The Bruins picked up a shootout victory in Ottawa last night, coming back from an early 2-0 deficit to tie the game and then win on a David Krejci goal in the shootout to win 3-2. The Bruins now sit at 17-3-3 on the season.

The Krejci goal came after Ottawa’s Kaspars Daugavins unsuccessfully attempted a spin-around shot with the puck pinned to the point of the blade of his stick. This move has generated plenty of talk about the shootout, and whether an NHL game should be decided on a such a play.

Bruins complete comeback over Sens in shootout, 3-2 – Joe Haggerty has the particulars from last night.

B’s will take the two – Shootout or no, Steve Conroy says the Bruins will take the two points from the win.

NFL free agency begins in earnest this afternoon at 4:00pm, when teams can officially sign players. This whole “legal tampering” period the few days has seemed silly, especially given the memo Sheriff Goodell sent out last Friday.

The “legal tampering” period almost seemed like a concession to the endless complaints of people like Mike Florio of who had a huge bee in his bonnet over the topic. The NFL decides to allow teams to contact prospective free agents, but then puts huge restrictions on the process, with threats of huge punishments if any specific numbers are agreed to, or even exchanged.

What will the Patriots do? They still have their own guys to take care of, but given the sheer number of defensive backs that have hit the market, it seems likely they will at least attempt to add some depth there.

Patriots’ shopping list for free agency – Greg Bedard says that the Patriots have 14 holes to fill on their roster. Some are these are positions like “third pass-rushing end” and “fourth cornerback” and “backup flex tight end.”

Free-agency primer from Pats’ perspective – Field Yates also ranks the areas of need for the Patriots.

WEEI morning show co-horts Gerry Callahan and Kirk Minihane  both have columns saying that that the Patriots absolutely need to get a deal done with Wes Welker.

Is WEEI trying out a Callahan/Minihane combo by sending John Dennis off the rest of the week on a “surprise birthday trip?” Dale Arnold is expected to join Callahan and Minihane the rest of the week, which could be an interesting show.

Glenn Ordway makes his first CSNNE appearance since getting fired by WEEI tonight, as he co-hosts Sports Tonight with Michael Felger following the Celtics game.

WEEI’s pairing of Michael Holley with Bob Ryan yesterday was entertaining, as Ryan still has that passion and energy, he was fun to listen to even if he was driving me nuts with the Rajon Rondo stuff. Today, Jackie MacMullan will be alongside Holley.

A couple last links:

Closer behind the plate: The making of Christian Vazquez, catching prospect – Alex Speier on the minor league catcher with the big league arm.

Basketball analyst, former BC hoops star and Bristol native Malcolm Huckaby grew up in ESPN’s backyard – Cool piece on the former Boston College guard talking about growing up near ESPN.

9 thoughts on “Bruins Keep Winning, NFL Free Agency Kicks Off Today

  1. At 8AM when JD left and Gerry moved over to the host/main chair, it was quite odd. I saw the stuff on Twitter and had to wonder if I was the only one not wondering if this was a prelude to the future. Gerry definitely needs some getting used to on hosting/direction, but the conversation flow was much more “free” with only two there.
    Did the station really “send him off” on a birthday trip or is he taking required vacation time?

    If you didn’t see someone RT’ing this on Twitter, it’s a must listen:

    Pranksters record Buddy Nix and Mark Dominik


  2. Don’t agree with Ryan at all that the Cs are better of without Rondo, but at his opinion is educated and not an excuse for attention.


  3. At the end of a Big Show a few weeks ago where Dale was filling in, I recall Holley dropping what seemed to a subtle hint that Dale may have an increased on-air presence in the near future. Said something to the effect of “I have the feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from you soon.” Dale kinda played it off at the time, and there wasn’t mention of whatever Holley was talking about had to do with WEEI, but maybe there actually is something legit in the works.

    A morning show with Dale as the host/moderator/voice of reason, and with Callahan & Minihane as the primary antagonists, may actually make for an entertaining show. Anything would be better than the clusterf—k the D&C Show has become over the past few weeks. After listening to today’s show, I’m convinced that John Dennis is the one dragging that show down into the gutter day after day. Callahan & Minihane sounded almost giddy once Dennis left for the week mid-show. I’ve never heard the tone & discourse just turn on a dime like that–Callahan was even semi-polite to the callers, went so far as to engage in conversation rather than yelling over everyone in his whiny baby voice.

    John Dennis seems to bring out the absolute worst in the people he works with, Callahan in particular. For what it’s worth, I’ve heard Callahan is actually a pretty good guy outside his acerbic on-air persona. I’ve heard the opposite of Dennis, that he’s even more of an elitist dink off the air than he is on it. Wouldn’t blame Entercom for flying him as far away as possible if they plan on firing him in the coming days. If any of the rumors of his volatile personality are true, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near the building, let alone a microphone.


    1. Right on. Callahan might be as hard right as Dennis, but he at least likes sports and is willing to talk about them. He doesn’t need the political and social commentary to run a show. I’ve always enjoyed him and Dale in the past.


  4. On the Ordway/Felger meeting on CSNNE:

    Intro clip where they have him as a janitor:

    CSNNE got what it wanted, an interesting pairing. I don’t recall how they interacted before but thought it was solid. There was respect yielded while they had an interesting discussion, in the main clip, on the state of the media. If this is some sort of trial, I thought it went well.

    The “future of sports talk”, dealing with both the local and national scene, was also interesting and could easily fill up a dissertation.

    NFLN this week has had on Pioli and Tannebaum. Kinda odd considering their track records on things like personnel but far from the first time this stuff has happened. If you missed the Sapp explosion on Belichick:


    1. I wouldn’t call that an “explosion.” Sounds like he was just annoyed they were doing the same segment over again just with a different person.
      I would love to jump on Sapp but this seemed like he was more concerned with the quality of program than with BB.


    2. I agree, bsmfan–the pairing seemed to work. Ordway can certainly hold his own, and he’s used to voicing opinions more than Tanguay is. I thought the “future of radio” bit was a little too short for them to accomplish much, though.


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