Historically, Bostonians have never taken to being pushed around very well.

This doesn’t bode well for whomever is responsible for the atrocities committed at the finish line of yesterday’s Boston Marathon.

I’m mortified at the idea that some lunatic(s) felt that Patriots’ Day – a day to remember the first battles of the American Revolution – was the day to make some sort of statement about government and rebellion, and to attack and kill and maim innocent people in the process.

Patriots’ Day was about the people of Boston taking a stand against a cruel and unjust regime. If whomever did this tries to make a connection to those events 238 years ago to justify what they did yesterday, then they are even more messed up than we can possibly imagine. It goes against everything the revolution was fought for.

This will not end well for the terrorists, whoever they are. Bostonians will continue to hold the marathon, to remember Patriots’ Day, and this event will only serve to bring more people together and make this annual day even more significant. Bostonians do not shrink back from adversity. Never have.

While yesterday showed the worst in people, it also showed the best. This photo is a shoo-in for a Pulitzer. Someone like Steve Silva, who was filming the finish line, and instead of running from the explosions, ran to them, capturing footage shown all over the world.  All the people at the scene who immediately ceased thinking of themselves and their own safety and instead, focused on who and how they could help around them. We can go on and on.

I’m just going to link three pieces by sportswriters today.

Heartbreak Hill – Leigh Montville.

The Marathon – Charles P. Pierce.

Letter from Boston – Paul Flannery.


9 thoughts on “You Messed With The Wrong City

  1. “make some sort of statement about government and rebellion”

    “tries to make a connection to those events 238 years ago to justify what they did yesterday”

    ….and I guess you’ve already made up your mind who’s responsible?


    1. You left out the all-important word “if”, but I will not leave out the all-important word “guess” from your statement. Bruce’s point stands, anyway, that using this (or anything, really) as a justification is just sick.


      1. But you changed Bruce’s point, he didn’t say any motive, he gave a specific motive that would mortify him. Just as you say, there is no justification. Very bad form from Bruce on this. I love this site and Bruce’s work, but why only one motive for this attack mortifies him sickens me.


  2. Perhaps it was clumsy wording by me, but of course I’m mortified by any motive for these actions. My words could’ve referred to foreign or domestic terrorists, actions like these are almost always meant to make a statement, usually about government. But please don’t think that I’m not in horror over any possible motivation for this attack.


  3. Bruce….

    A few things in no particular order.

    1) No need to apologize your point was clear.

    2) Some observations on the media coverage:

    – I thought both 98.5 and WEEI did a good job covering the tragedy. 98.5 being sister station to WBZ gave them the ability to switch to more of a news centered delivery. WEEI had a little more of a human element because its on air people and organization were not trained to deliver hard news. Still I don’t think either station embarrassed itself as I listened.

    – The Rich Shertenlieb story was riveting when I heard it live and was equally as riveting when I heard F&M replay it today. How he is holding it all together and still doing his shifts at the radio station is beyond me. I might not be a huge fan of his comedy or style…but I will forever have the utmost respect for what that man has seen and what he has gone through with his family. I am glad that his wife is still in remission.

    – I think because of his TV news background John Dennis does well in moments like this. The D & C show this morning was quality radio. His ability to keep the show moving, not let it get too bogged down while allowing as much emotion as he could on to the air was good radio. Better than what was happening on NPR, on WHDH and on 98.5 at the same time.

    – I was kind of surprised both sports talkers were taking ads and had disaster “graphics”. I thought it was too soon especially with the Celtics and Bruins canceling games.

    3) Speaking of the Celtics…I don’t always have the best respect for Wyc Grossbeck but it was a class move canceling (not rescheduling) the game.

    4) In 2001 my oldest daughter was 3. We had to carefully explain that bad people killed a lot of people in NYC which is far away but she is safe. It was much harder explaining to my now 15 year old and her 12 year old sister that the Marathon Sports store we visited just last week to look at sneakers when we were in Boston having the chocolate brunch at the Langham hotel was ground zero in the bombing. Way too close to home.


    1. 1. Ibid.

      2. This was one of the first times where I’ve ever seen local coverage trump national coverage. Almost immediately, I saw that each cable news outlet went to whatever their local branch was or at least WBZ because they were the only ones with a bird in the air.

      Article on how they handled coverage: http://radioinsight.com/blog/headlines/81685/how-boston-radio-handled-todays-bombing-coverage/

      In the world of where media members and outlets can really show how and what they’re about, I never saw something on the local side on either that wants to take back. (I’m sure there had to be something bad but it was nice that most was good coverage.) Too often in these cases, someone is trying to tell another person how to act, even though everyone reacts differently; or, media who think they need to cement that Pulitzer by being as fake as possible and out “Anderson Cooper”-ing another; and, last, the “be first and not right” because there is zero consequence.

      2a.) Thought the same on D+C from this morning (Tuesday). I only compared it with 98.5 but it was the first in a long time where it was a quality listen.

      3.) The Bruins also had to cancel, obviously, but will they play the game on the 28th of there is no consequence to playoff seeding? I didn’t read that from anyone or Bob McKenzie when it broke earlier Tuesday.

      4.) Hope things wind up for the best there.

      My own:

      For news these days, Twitter is a two headed monster. For the first 10 minutes of something breaking, you’re either learning something new/good news (coming from a person you trust and that is credible), sometimes with good instant analysis on it. Unfortunately, the next 24 hours are usually overreation/hate/vile tweets that you would never attach to your own name or would take back when the fog of war settles? It is also beyond sad how issues get reported because of how politicized things are.


    2. John Dennis is a turd. As is Callahan. They’re the same in tragedy as they are in comedy. Irresponsible bloviating no matter the situation.


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