After winning each of their first two series of the season on the road, Fenway Park opens this afternoon as the 4-2 Red Sox face the Baltimore Orioles.

The importance of Red Sox finding their way at Fenway – Rob Bradford looks at why it is so critical for the team to re-establish their home dominance.

Winds are changing at Fenway – Rich Levine writes that it has taken just one week for this club to establish itself among Red Sox fans.

Red Sox winning games, converts – Gordon Edes has the Sox setting the tone for this season early on.

Red Sox coming home happy – Sean McAdam says that the club’s 4-2 record has them coming into the opener with momentum at their back, confidence in their step.

This Red Sox team easy to root for – John Tomase guesses that you’re going to like what you see from this team in 2013.

Kevin Garnett returned to the Celtics lineup last night and his presence was immediately felt in a 107-96 win over Washington.

KG makes all the difference – Chris Forsberg notes how much of an impact KG has on his teammates.

Kevin Garnett makes everything better – Steve Bulpett says that KG restores order to the team.

Now is the time for Celtics to hit playoff stride – Gary Washburn looks at the importance of putting it all together for the Celtics in the next two weeks.

Claude Julien stresses time is short – Joe McDonald has the Bruins’ coach also emphasizing to his team the importance of getting their act together.

Time for B’s to step up in Bergeron’s absence – Joe Haggerty examines the Bruins options for filling in for #37.

Another Rob Gronkowski setback – If you missed it yesterday, Ron Borges and Karen Guregian report that the Patriots tight end is still battling infection in his arm, which could delay his ability to get back onto the field, putting the start of the season in jeopardy.

While this story generated a ton of talk (and panic) yesterday, but if you read the report (and follow-up reports from ESPN and the Globe) there is a lot of uncertainty here as to the actual situation. It is very similar to reports that came out when Tom Brady was rehabbing from his torn ACL and there were infections and talk of missed season time.

4 thoughts on “Home Opener Suddenly Much Brighter For Sox, Fans

  1. Nice scoop for Karen G and Borges. Don’t see very many “This story is in one paper and no where else” stories these days. And they’re local! Someone alert Alan Siegel.


    1. Its only a scoop if it turns out to be true. If it turns out to be false, like the Tom Brady knee rumors, then Borges will again find himself in the middle of a story where he attempted to make the Patriots organization look bad.


      1. He is true. He had an infection. Whether is causes him to miss time is up in the air. Same with Brady as far as I understand it. He had an infection. The stories at the time laid out worst case scenarios….the worst case didn’t come true. Doesn’t make it false.


        1. Depends on who puts the info out there, the context and the purpose. I suggest that the Brady story was false, that the reporter had no idea what she was talking about and that she reported it because it made the Pats look bad…the infection had not returned to his knee. I suggest the same thing might be going on here. We will see.


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