As you’ve no doubt heard already, the son of NESN Red Sox analyst Jerry Remy was arrested this morning on the charge of murdering his girlfriend. Jared Remy was also a former Red Sox employee, having been fired in a 2009 steroids probe.

Jared Remy arrested in girlfriend’s killing

For the second time this summer, the Boston sports media has a murder to talk about. This one has a woman, a mother as the victim.

What this means for the future of Jerry Remy is unclear. NESN has not yet released any statement on his status, though it seems safe to assume he’ll be taking some away. WEEI afternoon show Salk and Holley was originally scheduled to broadcast from Jerry Remy’s Restaurant at Fenway today, that location has been changed to the Fenway Studios.

Note: NESN has said that Dennis Eckersley will fill in for Remy through at least next week’s series with the Giants and Dodgers.


There is some more reaction on yesterday’s firing of Jason Wolfe by Entercom Boston:

Firing took WEEI’s Jason Wolfe by surprise – Chad Finn has the former program director taking his exit well.

’EEI assures duo after boss axed – Gayle Fee reports that John Dennis and Gerry Callahan are seemingly not in danger of being replaced any time soon.


The Patriots play their second preseason game tonight, this one will be broadcast on FOX at 8:00, so no “talk radio” format this week. The game will be rebroadcast on NFL Network on Sunday morning at 1am, and Tuesday at 10am.


FOX Sports1 launches this weekend, and will be carried on most major TV distributors. If you’re on Comcast in the Boston area, that should end up on channel 250. If you have DirecTV, it should be channel 219. For other cable/satellite providers, check here.


This weekend also marks the debut of  Barclays Premier League Soccer (football) coverage on the NBC Sports Group. The games will be shown on NBC, NBC Sports Network, CNBC, Telemundo, Mun2 and other NBCU channels. Xfinity customers will have the ability to watch games on demand and can use their Comcast ID to sign in at and watch any matches on their desktops or laptops. Comcast customers can also download the free NBC Sports Live Extra App and sign in using their Comcast ID.

11 thoughts on “Jerry Remy’s Son Arrested For Murder, Friday Notes

    1. We absolutely should. Bob Kraft didn’t raise Aaron Hernandez. Bill Belichick isn’t the one who brought Aaron Hernandez into the world. The Patriots didn’t have the legal and moral responsibility to raise Aaron Hernandez.

      I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion around here, because he’s everyone’s favorite grandpa sportscaster and all that jazz… but maybe it’s time for Jerry Remy to step down from NESN and get cracking on putting his dysfunctional family back together. Three of his kids have been involved in criminality. His steroid junkie ragehead son has now hacked the mother of his child to death in front of her. At what point do we start demanding answers like “how is it that you were too busy, Jerry, to step in and do something when your violent son bulked up to 300 pounds of muscle?”

      I’m a parent, and if my kid did something like this, I’d walk into the garage, turn on the car, and kill myself. Because I could never, ever, EVER live with the reality that I had raised someone who could hack a woman to death in front of a 4-year-old. HIS 4-year-old. That’s on me just as much as it’s on him, in my view. I failed, spectacularly, and someone died.

      They came after Dr. Frankenstein with torches and pitchforks for creating his Monster. What are we going to do with this monster-creator?

      Go away, Jerry. You and your f—ing kids, somewhere where you won’t hurt the rest of us.


      1. Strong take but I think reasonable.

        Maybe NESN should step in and give him some paid leave? For the best, no? He is 60 and it’s not like Eck (Bruce reported on Twitter that he is filling in) can’t do his job.

        I hate to comment on the family situation of anyone but you’re right on the 3 different kids and how heinous the latest stuff.. it just seems like something you need to step aside and take care of.


  1. time for remdawg to move on–a murder as a son and criminal daughter—hey nesn is this what you want? remdawg is good on tv but a complete failure as a man and father, get rid of him.


  2. I’m having a hard time lassoing Remy to the actions of his GROWN, ‘should-know-better-by-now’ children. Yes, both are dregs of society and you would think that, statistically, that would be a hard feat for a parent to pull off. In the end, Remy will get lassoed to this tragedy ‘by association.’ But I won’t be one of them.


  3. There’s no reason for Remy to lose his job over this. The comparisons with Kraft and Belichick aren’t very apt: they focused on how the Patriots could have been so mistaken in drafting and re-signing a known character risk, who turned out to be much worse than anyone thought. So there were legitimate questions about the football operation–specifically about player evaluation–to ask.

    In Remy’s case, you don’t pick your parents, or your kids. It’s fair to speculate that Rem-Dawg hasn’t been a great parent (how many pro athletes are?), but being a lousy parent isn’t a reason to lose your job. If NESN is afraid of the taint of the crime sticking to Remy as a spokesman for the network, I’d still be surprised if they let him go. He didn’t commit the crime (at least as far as any of us knows). The only reason NESN should fire Jerry over this is if he takes an inordinately long time–like, he’s not ready to go next spring–or if his performance on the air suffers. But simply put, Jerry Remy is not responsible for his adult son’s actions, and he doesn’t have to answer for them.


    1. “The comparisons with Kraft and Belichick aren’t very apt”

      These were meant to mock all the media members who used the Hernandez stuff to trash BB/Kraft/Patriots. The list is endless of both local and national people who either continued to show why they have zero credibility or really made a fool of themselves in trying to get in on the gauntlet.

      “But simply put, Jerry Remy is not responsible for his adult son’s actions, and he doesn’t have to answer for them.”

      I think this goes without speaking but most reasonable adults believes the same. We only wished that the media who used what I said above exercised the same judgment when they went after the Patriots.


      1. Fair enough. I was skimming late at night and missed the whole meta- character of the post. I just read this afternoon that not only was Remy at the scene, but he was covered in her blood. That’s pretty damn gruesome. I’ll be surprised if Rem-dawg’s back this year. (I wasn’t aware of how violent the son’s criminal track record is until now, either.)


  4. There are probably drugs involved, possible both illegal and psychiatric medication, and it is easy to conclude, falsly or wrightly, that the drug issue is tied to the culture of the club.


  5. Some people seem confused…. Here is the basic point. When Hernandez got bagged for murder. The mediots came out in droves with name calling (Callahan: scumbag) and second guessing “they must have known who he was hanging with” ( Lou Merloni) etc..

    Remy’s kid gets bagged for murder and there is no name calling or second guessing. These mediots portray themselves as “cutting edge” and not afraid to say anything UNTIL it involves one of THEM. Let’s face it, Remy (who I like) is a MEDIA MEMBER now. D&C do a regular interview with him…all of a sudden Callahan is hesitant to use the word “scumbag” and that’s the point…all of a sudden the “tough guy” talking heads like Callahan and Merloni cower into the fetal position when it involves somebody they deal with on a regular basis.


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