The Red Sox welcome the New York Yankees to town this weekend to open of the post-All Star game portion of the schedule. This marks the first visit of the Yankees to town in 2013.

Red Sox better than likable, they’re back in it to win it – Jon Couture says that the Red Sox have moved past “win us back’ and are into “win it all” mode.

Sox breaking good as Yankees visit – Gordon Edes looks at what some of the Sox did over the break, and what lies ahead for the team.

A.L. East rivals set their eyes on chasing down the Red Sox – Tim Britton looks at the competition in the division as they look to overtake Boston.

It’s Make or Break Time For The Red Sox – John Tomase looks at a critical part of the schedule coming up.

Clay Buchholz status still a question mark – Julien Benbow’s notebook has the latest update on the ace, who had another setback yesterday.

Buchholz injury has again raised questions from some in the media about his “toughness” with some calling him a wimp and saying that he simply does not exude a burning desire to win.

Pitchers are different creatures than most athletes. Some need to be just right in order to perform, and I’d guess that in someone as slight as Buchholz that’s doubly true. John Lackey pitched injured and we saw how that worked out for him. Instead of being praised for his toughness in pitching through injury and wanting to win, he was shredded for his performance. Now Buchholz doesn’t want to pitch injured and his desire to win (and general manhood) is questioned.

Gotta love  double standards.


I’ll admit, I could not watch the Pierce/KG introductory press conference in Brooklyn yesterday. Still can’t. Even though I know it was the right move to make, and it’s hard to see a player like Paul Pierce, who literally grew up here and was ours now belong to someone else.

For Paul Pierce, Celtics exit was difficult – Gary Washburn says it was tough for Pierce too.

Pierce trying to find way in Brooklyn – Chris Forsberg has more on the move for # 34.

Paul Pierce relishes new NY rivalry – Mark Murphy has Pierce looking forward to continuing his personal rivalry with the Knicks.


A few media columns/links this morning:

Peter King ready to roll out SI’s new NFL-only site – Chad Finn has a look at the coming launch of, which goes live on Monday.

Muirfield anguish lingers for Paul Azinger – Bill Doyle has ESPN analyst Paul Azinger remembering his own struggles at the site of this year’s Open Championship.

Olbermann Returning to ESPN2 with Daily Late-Night Show Aug. 26 – The polarizing host returns to the network that really launched him into the national spotlight.

One Month To Network Sports Television History – NBC Sports Group Debuts Premier League On August 17  – While the main subject of this release is noteworthy, I appreciated the nod at the end to rival Fox Sports1 which launches on that same August 17th date. Classy little touch.


Patriots training camp starts next week, and the hot storyline for Accountable Lou Merloni and others is whether Bill Belichick will even address the Aaron Hernandez case at all. Hours of sports radio time are being filled with this “debate” and whether they think Belichick will just try to ignore the case all together, and how all the national reporters will be there, and will stay there until he addresses the situation.

This will prove to another worthless debate. Belichick will address it, and move on. That’s how he has always operated with things, and that’s how it will go this time. Whether it comes in his first regularly scheduled press conference of camp, or in a special session prior to camp, it will happen. Accountable Lou, you can rest easy.


4 thoughts on “Sox Welcome Yankees To Town, Pierce and KG Introduced as Nets

  1. Buckley said the same thing yesterday on CSN. Claiming not just local reporters, but national reporters would be there. As if BB gives a crap who is asking questions he doesn’t want to answer.

    Minihane challenged him on it and said that the national guys would leave after day 1 because there is no story. When Buckley said no they would be staying around for this one, Minihane asked him like who? To which Buckley replied oh stop it with that, and then stupid Gresh barged in and took over so the conversation stopped.
    Classic, reporters want answers to their questions, but when pressed themselves respond with oh stop with that. Can you imagine if BB said that in a press conference?


    1. Maybe if some of the people pressing these questions took a look at this site, SoSH, or other forums frequented by “Patriots toadie fans”, they’d realize that a vast majority fans have no more interest. Just a thought…

      BB/Kraft have a legal shield. I’m sure their PR staff already has pre-scripted answers but you’ll eventually hit the “I’m not allowed to answer that” or “I’m forbidden by law to answer that due to an on-going investigation” stuff.

      However, I’d love to see this:

      Right after the first question BB stonewalls about Hernandez, all of the TVs turn on to a live view of Gillette with Tebow running around shirtless.

      Right then and there, you have a stampede of all the national guys, some local, and the room is empty.

      It would be like using the “dangling keys” trick in-front of a crying child.


  2. In a way this reminds me of when the Patriots released Randy Moss. Dale Arnold was on the radio right before BB’s presser almost screaming that, “Belichick JUST HAS to say more than it was what’s best for the team, HE JUST HAS TO!!’…. of course that’s about all Belichick said…. same thing with “Spygate”… I remember Peter King getting on his high horse and saying (demanding) that Belichick HAS TO give more than a short answer. BB basically says, “The league fined us and we’re moving on”

    Why would this situation be any different? When will the media realize Belichick doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them? (which I applaud him for) The media national media can set up camp in Foxboro for as long as they want and pepper BB with Hernandez questions. Eventually they’ll get bored and move on. Nobody wears out the media like Bill Belichick.


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