Another reason why I just can’t dislike Tom Coughlin even though he’s beaten the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl:

Tom Coughlin On The Handshake With Bill Belichick After Super Bowl XLVI: “Very, very moving experience for me because I tried to put myself in his shoes and how difficult that was for him. We kind of put our arms around each other – I won’t tell you what was said, but we put our arms around each other. We had embraced so I started to come back and he kind of pulled again. And so we…it was kind of a special moment.”

From Costas Tonight: 2012 Year In Review.

These guys have a long, and well documented history and friendship, having worked together under Bill Parcells with the Giants. As tough as that moment had to have been, at least there was a friend to congratulate on the other side.


4 thoughts on “Tom Coughlin’s Encounter with Bill Belichick after Super Bowl XLVI

  1. Costas always asks this question about BB to any nfl coach. he asked rex ryan also expecting some -ve answer. He is obsessed with BB’s handshakes.


  2. I think one of the most outrageous media storylines in the “let’s bash Belichick again” category is the supposed “snub” of Coughlin after Super Bowl 42 in Glendale. I don’t remember the exact details, but I believe there was some confusion on the field and that BB thought the game was already over, and went back to the lockerroom. Again, I don’t remember exactly (probably because i turned the TV off in disgust and sadness after Brady’s final fourth down pass fell incomplete and I had no desire to watch the Giants take their final kneeldown).
    But, really, does anyone really believe that BB would purposely “snub” a guy he had known for more than 20 years, and who he’d coached with on a couple of Giants’ championship teams? Does anyone really believe that BB, after the post-game atmosphere had calmed, didn’t seek out Coughlin in private and offer his congratulations?
    The Super Bowl 42 “snub” is another urban legend surrounding BB–completely created by the media. Much like the “snub” of Peyton Manning after the 2006 AFC title game, despite the photographic evidence that BB and Manning were actually shaking hands at midfield as the blue and white confetti was streaming down from the RCA Dome roof. That shot went halfway around the world and people STILL to this day claim that BB “snubbed” Manning after that game.


  3. Coughlin and Belichick are similar – their professional personalities are like burnt toast. I can understand them getting along.


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