It almost seems like more has been made of what took place off the field following the AFC Championship game Sunday rather than what happened on the field during the game. Much has been made of Bill Belichick denying an interview to CBS following the game, and instead the Patriots having Devin McCourty speak to them. Many have called Belichick a “sore loser” and heavily criticized the coach for failing to give an exclusive interview to CBS, led by CBS analyst Shannon Sharpe.

Some have even said to look for a possible fine to be assessed to Belichick — don’t hold your breath. BSMW confirmed with an NFL media relations representative that Belichick did not violate the NFL’s media relations policy by not speaking with CBS following the game.

This raises the question of why was this made into such a big deal? Belichick sought out Ravens coach John Harbaugh following the game and told the Ravens coach the respect he had for them, something which Harbaugh really took to heart. Following addressing his team briefly in the locker room, Belichick took to the podium to answer questions from reporters for nearly 10 minutes. While he did not elaborate on his answers, that is standard Belichick. What else did people expect, especially following a season-ending loss in the AFC Championship game?

Belichick certainly isn’t the only losing coach in a championship game not to give an exclusive interview to the network which broadcasted the game. It is a very rare occurrence, in any sport, and when it does happen those coaches are often given great praise for doing so. Now, Belichick doesn’t do it and he gets killed for it. Furthermore, in case you missed it, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh didn’t give FOX an exclusive interview following their win over Atlanta, so why aren’t the same people who are criticizing Belichick doing the same to Harbaugh?

For whatever reason some people playing in the league, the media and fans in general have a dislike for Belichick. He gets held to a completely different standard than any other coach in the league, and maybe even in sports as a whole. Sure, he isn’t the best coach in the world with the media, but who said that’s required of being a head coach? His main job is to coach football and he is one of the best in the history of the game.

Everyone’s opinion differs on how Belichick handles the media, but whether you agree or disagree, you have to take a step back and say he didn’t do anything wrong by not speaking with CBS following Sunday’s loss. Even some of the best coaches with the media in sports have not spoken exclusively with networks following losses in Championship games and there was nothing being said about them. It should be no different with Belichick.

And let’s be real here, following the Super Bowl in two weeks, does anyone really think the losing Harbaugh brother will do an exclusive interview with CBS? Not particularly, but if they do hats off to them, and if they don’t, no big deal we’ll carry on.

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10 thoughts on “Belichick not in the wrong following Sunday’s loss

  1. This is a case of the media lining up to take shots at a guy when he’s down.

    I don’t care what he does with the media, he does what’s required and no more that’s up to him.

    I hope the Ravens lose by 70, but I’m not angry.


  2. I love that Belichick trats the media with such open disdain. F “sports journalists”. Seriously. No other sector of the journalism industry is as lazy and entitled and stupid as those who cover sports. I love when coaches (and players) are openly hostile to them.


    1. DP put it best this morning:
      Anyone but BB does it and the media gives it a pass.

      Bill flips the bird to the media, when he’s not mandated to give any interview, and you have “media” calling for the Supreme Court to form a commission and investigate. Meanwhile, they complain when he does “talk” and “doesn’t say anything”. Little sideline reporting “outrage” on this one?

      Can’t blame him with how horrible mainstream media has got lately.


  3. Belichick was wrong. Period. He makes millions primarily because of the TV money paid to the NFL’s franchises. Unless he wants to sell his boat back and work for peanuts he should suck it up and do the stupid interview. In every line of work you have to do things you’re not thrilled about for the people that pay the bills.


    1. “What did you tell your team Bill?” “Obviously, this is very disappointing?” That would have been the extent of the interview. How come they don’t do it after every game if it’s such a valuable piece of televison? It’s a colossal waste of time and is of no benefit to his team or himself – you wanna hear what he has to say? Tune into the presser online or read the transcript. It serves no purpose other than to fill time in between “Blue Bloods” promos. His father is not the District Attorney, he’s the chief of police. Shannon Sharpe is gonna lecture someone on personal behavior? That’s rich.


    2. Is there a part of “…An NFL media relations representative [confirmed] that Belichick did
      not violate the NFL’s media relations policy by not speaking with CBS
      following the game.” that is confusing to you?

      Coaches do not have to do this interview, so it does not fall into the category of doing “things you’re not thrilled about” at work. If it was so important and meant so much to so many, the networks and the league would have made it mandatory.


  4. I would almost guarantee the losing Harbaugh brother will do an exclusive interview with CBS after the game. It’s a pretty common occurrence through the years.

    No problem with what Belichick did. More a problem with lazy writing.


  5. I generally agree with all your points, but I’m sure both coaches will have post-game interviews after the game next week, like they’ve done after every SB I can remember – brief, in the loser’s case, but they’ll have one.


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