Sometime in the next few weeks, Gil Santos will call his last New England Patriots game. In recognition of his career, WBZ-FM had Gary Tanguay sit down with Santos and his long-time announcing partner Gino Cappelletti for a remembrance of their most memorable moments together in the booth.

Gil And Gino Behind The Mic

It debuted on Christmas Eve and was replayed on Christmas day. It will also be played on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. You can also listen to it via the link above.

The duo will also be featured on the Patriots pregame show on Sunday, as they will be on the show live and will take calls from listeners, and they will be honored by the Patriots at the game.

In addition, Cappelletti will also join Santos in the booth and the pair will call the opening drive together.

In Patriots Football Weekly this week, my column is a look at Santos’ career – he did a whole lot more than just the Patriots and the WBZ morning news – including his stint as radio voice of Penn State Football in the 1980’s.


9 thoughts on “WBZ-FM Special – “Gil and Gino Behind The Mic”

  1. Ahhhh…nothing like sports media hacks backslapping other sports media hacks to drum up viewers and listeners. With all due respect to Santos, it’s the insufferable & entitled Tanguay who will chase the audience away. Happily, he knows this.


  2. I got to listen to the beginning of this the other night. The 2001 Super Bowl stuff was cool.
    We are going to miss Gil when he’s gone, but he doesn’t belong with that clown Scott “unicorns & show ponies” Zolak.


    1. Ive missed Gil the last few years. I should say I miss his eyesight.
      Gil : Caught by Welker
      Zo : Thats Edleman Gil.
      Few plays later…
      Gil: Caught by Welker.
      Zo: Thats Hernandez Gil.
      Just hope Zo’s walleye doesnt drift any further to the side of his head.


  3. These negative and malicious comments are obscene when viewed through the prism of these 2 gentleman’s many accomplishments over the last 40+ years. I have the feeling that besides Internet snark, a good many of the commenters did not have the privilege to listen to these gentlemen in their prime, and for that, you are all the poorer. You deserve Tanguay or Meterparel if you choose to denigrate in any way shape or form these 2 men who have accomplishments that you can only dream of.

    Good day Sirs.


    1. Pay it no mind. The same commenters would critique Johnny Most, Curt Gowdy, and Vin Scully saying that they stink as well.


      1. From what I understand Scully still calls a good game. Castiglione on the other hand…Sometimes I feel like he’s sitting behind one of the poles. He cant judge a fly ball unless it’s fouled behind the plate.


      2. I never heard Most in his prime and every clip they play of his his voice is so raspy as to almost be unintelligible. I don’t see what the big fuss was about that guy.


  4. The part where they schedule it for Christmas and NYE is kind of baffling to me, but I’ll get it off of BZ once my main computer’s fixed. Looking forward to it.

    (I still enjoy Gil, and I don’t miss the Gino of the last year or so before he retired, but man he was good earlier.)


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