There’s no other way to put it.

The Bruins came out last night and just laid the wood on the Pittsburgh Penguins, dominating them throughout (though Felger said he was “frustrated” with the Bruins in the 2nd period.) in a 6-1 victory to go up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Steve Conroy has the Bruins making it look easy last night. Fluto Shinzawa says the Penguins can’t be counted out just yet, but the Bruins are making them look like paper tigers thus far. Joe Haggerty has the Bruins making good on their vow to be even better in game 2. Mike Petraglia says that the only thing that can stop the Bruins now is overconfidence. James Murphy has the Bruins using brawn with brains to beat the Penguins. Jesse Connolly looks at an excruciating, humiliating loss on home ice for the vaunted Penguins. Scott Cordischi has Crosby, Malkin, Iginla < Krejci, Marchand and Horton.

DJ Bean has the Bruins exposing the Penguins in more ways than one. Stephen Harris says that the Bruins couldn’t have imagined a better start to the game than they got last night. Kevin Paul Dupont examines how the Penguins have lost their way. Joe McDonald has the Bruins determined not to get ahead of themselves or compare this to 2011. Haggerty says that the Penguins were no match for the Bruins. Dupont also says that the NHL failed when it gave Matt Cooke a pass.

Christopher L. Gasper has the Bruins showing that they never should’ve been labeled underdogs in this series. Bill Burt says that the Bruins are in complete control of this series. Steve Buckley has the Penguins B-dazzled in game two.

Michael Hurley has Brad Marchand showing that he’s more than just a pest. Michael Vega has Marchand getting an early jump on Pittsburgh. CSNNE has the Nose Face Killah with his best game of the postseason. Matt Kalman has Matt Bartkowski handling things well after having to sit in favor of Andrew Ference. CSNNE says it had to be a bitter pill for Bartkowski. CSNNE also has Torey Krug adjusted to a different style of play in this series. Harris has number 3 goalie Niklas Svedberg looking forward to his shot next season. Kalman has Jaromir Jagr making an impact.

The Globe Bruins Notebook has more on Jagr’s contributions. The Herald Bruins Notebook has Tuukka Rask with a fairly stress-free evening.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says that the Penguins have a goalie crisis on their hands heading into game three. Chris Adamski has Sidney Crosby stumbling right out of the gate in this one.

NHL release: Morning Stanley Cup of Joe – June 4, 2013

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6 thoughts on “Domination.

  1. Felger was “frustrated” by the Bruins in the second period? Hysterical. Reminds me of when he ripped the Patriots on Fifth Quarter in 2007 for not scoring in the second half against Miami in a game they won 28-7 to go 15-0.


  2. I know I am old (46) but I grew up listening to Calling all Sports on WEAN with Chuck Wilson. I am not alone in believing that Chuck Wilson ran the best sportstalk show ever. His work was always thoughtful, even, well paced and differential while always being honest. He currently is not working at ESPN any more. So if I were programming WEEI and I wanted to fix afternoon drive I would remove Holley and insert Wilson. You would have the younger hipper Salk who really needs a pro to keep him balanced something Holley isn’t capable of doing. With Wilson as his partner he would be forced to be organized, studied and still be the “funny/interesting” one. It would immediately be a better show than F&M and I am not that thrilled with Salk currently.

    A boy can dream. Actually if I were really dreaming then WEEI would replace Mutt and Merloni with Chuck Wilson and Bob Ryan. I could listen to that pairing all day, everyday.


    1. I’ve been listening to a bit of Pittsburgh (93.7 mainly) talk just to get the other side of the coin. 93.7 is their local CBS affiliate but has been advertising, every commercial break, a “try out” for local people to come in and try their best for a weekend slot. I read something on how WFAN did this years ago and 2 of the 3 people who “won” a weekend gig are at least on the station, with one still having a show. With how things are, could they do worse?

      This (media?) guy wrote about it a few weeks back on


  3. Without going into “whats better” because that brings up the “I hate X host or X person”, I’d like to thank both stations for making a good effort to have hockey people on. I’d like to hear more of the lesser-heard voices like James Murphy, Joe McDonald, DJ Bean and Jack Edwards on the radio. They bring some great talk to the table. Unfortunately, at this time of the year, you get 0 hockey talk nationally, outside of a few shows, and ESPN is too busy spending half of SportsCenter with segments on what LeBron ate for dinner or debating his post-game wardrobe.


  4. as I watched the Bruins beatdown the Penguins 6-1 to go up in the series 2-0 on the Pen’s HOME ICE I didn’t fell, “frustrated” at all…huh…go figure


  5. The Bruins have a mediocre home record of late, and that ‘trend’ needs to disappear tomorrow. I’d like to see them play as though they are down 0-2 rather than up 2-0. And since this is a media blog, let it be factually stated that the Bruins’ rise started as soon as insufferable Jack Edwards was put out to pasture.


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