Gary Tanguay is involved with a number of programs for Comcast Sportsnet including UNO Sports Tonight, Patriots Wednesday Live and Celtics pre and post game coverage. He also co-hosts 98.5 The Sports Hub’s pre and post game coverage for every Patriots game. In addition, he has also called some college football games for CSN. Tanguay is one of the most versatile members of the Boston media having hosted TV shows, hosted radio shows and also done play-by-play.

A life-long Boston sports fan, he’s been labeled as a  “Green Teamer” for his passion and the way he covers the Celtics, but still Tanguay is a very accomplished, dedicated member of the Boston media. Boston Sports Media Watch had the chance to catchup with Tanguay, touching on a number of subjects, including his interested in the soon to be vacant Patriots radio play-by-play position.

Gary Tanguay is one of the busiest members of the Boston sports media on Comcast Sportsnet and 98.5 The Sports Hub.

BSMW: Growing up did you have a favorite team? Did you have a dream job? When did it finally become a reality that you would be covering the Patriots, Celtics and the entire Boston sports scene for a living?

Growing up I loved the Patriots, Celtics and the Sox. Believe it or not, where I lived in Maine we could not get TV 38, therefore I saw very little of the Bruins.  That’s why I am an awful skater. The other three teams I could see on network television plus Sox games were picked up by local stations at least once per week.

Fortunately, I am living my dream job. My goal was to work in Boston radio or television. I think it is the best media market in the country.

As an original member of the WEEI air staff in the early 90’s, I had a weekend show on Saturday’s following Jimmy Myers. I remember interviewing Will McDonough and Andy Moog. I guess that’s when it hit me that I had a shot at this.

BSMW: You’ve done play-by-play of games, hosted talk radio shows and hosted TV shows, is there one which you prefer best? Is there one you’re best suited for?

I have been very fortunate to experience all three and each offer rewards and challenges. I think trying different things makes you a better broadcaster. For me it’s a three way tie. I love doing them all.

BSMW: What was it like co-hosting the midday show at 98.5? Do you have any regrets during your time there?

Working with Zo on 98.5 was exciting and a lot of fun. There is nothing like the spontaneity of talk radio.  Many don’t know that I worked in radio for twelve years before I made the move to television. My first job was a weekend radio shift when I was 16 at WRUM, the local radio station in my hometown. No regrets at the Sports Hub. Gresh and Zo are doing a great job. I am still happy to be a part of the station on the Patriots pre and post game shows.

BSMW: With the number of guests you have on Sports Tonight, do you have a favorite? Is it sometimes difficult to get strong opinions from the guests to make good for TV? 

I have a lot of confidence in our guest lineup on Sports Tonight. All of them bring unique personalities to the table. You never know what Ron Borges is going to say, Dan Shaughnessy never pulls a punch and Bob Ryan bring a boat load of energy to the show. My favorite duo is Andy Hart and Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly. Andy gets under Paul’s skin, which makes for great television. Fred Toucher has become a regular and that is always an adventure. One time, with the angelic Jackie MacMullan next to him, Fred was fairly descriptive on how he and his wife had to “figure out” how to have their first child.

At times we have to “coach up” new guests. When the red light is on it is our job to be entertaining and deliver opinions. They cannot be afraid to jump into the conversation and make their case.

BSMW: What does the future hold for you? Your name has been thrown around as a possible replacement for Gil Santos, would you be open to doing play-by-play full-time?

I work at a great place in Comcast Sportsnet. With our purchase of NBC, there is a great emphasis on growth and development. While other stations are cutting back we are adding shows and looking to become a larger player in the market. As far as Gil’s job goes, I will be one of many who will apply for the job. Whoever gets the nod will be a very lucky person.

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20 thoughts on “Q&A with Comcast Sportsnet host/Celtics reporter Gary Tanguay

  1. The interview reads like he’s a good guy and he may be fine with the Patriots call but I still can’t stand watching him on CSSNE.


  2. i watched his high school play by play. He’s good. Why did he keep talking about his statistician so much though?


      1. Disagree about Gresh. His show with Zo is one of the best on the air. I would put Shank and Borges in with Tanguay and Felger.


        1. You’re the guy who likes Gresh & Zo?

          Gresh is a blowhard, and Zolak is completely nonsensical when he speaks about anything that isn’t football. They even mess up the crossovers with T&R. They’re awful.


          1. I’m with PS…Gresh and Zo are OK in my book when it comes to Football…and even if they aren’t the “greatest”…they are a hell of a lot better than Mutt and Merloni in my opinion….Listening to Merloni talk football is MIND NUMBING


          2. I go for Gresh and Zo over Mutt and Merloni, m’self. They’re less depressing. (Mutt and Lou panic a lot.)


    1. Dan Shaunessy
      Ron Borges
      Tony “YARM” Massarotti
      John Dennis
      Mike Adams
      Butch Stearns

      Plenty more could roll off the tongue with ease…


  3. Ryan…

    Did you ask him at all about his propensity to say uninformed idiotic things in off the cuff situations? That is real reason everyone thinks poorly of him and I personally would be interested to know if there is any self-awareness.


    1. yes, Ryan..going by the, “Today’s Boston Sports Media” playbook. That was sort of a “powderpuff” interview. Where were the “tough” questions? …you should have “grilled” him like a cheap steak. Gerry Callahan weeps.


  4. Gary “I’m just saying” Tanguay stinks. He bleeds green for the Celtics because of CSN, but offers ridiculous theories on the Pats with no basis whatsoever, even though he hosts the pre and post game shows.


  5. Before Gary left radio due to illness (the listeners were sick of him). He went on for months and months that Jason Bay was going to end up with the Yamkees. This was not based on any information but “a feeling” that they were up to something. He’s a hack. You could have picked a kid from the AV Club of any of those Super Bowl schools to broadcast those games and they would have done as good a job.


  6. Great voice, not an insightful thought alive within him. I’m sure he’s a fine guy but he’s right there with Dale Arnold on the list of sports talk people who really bring nothing to the table. Zip.


  7. I’d like to get away from GearBear since most comments already sum up the established sentiment about him.

    Just a bit ticked about the NHL stuff tonight. It looks like we’re losing another season. I’m pissed as hell as a fan.

    I’ve found a new appreciation for Bill Simmons on ESPN’s NBA stuff. When you get a Celtics fan, it doesn’t allow Wilbon to worship the Heat (he would be doing the Bulls if they were good), Magic to constantly talk about the Lakers and Jalin + Wilbon to bend over.

    Simmons is a hockey fan and finally spoke some truth to ESPN’s “coverage” of NHL:

    @billsommons Sad we have to go to a Canadian website to read any meaty articles about the NHL talks collapsing.

    I wonder if this whole thing would be different if ESPN had to cover the NHL and had vested interest in it? Local media here does have to cover this but maybe if CHB has a bone to pick with a horrible owner, he can head over to Jeremy Jacobs.

    Wonder where all that stuff from Steve Burton came from?
    Also, prep yourself for the Knicks being the new flavor of the week on ESPN after the win last night. I get why they’ve done the Heat and weathered it. Now.. the Knicks? seriously? Vomit. The only thing worse than the Heat or Lakers getting another title is the Knicks.
    No need to worry about Tom on Sunday or a Monday. Baby was had tonight: Tom and Gisele welcome baby Vivian:


    1. Simmons is not a hockey fan. He never wrote about it before the Bruins Stanley Cup run.

      bsmfan, wrong again.


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