NESN and CSNNE Stanley Cup Coverage Plans

With the Stanley Cup Finals starting up tonight in Chicago, here are the local coverage plans from NESN and CSNNE. Each station has their advantages, as obviously NESN is the regular season home of the Bruins, and CSNNE, with its ties to NBC has connections there as well.


90-Minute Pre-Game and 90-Minute Post-Game Coverage For Every Stanley Cup Final Game

NESN, New England’s most watched sports network, will deliver expanded pre and post-game coverage on NESN and NESNplus ( during the Stanley Cup Final between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks. With the addition of NESN Sports Today Bruins Specials, NESN will air a 90-minute pre-game and 90-minute post-game before and after every Stanley Cup Final game.

During the regular season NESN airs 30-minute pre and post-game shows. During most of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs, NESN aired 60-minute pre and post-game shows.

The NESN and NESNplus Bruins coverage schedule for the Stanley Cup Final follows:






Michael Felger & Tony Amonte to Lead Network’s Robust Coverage;

Pre & Post-Game Shows, In-Depth Analysis, On-site Reporting & More

NBC’s Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire & Mike Milbury,

Along with Bruins Enforcer ShawnThornton, to Contribute to Coverage to Offer Live Stream of all CSN Post-Game Shows; Unprecedented LIVE exclusive Web only Post-Game Show for Game 2; 

and Up-to-the-Minute 24/7 Coverage of all the Action

BURLINGTON, MA, June 11, 2013The Bruins have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final and Comcast SportsNet will once again provide extensive coverage of the entire series with pre and post-game shows, special programming, expert contributions from NBC talent and NHL players, 24/7 digital coverage and much more. The action begins on Wednesday night with Comcast SportsNet’s one-hour edition of Pre-Game Live beginning at 7PM, followed by Game 1 at 8PM ET on NBC, with a Comcast SportsNet one-hour Post-game show immediately following the game.

Comcast SportsNet’s Pre and Post- game coverage for the Stanley Cup Final, presented by Ace Ticket, will surround all games throughout the series. Michael Felger and Tony Amonte will host with analysis of each game and response to Bruins fans’ questions, posts, and tweets submitted on Twitter, Facebook, and Unfiltered, in-depth discussion and analysis of the team’s Playoff performance will also be part of all Comcast SportsNet programming,including the Felger & Mazz show, Chevrolet SportsNet Central and UNO’s Sports Tonight. Bruins Insider Joe Haggerty will once again be on-site providing in-arena reports from every game, both home and away, and will be joined by Comcast SportsNet anchors Mike Giardi and Kevin Walsh. NBC’s Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick, Ed Olczyk and Pierre McGuire who are calling all games in this series will contribute to the coverage, as will Mike Milbury who has contributed throughout the Playoffs. Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton will also continue to offer guest commentary. will offer a live stream of all Comcast SportsNet post-game shows and will make network history on Saturday with its first ever live, exclusive web-only post-game show immediately following Game 2 which will be showcased in addition to ComcastSportsNet’s live television post-game show scheduled to start at midnight following the New England Revolution matchup. will also provide 24/7 coverage of the Bruins Playoffs action including daily game-day and off-daycoverage from Haggerty and the entire CSN crew. Additionally, the site willinclude up-to-the-minute stats, scores, analysis and on demand video. Fans can follow @CSNNE on Twitter and join the conversation by using #BruinsTalk in their Twitter comments throughout the series. will also feature post-game editions of The Great American Hockey Show – the site’s signature hockey program featuring Haggerty and Giardi.

Comcast SportsNet’s Pre & Post Game Coverage of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final is as follows:

  • Game 1, Wed. June 12th: Bruins at Blackhawks – CSN Pre-Game @7PM; Post-Game immediately following
  • Game 2, Sat. June 15th: Bruins at Blackhawks – CSN Pre-Game @7PM; Post-Game Show immediately following ( & **CSN Post-Game on TV @ Midnight
  • Game 3, Mon. June 17th: Blackhawks at Bruins – CSN Pre-Game @7PM; Post-Game immediately following
  •  Game 4, Wed. June 19th: Blackhawks at Bruins – CSN Pre-Game @7PM; Post-Game immediately following
  •  * Game 5, Sat. June 22nd: Bruins at Blackhawks – CSN Pre-Game @7PM; Post-Game immediately following
  • * Game 6, Mon. June 24th: Blackhawks at Bruins – CSN Pre-Game @7PM; Post-Game immediately following
  • * Game 7, Wed. June 26th: Bruins at Blackhawks – CSN Pre-Game @7PM; Post-Game immediately following

* If Necessary

 ** Post-game show will start immediately following the New England Revolution game on CSN


No Circus Here, Folks

I’m still laughing.

It was put well by BSMW messageboard poster “Kingasaurus:”

This is amazing on so many levels.

-BB (as usual) doesn’t care about the media reaction to anything he does.
-Silver’s sources wrong
-Jets fans confused, nervous and fatalistic
-Local media confused
-National media confused

The whole thing just makes me laugh.

Where do we even begin? The Patriots signing Tim Tebow basically brought Twitter and the Internet to a standstill yesterday.

Immediately national media booked flights to get to Foxboro for today’s mini-camp. This might be the biggest media crowd ever for a Patriots mini-camp, which is saying something.

There’s plenty of talk about how the Patriots have brought a media circus upon themselves, and how basically this is the worst and stupidest thing they’ve ever done.

When media (and fans) say these things, I can only shake my head at the fact that they clearly haven’t been paying attention for the last dozen years.

There will be no circus. There will be plenty of media at the beginning, but as each day goes by, and Tebow isn’t available to speak, and Belichick won’t give them anything, and Patriots players won’t give them anything, the crowds will thin.

Tebow is no lock to even make it out of this week with the team, let alone make it out of training camp. The scenario I keep seeing in my head is Tebow sustaining some sort of injury, being placed on IR, and basically disappearing for an entire year. During that time, he’ll be around the team, be coached on his technique and playbook, and won’t be seen in the locker room or by the media at all.

That’s if they even decide to keep him around.

This morning’s Belichick press conference might’ve been the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks for coming, fellas.

Meanwhile, there are some of the worst columns ever written out there today. That’s not hyperbole. Check these out:

Patriots’ arrogance on full display with Tim Tebow signing – Typical Pete Prisco. It’s saying something when Dennis and Callahan are saying your column is a little too slanted against Belichick. Kirk Minihane kept asking Prisco how it would be a circus here, and Prisco had no answer. Clown.

With Tim Tebow, Patriots show desperation – This is a tape-measure shot by James (don’t call me J.J.) Walker of Holy crap. This might be the worst column ever written. Ever. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Bill Belichick accepts the Tim Tebow challenge – Mike Silver, who is becoming the new Tom Jackson/Charlie Casserly, and who wrote the article that said that Belichick hated Tebow’s game, scrambles and doubles-down on his original claims.

Five Tim Tebow coverage tips for the lucky Boston sports columnists – If you want to see basically everything that is wrong with sports media today in one place, Steve Politi of the Star-Ledger gives it to you in one handy (and incredibly annoying) spot.

The sad thing is, everything in that column will happen. The media is all about the media.

On the other side, you’re bound to have a  really good column or two out there too.

Tim Tebow’s reported signing with Patriots puts QB in perfect position – This one from Dan Wetzel might be the best one I’ve seen.

NESN Sports Today to Premiere Tomorrow Night, Replaces NESN Daily

nesn-sports-todayNESN announced today that beginning tomorrow night, NESN Daily will be replaced with a new format and show, NESN Sports Today.

Here is the release from the network:

June 10, 2013 – NESN, New England’s most watched sports network, will debut a new sports program called NESN Sports Today on Tuesday, June 11immediately following the network’s Boston Red Sox coverage. Separately, there will be periodic specials, starting with Bruins coverage on Wednesday, June 12 (see below for more details).

“We want to give New England viewers a live, fast paced, nightly sports show that goes beyond opinions or scores with highlights,” said Joseph Maar, NESN’s vice president of programming & production, executive producer.

Over the past few months NESN has been developing a dynamic sports program that strives to be relevant, insightful and interactive for passionate fans using NESN’s unparalleled access to teams and unmatched resources.

“The new show gives fans everything they need to know in sports, plus interactive debates where viewers can weigh-in on the discussion,” added Maar. “NESN Sports Today will look and feel different from any other sports show in the country and allow mobile device users to participate in the program.”

Maar began the process of transforming NESN’s sports programming back in August when he joined the network. In November 2012, NESN added three new anchors/reporters by hiring Adam Pellerin, Leah Hextall and Jamie Erdahl to team with Jamison Coyle. They will be joined by an already popular and talented group of NESN announcers and hosts that includes Don Orsillo, Jack Edwards, Tom Caron and Dale Arnold, plus regular appearances by analysts Andy Brickley, Billy Jaffe, Jerry Remy, Dennis Eckersley, Jim Rice and Tim Wakefield.

NESN Sports Today, which replaces NESN Daily, will air every night in 30-minute blocks from 10 pm to 12 midnight (or immediately following Red Sox or Bruins post-game programming). NESN will broadcast a best of edition of the show the following morning between 4 am and 6 am and again between 12 noon and 2 pm.

NESN Sports Today Specials

The program’s format will adapt during nights of major sports stories, devoting expanded coverage for special days like Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and Patriots playoff games. Beginning this Wednesday and before each Stanley Cup Championship game there will be a NESN Sports Today Bruins Pre-Game Special at 5:30 pm.

Thus ends a largely forgettable three year run for NESN Daily, which debuted in August of 2010 with hosts  Jade McCarthy and Uri Berenguer. The original format was a bust, as chemistry between the co-hosts was non-existant, and Berenguer was taken off the show in November, and McCarthy left the network the following summer.

The show format, which originally was going to be a PTI-style debate program was quickly shelved, and the show basically reverted to the format of its predecessor, Sports Desk.

This is VP Joseph Marr’s first real chance to impact the network he joined last summer from FOX Sports North.

I’m not sure about you, but the term “interactive debates” when it comes to sports programming makes me shudder.

Odds and Ends As We Prep For The Cup Finals

Hindsight is always a fun activity to engage in. Let’s look at this March column from Kevin Paul Dupont for instance:

Jarome Iginla made the right call

The finger-wags that Dupont takes within the column at Bruins fans are outstanding:

Anyone faulting, or even questioning, Jarome Iginla’s decision to drop himself into the Pittsburgh lineup instead of the Boston lineup just isn’t paying attention to what’s going on in the NHL.

The Penguins are a powerhouse, all the more mighty now that Iginla, the aged star right winger, is joining the roster. About the only thing left for Trader Ray Shero to do now is coax Mario Lemieux out of his owner’s box in Pittsburgh, have him suit up, and maybe have Mario Magnifique ask Wayne Gretzky to come along for the ride.

An unbeatable powerhouse. Got it. He goes on to talk about how the Flames had offers from both the Penguins and Bruins, and the Flames GM wanted to take Boston’s but the choice was ultimately Iginla’s and he chose Pittsburgh.

Again, perfectly understandable on Iginla’s part. Bruins fans don’t want to hear it, but the Penguins are the better team this year, should win it all, and Iginla has been chasing a Cup since joining the Flames in October 1996. To have watched Ray Bourque here for a couple of decades is to know Iginla’s pain and wanting.

Then later, shades of Ron Borges here:

Meanwhile, Chiarelli will have to look elsewhere to improve a team that is now three trades behind the Penguins, who in recent days also acquired ex-Stars forward Brenden Morrow and ex-Sharks blue liner Doug Murray. The Bruins also tried to land Morrow, which leaves Chiarelli 0 for 2 in the mano-a-mano matchup with Trader Ray.

We’ve definitely all said things we’d like to take back, thankfully for most of us, those proclamations aren’t made in public. Normally I overlook failed predictions, but the smarm and finger-wags in this column were too much to be left out.


Meanwhile, as the Bruins prepare to play for the Stanley Cup for the second time in three years, and the Red Sox sit in first place despite plenty of preason doom and gloom predictions, (not) surprisingly talk this morning in some circles seems devoted to whatever negative stories can be found. Mostly these two:

Wes Welker finally able to be himself as member of the Denver Broncos – Mike Silver of Yahoo! sports has the former Patriot no longer feeling the “urgency to walk the line between bland and unrevealing.”

So when John Fox, Jack Del Rio and Peyton Manning do their usual first-round exit, will Silver follow up about how happy Wes still is to be freed of the shackles of Belichick?

Looking closer at that article, it’s hard to know what inferences to the Patriots are Welker’s and which are Silver’s. For instance:

“It is [a bummer], but I think he understands it, and I understand it. … It’s been going on for years and years. I’m not the first [Patriots] player that this happened to, and I definitely won’t be the last.”

The [Patriots] is put in by the author. But was Welker saying he’s not the first Patriots player this has happened to, or first NFL player?

Doc Rivers mum on returning to Celtics – Gary Washburn of the Globe was able to touch base with Rivers, whose comment about his future with the Celtics was only “I’d rather not say.”

I think Doc Rivers is the best thing the Celtics have going for them at the moment, but even I’m annoyed at how he is essentially holding the team hostage right now. If he eventually quits, many of the top candidates are going to be off the market.

Here’s what ESPN Boston thinks are the top sports stories in Boston today:

espn-headlinesMeanwhile the Boston Sports Live webshow on has their hot topic for the day:

By the way, who at the Globe thought that a front-page cover story in the Sunday Globe was the place for an investigative story on why major league baseball games are longer than they were 50 years ago? Must be a slow news week.

Bruins Look To Close Things Out, Return To Stanley Cup Finals

The Bruins look to finish off the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight in game four. Only the most miserable people in existence are bothering to bring up the collapse against the Flyers up 3-0 back in 2010.

A couple quick things today as I wrap up a very busy real world week. (rollout of a Shortel VOIP for 130 users)

Keith Olbermann back to baseball — his ‘passion’ – Chad Finn looks at the new gig for the former SportsCenter anchor, and also has Jerry Remy admitting that it is something a bit more series than allergies that are keeping off of NESN right now.

I understand completely Remy’s desire for privacy when it comes to his health, and wish him nothing but the best with it. But I get a little annoyed that statements that come out from Remy and NESN are often later found out to be false. It’s happened several times now. It makes it so that whenever he misses time, the worst is going to be assumed, and I’m sure that’s not what all involved want.

Boston Bruins bias lies in the eye of the beholder – Bill Doyle looks at the NBC announcing crew and where Bruins fans perceive that the crew’s loyalties lie.

WEEI Announces New Saturday Show Focused on the Celtics

From Entercom Boston:

“Celtics Summer Cooler” to Tip Off June 8

Grande & Max team up this offseason as the C’s prepare for 2013-14 

BOSTON, MA (June 5, 2013) –WEEI 93.7 FM today announced the addition of “Celtics Summer Cooler,” a new program hosted by Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell. Starting June 8, “Celtics Summer Cooler” will air Saturday afternoons from 1-3 p.m., running through Sept. 28. Grande and Max comprise one of the longest-running broadcast teams in NBA history, having called over 1,200 games between them, and have been the voices of the Celtics since 2001.

This new show will provide Celtics fans with the most comprehensive news and analysis of the team, from the draft to the summer league and right up to training camp. Listeners can expect to hear from Celtics front office personnel, players, beat writers and columnists, and national media members from around the league.

“This is going to be the most interesting offseason for the Celtics since 2007 when Danny pulled off the big trades for KG and Ray Allen. Celtic fans deserve a show that will be devoted to the team’s efforts this summer, and no one knows the strategy better than Grande and Max,” said Jason Wolfe, VP of Programming and Operations.

As new shows go, this one is very promising and fills a gap in the local radio airwaves. It will be great to have a show that is pretty much dedicated to the Celtics.


Be The Next Weekend Co-Host on 98.5 The Sports Hub.

98.5 The Sports Hub has the following announcement on their webpage:

Do you have what it takes to be a weekend co-host on 98.5 The Sports Hub?

You call us with your opinions every day, and to be honest, some are really good, some are just plain dumb. Do you think you can deliver hot sports takes on a regular basis on the radio? Boston’s Home for Sports is searching for a weekend co-host, and it could be you! Do you have what it takes?

We’re holding public auditions at a bar near you! The 98.5 Sports Hub Search is presented by Third Shift – an award winning amber lager. When beer and sports are your calling, you never clock out.

Apply below to be the next weekend co-host! PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.
Online entrants will be invited via email to join us at one of ten audition events, including the locations listed below. 98.5 The Sports Hub will be assigning the locations. See the official contest rules.

Wednesday, June 19 from 8pm – 10pm
Billy’s Sports Bar and Grill
34 Tarrytown Rd Manchester, NH 03103

Friday, June 21 from 8pm – 10pm
25 High St North Andover, MA 01845

Friday, June 28 from 8pm – 10pm
Angry Ham’s
2 Beacon St Framingham, MA 01701

Tuesday, July 2 from 8pm – 10pm
Dave and Busters
40 Providence Pl Providence, RI 02903

Friday, July 12 from 8pm – 10pm
The Charlie Horse
674 W Center St #1 West Bridgewater, MA 02379

Tuesday, July 16 from 8pm – 10pm
Arena’s Sports Bar and Night Club
53 High St Nashua, NH 03060

Entrants must be 21+. Semi-finalists from the above auditions will be invited to the radio station for an interview. Four people will be chosen to compete in person at the final round event on Saturday, July 27th

I”m not sure the description is quite accurate.

This paragraph:

You call us with your opinions every day, and to be honest, some are really good, some are just plain dumb. Do you think you can deliver hot sports takes on a regular basis on the radio? Boston’s Home for Sports is searching for a weekend co-host, and it could be you! Do you have what it takes?

Should really read like this:

You call us and sit on hold for hours every day to give us your (really dumb) opinions, which plainly shows that you’re desperate for attention. Are you capable of creating faux controversies and causes for panic no matter how well things are going? Do you think you can deliver those same #hotsportztakes over and over on the radio? Do you accept Michael Felger as your Lord and Savior? Can you piss off real fans of the local teams for hour after hour just to draw attention to your show? Boston’s Home for Sportz is searching for a weekend co-host, and it could be you! Do you have what it takes to be part of the next edition of institutional arrogance?

That’s better.


There’s no other way to put it.

The Bruins came out last night and just laid the wood on the Pittsburgh Penguins, dominating them throughout (though Felger said he was “frustrated” with the Bruins in the 2nd period.) in a 6-1 victory to go up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Steve Conroy has the Bruins making it look easy last night. Fluto Shinzawa says the Penguins can’t be counted out just yet, but the Bruins are making them look like paper tigers thus far. Joe Haggerty has the Bruins making good on their vow to be even better in game 2. Mike Petraglia says that the only thing that can stop the Bruins now is overconfidence. James Murphy has the Bruins using brawn with brains to beat the Penguins. Jesse Connolly looks at an excruciating, humiliating loss on home ice for the vaunted Penguins. Scott Cordischi has Crosby, Malkin, Iginla < Krejci, Marchand and Horton.

DJ Bean has the Bruins exposing the Penguins in more ways than one. Stephen Harris says that the Bruins couldn’t have imagined a better start to the game than they got last night. Kevin Paul Dupont examines how the Penguins have lost their way. Joe McDonald has the Bruins determined not to get ahead of themselves or compare this to 2011. Haggerty says that the Penguins were no match for the Bruins. Dupont also says that the NHL failed when it gave Matt Cooke a pass.

Christopher L. Gasper has the Bruins showing that they never should’ve been labeled underdogs in this series. Bill Burt says that the Bruins are in complete control of this series. Steve Buckley has the Penguins B-dazzled in game two.

Michael Hurley has Brad Marchand showing that he’s more than just a pest. Michael Vega has Marchand getting an early jump on Pittsburgh. CSNNE has the Nose Face Killah with his best game of the postseason. Matt Kalman has Matt Bartkowski handling things well after having to sit in favor of Andrew Ference. CSNNE says it had to be a bitter pill for Bartkowski. CSNNE also has Torey Krug adjusted to a different style of play in this series. Harris has number 3 goalie Niklas Svedberg looking forward to his shot next season. Kalman has Jaromir Jagr making an impact.

The Globe Bruins Notebook has more on Jagr’s contributions. The Herald Bruins Notebook has Tuukka Rask with a fairly stress-free evening.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says that the Penguins have a goalie crisis on their hands heading into game three. Chris Adamski has Sidney Crosby stumbling right out of the gate in this one.

NHL release: Morning Stanley Cup of Joe – June 4, 2013

A few other links:

Sports talk’s Wilson looks to reverse disturbing trend – Bill Reynolds has Chuck Wilson looking to make an impact on sports outside of radio.

An enduring relationship between an icon and city: David Ortiz’s ties to Boston run deep – Alex Speier looks at how Ortiz was the most impactful free agent signing of the offseason.

Enough! Time for Major League Baseball to embrace comprehensive instant replay – Former Red Sox outfielder Gabe Kapler weighs in on the need to get calls right.

Impact player possible for Red Sox’ first draft pick – Peter Abraham looks at what the Red Sox might be considering with the 7th overall pick in this months MLB draft.

Bruins Look Good, But Don’t Forget, Tyler Seguin Sucks

Tyler Seguin has not been an offensive force in this postseason. We can say he’s underachieved in terms of what he’s capable of doing offensively. No problems with saying that.

I just find it a bit distasteful that every time I’ve turned on the radio since the Bruins 3-0 win over the Penguins Saturday night that I’m hearing a discussion about how bad Tyler Seguin is.

No matter how good things are going, people need something to complain about, I guess.


I’m amused at the methods Nick Cafardo uses in his continued season-long stance that  Jose Iglesias should be the Red Sox everyday shortstop.

Red Sox have tough decision to make at shortstop

The funny part to me, is that he is taking an almost completely opposite stance to the one he took a decade ago when Tom Brady replaced Drew Bledsoe. Now obviously the example isn’t a perfect one, as Bledsoe was a fixture here, and had just signed a $100 million contract.

Some of the quotes:

The new issue for the Red Sox, who gave Drew a contract for $9.5 million this season, is do we continue to make Iglesias a utility player? The Sox seem to have a policy that the veteran doesn’t switch positions for the rookie, and it appears they’re stuck in that mind-set.

Back then, Nick insisted that protocol dictated that a veteran couldn’t lose his job to a younger player because of injury. Now the Red Sox are “stuck” in the mindset that a veteran should keep his job.

That’s why this is tricky. When the team is winning, why fix what’s not broken? Yet if you want to put your players in the best position to succeed in the best interest of the team, then you stick by your guns — the best shortstop (offensively and defensively) should play shortstop.

Bill Belichick was crucified by Nick for sticking to his guns when he kept Brady as starter because he was the best quarterback for the team and they were winning with him.

Everybody knows what nobody wants to say — that Iglesias is the best shortstop on the team. The Sox could try to pretend he isn’t and stick to veteran protocol, keep Drew in place, and wait for those great days amid the 0-for-17s.

Let’s try that paragraph again:

Everybody knows what nobody wants to say — that Iglesias Brady is the best shortstop quarterback on the team. The Sox Patriots could try to pretend he isn’t and stick to veteran protocol, keep Drew in place, and wait for those great days amid the 0-for-17s 18-28, 2INTs.

The old Nick would NEVER write that paragraph.

I think Nick is just scared of getting burned by backing a Drew again.

My own thoughts are that thing will sort themselves out. I don’t Iglesias is going to continue hitting as he is, but if he does, the Sox can trade Drew, he’s on a one-year deal, and wouldn’t be too hard to move. Or, you *gulp* trade Iglesias while his value is so high.

Meanwhile Alex Speier writes about Iglesias without all the unnecessary speculation and drama:

For Jose Iglesias, a long, hard road to acceptance


Despite them joking about it this morning, WEEI has not replaced Mike Mutnansky with Tom Caron. Caron is filling in this morning, and he and Lou Merloni had their own intro for the show today, and joked about Chad Finn reporting weekly that the station was considering replacing Mut with Jessica Moran (which they have considered) or something else.