Damon Amendolara’s nighttime program “The D.A. Show” will be moving to overnights on CBS Sports Radio beginning on Wednesday, January 2, 2013, where it will be heard from 2:00 to 6:00am.

The program will still be heard locally on 98.5 The Sports Hub, but will now be a national show.

Here is part of the release from CBS Sports Radio:

CBS Sports Radio today announced Damon Amendolara as host of the network’s weekday overnight show.  His new program, “The D.A. Show,” which will debut Wednesday, January 2, 2013, upon the launch of the network, will be heard on select stations from 2:00-6:00 AM, ET on-air, streaming online and through the Radio.com application for mobile devices.  Amendolara, known by his fans as D.A., joins the network from CBS RADIO Boston’s WBZ-FM “98.5 The Sports Hub,” where he has served as evening host since the station’s launch in August 2009.  As he makes the transition to CBS Sports Radio, Amendolara promises a program which will be a mix of the latest sports news, discussions and controversy, in addition to interviews with tastemakers from the sports world and calls from night-owls across the country.  He joins the previously announced schedule which includes powerhouse talent such as Jim Rome, Doug Gottlieb, John Feinstein and Scott Ferrall.

The following stations will be among those broadcasting Amendolara’s “The D.A. Show”:

KRLD-FM Dallas

KILT-AM Houston

WIP-AM Philadelphia

WJFK-FM Washington, D.C.


WBZ-FM Boston

WXYT-FM Detroit

WJZ-FM Baltimore

WFNZ-AM Charlotte

WKRK-FM Cleveland

KFNZ-AM/KJQS-AM Salt Lake City

WSJZ-FM Orlando/Melbourne

No WFAN in New York, which will apparently keep it’s own overnight programming. This obviously opens up a spot on 98.5 The Sports Hub for evenings. Amendolara has been with the station since it debuted, and the opening will be a sought-after position.

Toucher and Rich seemed to be hinting at something this morning when they referred to Amendolara being very popular with the big wigs at CBS Radio, and then devoted a segment to mocking him and engaging in a mock(?) feud with him and his show.


19 thoughts on “Damon Amendolara Taking “The D.A. Show” National

  1. Wow. Out of all people who were to go national.. I never expected it. With his “younger” feel, I can see the reason he is being given a chance.

    However, while CBS is expanding its radio, how long will it last?

    I’ve seen some numbers on CBS National for Rome and they’ve been down (I won’t trust the accuracy 100%) and it’s mainly due to CBS Local Properties (shows that are in specific markets) being popular and many not wanting to go over to Rome (the article speculated that Rome’s “act” is getting old and while he has his following (‘clones’), his move/shift to CBS, on the radio side. But, basically, the article’s premise was that while CBS Radio stations were doing well locally, it meant that Rome would not be on in as many major markets/syndicated deals. Fans who listen to “local” (so no sat/national shows) radio prefer it and the CBS properties in major markets (listed above) do very well numbers + advertising revenues.

    Also, as you said, WFAN has its own overnight. It has for some time. Another “big” market they’re missing is 680 The Score in Chicago. (Friend of mine loves the overnight guy.) So, I assume they’ll give him a try and see if it works? With how big WIP is in Philly, I thought they had an overnight guy? It looks like they’re replacing him with D.A.’s show.

    Will this also end the syndication with Fox Sports Overnight in Boston? J.T. The Brick did descent when I saw numbers posted years ago, but I have no clue how well he does now.

    What matters here: any rumors to who will replace him? Greg Bedard hinted at doing radio f/t but would he only want to be on for/during NFL season?


        1. They’re talking about it right now on F+M. Felger was teasing the suggestions ending in… Beadle.

          Felger, “Beadle, are you interested in it?”
          Beadle, “You could say that..”


          1. He’d be halfway decent – if he decides not to run with “Mike’s talking points” like he does on the weekends.


      1. Doubt Bertrand gets considered. If it is someone from the BOS market, more likely A. Jones if they can get him. More likely will be someone from out of market.


        1. Adam Jones is no longer in Boston. He moved to ESPN Radio. I don’t know if a local nighttime show is a step up or down.


          1. 1.) ESPN is real territorial with talent, as well documented. I can’t see them letting someone go to do local radio at a national competitor.

            2.) Step down.


    1. Who knows maybe EEI-FM can pick up JT if their agreement with ESPN allows them to run a competitor (ESPN would still be around via 850 overnights). Fox Sports is synd. by Clear Channel, who switched their Talk 1200 to comedy a couple months back. While they may stay comedy who’s to say–despite the glut of sports–we won’t see a “Fox Sports 1200” here, to clear the shows and ads? In Portland CC just switched KPOJ from progressive talk to Fox Sports (and rumor has CBS switching their prog talker KFNQ, formerly KPTK, to the new CBS Sports…the new call letters seem to suggest “Fan”…)


      1. I know I got the wording wrong on it. I’ll find the article on the numbers. It was an opinion piece but backed up with some numbers. it had to do with his existing #’s on



        1. I can see how you got “Cumulus” and “CBS” confused along with “national” and “bunch of syndicates.” Anything else you want to lie about?


  2. If TSH was smart they’d pick up Nick and Artie from 10-1. Let someone local do 6-10pm. Then an hour of natioanl befor DA comes on.


  3. always tuning him out , because of all his stupid intro’s, it’s very annoying , too much wasted airtime,. if i wanted to listen to music id put on my own.


    1. I tune him out for his uber-lame “jokes” like Hurricane San-DA and DA-lis.

      Still he’s better than Mike Adams but that’s not saying much.


  4. For those of you curious about what may happen to JT, he tweets that his show has been “#1 in Boston for 16 yrs on 2 stations” and oh, “we have a plan in Boston and are fortunate to be on 250 other stations, XM169 and @iHeartRadio” Wonder if the plan in Boston means back to EEI (FM only), or maybe Clear Channel (which syndicates FSR) putting FSR 24/7 on their AM 1200, currently comedy? Not the best signal for some though of course. They could even, I suppose, run comedy most of the time then pick up a couple nighttime Fox Sports shows. We’ll see…


  5. Good riddance to JT the Brick… Never did like that show. Just a weak attempt at cloning Rome, who’s act has gotten tired.


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