“WEEI has decided to part ways with Glenn Ordway, co-host of “The Big Show”.  Ordway made the announcement on-air Wednesday, February 13 that his last day will be this Friday.  Michael Holley will serve as host of “The Big Show” for the foreseeable future and WEEI expects to make an announcement in the coming days about Michael’s new co-host.

“Glenn and I have been together since day one. He is an icon in this business and he helped build WEEI into arguably the most successful sports station in history,” said Jason Wolfe, VP of programming and operations for Entercom Boston. “I am so thankful to have been able to work alongside Glenn for the past 20-plus years and I hope that all Boston sports fans realize how important his contributions have been to this station, to the market and to this industry. He’s a true professional and that was clearer than ever in his comments today.”


7 thoughts on “WEEI Statement on Glenn Ordway

  1. I’m not necessarily sure that being a media ‘icon’ is a flattering compliment. Usually a media hack becomes an ‘icon’ for a whole list of negative reasons. In any event, it does make one smile to see media ‘dirty laundry’ getting a boisterous airing. What led to GO’s demise was missing a whole STRING of ‘books’ that saw his salary whacked in half, and then, ultimately saw HIM whacked into sawdust. It must be worrisome for him to know that the only possible landing spot is a whole other city, or somewhere else in radio. He’s not capable of writing, so there goes that avenue. And he’s massively unappealing to look at, so there goes the whole ‘TV’ idea. In fact, being reasonably appealing doesn’t translate into on-air talent (see: Steve Burton, et al).


  2. GRBSPR is just another example of why I find it embarrassing to tell my wife I’m a sports fan with the Boston teams ( and I go back to 1965, Go Celtics, 5000 fans at the Garden for the finals ). Sports radio has devolved to the audience wanting hosts to be a version of Sean Hannity goes sports. GSBSPR enjoy your 1 dimensional SAC type of talk radio, I’ll be listening to Mike Francesca who would hang up on frauds like you and move on.


  3. Not surprised by the Ordway firing — was just a matter of time before
    he was put out to pasture, although I was expecting something similar to the Dale
    Arnold treatment where he was forced to take another pay cut and is relegated to weekend/fill-in duty.

    The shocking part of the
    story is the Salk hiring, which may be the most inexplicable and dumbest move WEEI has made
    thus far, and that’s saying something.

    Mix the blandness of Muttnansky,
    the faux-contrarianism of Felger, the elitism of John Dennis, and the
    smugness of Craig Mustard and you have Mike Salk, I was stuck
    listening to his national broadcast several months ago when he spent an
    hour plus droning on and on in his haughty nasally tone about how Brady will
    never win another Super Bowl because he doesn’t have “the drive” to
    earn the first parking space at training camp, is too distracted by his
    Hollywood lifestyle, super model wife, blah blah blah. There’s a reason
    Salk’s career in Boston never moved beyond broadcasting from a phone
    booth with Bob Halloran the first time around.

    I’m calling it
    right now… this move will be yet another huge bust brought to you by Entercom. The new show ill
    have lower ratings at this time next year than Ordway & Holley, if it lasts that long. I
    was no huge fan of the new Big Show, but I’d listen to it any day over a
    show featuring either Felger or Salk. I’ve been a loyal listener for
    years, but barring a major programming change in the morning I’ll be
    streaming Dan Patrick and WFAN from now on.

    If I were Jason Wolfe/Julie Kahn/Jeff Brown, this is the reasonably revamped lineup I would go with:

    6 AM – 10 AM: Callahan & Minihane with Pete Sheppard on the sports flash
    10 AM – 2 PM: Dale Arnold & Lou Merloni
    2 PM – 6 PM: Michael Holley & Chris Mannix
    PM – 12 AM: John Ryder & rotating guest co-host (e.g. Lenny
    Megliola, Rob Bradford, Alex Speier, Christopher Price, DJ Bean, Mike
    Petraglia, other EEI staff writers)

    Buy John Dennis out of his
    contract, fire Ordway, and make Muttnansky take a pay cut then move him
    back to weekends. Make Mannix your big acquisition – local guy with
    national connections and recognition that will appeal to younger demos. Of Course this will never happen because it would require Jason Wolfe & co. to admit they’ve totally f—ed up the station over the past four years.


  4. Jason Wolfe is perhaps the worst manager in the history of radio. First he fires Pete Sheppard when the ratings on the Big Show were high, then he eliminates Dale & Holley when they were the only show beating 98.5 in the ratings and replaces them with the completely unlistenable Mutnansky & Merloni. Then he does not fully test out pairing Ordway with Holley before he does it. Then he fires Ordway. I think Jason Wolfe needs to look in the mirror.

    Plus look at what he did to WRKO. What a joke.


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