The opening segment of CSNNE’s postgame is always entertaining as I await how Felger and the Lettermen are going to spin the latest Patriots win.

They did not disappoint last night, leading off with how the Patriots 49-19 was not a product of anything they did, but simply the Jets handing it to them, and that there was nothing really impressive with what the Patriots did.

Felger did call the Jets dead, which must’ve pained him after spending the last few years telling us how the Jets had passed the Patriots as an organization and how the Jets way of building a team was every bit as successful as the Patriots method.

We’re in the dark days, indeed.

The lack of faith that people continue to display in this team is mind-boggling at times.

Where does this come from?

By the time the third quarter rolled around the talking wags were already grousing about how much the Patriots were still throwing, and when they would take Tom Brady from the game. Expect more as the days go by.

Tom E Curran was a fun follow last night in all of this.

Do these same people make these complaints when the Saints leave Drew Brees in throwing during the last minutes of a blowout win? Of course not. This is all about the Patriots and Bill Belichick and a chance to take a shot at them.

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Media roundup: Even in victory, Patriots chatter in Boston unbearable – My SB Nation Media Column looks at a tough week on the Boston airwaves, and it appears more is headed our way.

Tuning In: Patriots can survive Rob Gronkowski loss – Bill Doyle had NBC’s Cris Collinsworth talking about the Patriots prior to yesterday’s game.

Who will replace Damon Amendolara on the Sports Hub? – Chad Finn looks at what routes 98.5 The SportsHub  might take in filling their opening in the evenings.

Enjoy the weekend.


14 thoughts on “Patriots Post Another Meaningless Win Against Imploding Jets

  1. Bruce,

    You forgot the other side of the media. Both are from Manish Mehta, the Jets beat guy for the NYDN. I’m not sure how big of a homer he is but:

    @MMehtaNYDN Why is Tom Brady passing the football up 49-12 with 8 minutes to play?! #nyj
    ‏@MMehtaNYDN Tom Brady with a play-action pass up 42-12 in the fourth quarter? I mean, come on, Belichick. #nyj

    (I didn’t see anything in his piece today talking about it since the real focus had to be on the Jets and not BB running the score up.)

    I looked at many of the other known Jets/NY media folks there and
    none had anything like that (Cimini, Jane McManus, Judy Bautista, etc).

    Count this if you will, but I think its reasonable:
    ‏@jimrome This one’s over. Hoodie, try not to get any All Pros hurt.

    You also can’t forget Fireman Ed deleting his Twitter account after leaving at halftime:

    Curran did a great job last night. I also enjoyed this from Bedard:
    @gregabedard Just got a little excited to listen the New York sports talk radio about the Jets. Does that make me a bad person?
    @gregabedard Of course, I also listen to Boston talk when the Red Sox have a debacle game.


    The only thing I can say local media can harp on is Gostkowski missing another FG.. who knows when this could come back to haunt us.


  2. In terms of Simmons, a) he posted that in the 1st quarter, before all the scoring, at a time when the Pats were looking mildly not good and had actually failed to score, b) he’s a pessimist /and/ he believes in reverse jinxes, and c) he bet on the game. Basically, take him for what he’s worth.


    1. You forgot…..

      d)Simmons has become the exact type of sportswriter he use to trash during his Digital Cities days.


      1. and how. On the flip side, the interweb makes it easy to discover version 2.0 Imagine if we were forced to read is work as he got older? We’d have KPD.


  3. Randomly tuned in to 10 seconds of Mutantsky, just in time to hear him rehash the same Felger talking point of the last two years: “is there anything we can really learn from this Patriots win?” Unbelievable. More reason why, if it’s not a piece by Curran or Reiss, there’s no reason to tune into any local coverage of this team.


    1. I recall the term was used long before Rome picked it up, even though its right up his alley for vernacular, since it sounds like a frat term.

      From a previous post, we also decided to use ‘BB’ instead of Belichick or Hoodie.


  4. There is no doubt in my mind that Bert Breer and others of his ilk secretly root for Brady to get injured when the Pats get a decent lead just so they could bash Belichick… doubt at all…..what a pathetic lot.


      1. This clown, who covers the Bills and writes for something called the “Democrat and Chronicle” does it openly >>>>

        Sal Maiorana ‏@salmaiorana
        Belichick is such a prick. Run the damn ball, kill clock n get the hell out of town. If guys get hurt, I’ll smile. Sorry. No need to pass


  5. Matt Chatham (co-hosting Big Show right now) is going to carve out a “niche” in this market by being knowledgeable, rational and truthful. (talk about irony) He’s not a “game player” ….blows me away that somebody who carries himself like this is a MINORITY in the Boston Sports media. MEANWHILE mediots like Felger,Mazz,Dennis,Callahan, Borges, Shaugnessy run amok and their “opinions” are taken more seriously (well, by some)…CRAZY WORLD


    1. Chatham and Bedard are my go-to guys who don’t stick to the agenda-driven line. Price too, but he’s not on enough. And Paul Flannery.


  6. Chase Daniel has appeared in 13, 16 and 10 games the last 3 years. Hoyer and Mallet in that time are 5-5-3. Doesn’t seem like the Brees argument has much weight


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