The Bruins look to finish off the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight in game four. Only the most miserable people in existence are bothering to bring up the collapse against the Flyers up 3-0 back in 2010.

A couple quick things today as I wrap up a very busy real world week. (rollout of a Shortel VOIP for 130 users)

Keith Olbermann back to baseball — his ‘passion’ – Chad Finn looks at the new gig for the former SportsCenter anchor, and also has Jerry Remy admitting that it is something a bit more series than allergies that are keeping off of NESN right now.

I understand completely Remy’s desire for privacy when it comes to his health, and wish him nothing but the best with it. But I get a little annoyed that statements that come out from Remy and NESN are often later found out to be false. It’s happened several times now. It makes it so that whenever he misses time, the worst is going to be assumed, and I’m sure that’s not what all involved want.

Boston Bruins bias lies in the eye of the beholder – Bill Doyle looks at the NBC announcing crew and where Bruins fans perceive that the crew’s loyalties lie.


3 thoughts on “Bruins Look To Close Things Out, Return To Stanley Cup Finals

  1. I’ve actually heard some in the media doing an about face. For instance, Callahan saying this series is in the bag and mocking anybody who brings up “Flyers 2010″……BUT WE ALL KNOW, all it will take is 1 Penguins victory and they’ll do another about face.


  2. Oops:

    3/28 – KPD – in the Globe:

    “Anyone faulting, or even questioning, Jarome Iginla’s decision to drop himself into the Pittsburgh lineup instead of the Boston lineup just isn’t paying attention to what’s going on in the NHL. The Penguins are a powerhouse, all the more mighty now that Iginla, the aged star right winger, is joining the roster.
    The Penguins have turned into the ice game’s Miami Heat. “Well, they’re a lock, right?’’ said a laconic Boston general manager Peter Chiarelli, sizing up Pittsburgh’s Stanley Cup chances only a day after being told…”


  3. Hope it’s the Blackhawks cause I’m old and like “Original Six” matchups….PLUS, don’t want to hear mediots whine and cry about travel and/or late start times if it’s the Kings. (which they are already doing, actually)


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