John Dennis is safe (for now). Chad Finn is reporting Kirk Minihane will be joining Gerry Callahan and Dennis on the “Dennis and Callahan” morning show on WEEI, not as a sports flash anchor, but as an equal voice on the program.

From Finn’s report:

Minihane, whose informed, unfiltered opinions have helped him earn a following as a weekend host (most often paired with Dale Arnold) and fill-in on various WEEI programs, will be an equal voice on the program.

He has also emerged as a popular columnist for, a role he began in 2009, and hosted the Hot Stove Baseball Show along with Rob Bradford and Alex Speier during the Red Sox’ offseason.

Minihane will not handle the “Sports Flash” updates that were the domain of past, less prominent third voices such as Jon Meterparel, who left in October after more than a decade on the program, and Kevin Winter, who was fired February 12, just six weeks after replacing Meterparel.

Finn notes it is unclear whether or not the show will be entirely rebranded. Murmurings of more changes to WEEI’s lineup have been rampant since Glenn Ordway was fired last week. Earlier this month, Entercom, WEEI’s parent company, conducted focus groups to gauge public perception of their personnel. The group session reportedly skewered Dennis and Callahan along with Ordway.

As far as the change, the initial take here is that, while polarizing, Minihane is compelling as a personality. He typically has something to say, and it’s usually not idiotic (or racist … or misogynistic …or just generally offensive).

Ryen Russillo‘s day, it appears, is not yet here. More analysis to follow from Bruce Allen.



8 thoughts on “Kirk Minihane To Join “Dennis And Callahan” Full-Time

  1. For a guy who’s been critical of so much of WEEI’s content, Finn’s constant gushing over Minihane — “informed, unfiltered opinions have helped him earn a following” — is somewhat bewildering.


  2. What has Minihane ever done? The only think I remember him for was picking a fight with Jack Edwards for being too much of a homer or something. Not exactly cutting-edge stuff right there.


  3. I hope they know that they still haven’t solved their problem. Minihane is decent, but I don’t think it will attract people long term


  4. Mike Saulk…Minihane…and whoever else they bring in is just going to be a group of “Felger clones”. Guys who stir the pot and talk hockey.
    What makes it all the more hilarious is that WEEI had Felger 4 years ago and chose to give Ordway more years and more millions when they could have just slid in Felger in that spot at a fraction of the cost with improved ratings.


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