Globe and other outlets gainfully employ, raising racism and other allegations.

    3.) Nice job, Globe, linking this again to “how this could have been prevented” which is really masquerading as a Kraft/Patriots hitjob.

    4.) The entire article is absolute junk. Did the Globe owe these people press? The paper rubber stamped their press kit, turning it into an article, so I have to assume so.

    Why not attribute the same to Remy’s son? Oh, wait, now that’s an employee of a sister company. How about we start following around some of Globe editors and ownership? I’m willing to be that quite a few of you have skeletons in your closet you would never want printed on the front page of a blog, let alone a newspaper.

    I look forward to ” Private detectives see holes in Patriots’ path” becoming ” Private detectives see holes in Remy’s path” at some point–not.


  5. I don’t know if they have an ombudsman or an editor that cares but assigning someone to the story was an absolute travesty.

    Do a generic story on what PIs can do to help out in cases like Hernandez and you would have got some flack but not a lot. But, basically assuming that “Well if you hired these Globe-approved PIs, you could have prevented 3+ murders” is an absolute joke.

    Not that the Globe wasn’t already one.


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