The Patriots will head into the bye week coming off of their first complete 60-minute game of the season in their 45-7 win over the Rams in London. Tom Brady played his best game of the year, and the defense finally generated some pressure on the opposing quarterback by blitzing for the first time this year. This will definitely be one of the talking points during the bye week of whether or not they will build off of Sunday’s performance and blitz more often during the second half of the season.

The team altered its flight plans from London and left early Monday morning to arrive at Logan airport a little before noon Monday. It was apparently one of the final flights allowed to land before the brunt of the storm hit the area. Many of the reporters who covered the game in London had their flights cancelled and will now be stuck there until Tuesday or Wednesday. Not a bad place to have a couple of extra days, but I’m sure many of them would rather be home and with their families. Thoughts are with everyone on the east coast affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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The Celtics traveled Sunday night ahead of the storm to Miami where they will open their season against the Heat tonight where the Heat will be raise the banner for last year’s championship. The main story line to this game will be Ray Allen facing his former team as there as been a great deal of discussion over the past few weeks about his time in Boston and his eventual departure.

Entering the unexpected– A. Sherrod Blakely has how Ray Allen has no idea what to expect  Tuesday night.

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13 thoughts on “Patriots head into bye week, Celtics open 2012-13 season

  1. Jumped into listen to a few seconds of The Sports Hub. Felger and Mazz are already on the same exact track they were last year:

    “This win tells us nothing”

    “What have we really learned about this team?”

    “When are they going to play anyone who is actually going to test them?”

    “They won, but I don’t know anything more about this team than I did last week”

    Seriously, take any show they did a year ago at this time and re-run it from 2-6. Same arguments, same discussion, same talking points.


        1. We’ve been over this….

          It’s one thing to write baseless rants/diatribes here like some people do because they clearly hate certain media personalities or have a bias against one of the stations.

          On the other hand, this site is about who and how they cover topics or don’t cover them. One of the major themes of certain folks is that everything sucks, including Brady/Belichick, etc.

          On “stop listening” – If you are not listening to how someone is covering a topic or continues to cover it, how can you comment on it?


          1. lol…you still don’t get it…..This is the BOSTON SPORTS MEDIA WATCH website…we enjoy commenting on the BOSTON SPORTS MEDIA…how can we do that if we don’t watch?….Felger & Mazz always critique the Pats…why can’t we critique, THEM?….are they above criticism?


          2. They’re not above criticism. In fact, they’re so terrible that they somehow manage to actually be below any form of criticism…And seriously, everyone should stop listening to them because they are just trolling at this point.


          3. Above, maybe Andy short-circuited the comment by prefixing the statement by “listened to a few seconds” ..

            Here’s the problem: F+M (and others, lets not forget) have picked up this as their shtick for the season. The problem addressed her by Bruce, myself, and others is that it seems like its the only thing they want to talk about and discount. On the field, it was the Rams, but in a normal setting, didn’t we expect it to be some 30-28 win if we did win (giving up 400+ passing in the process)? Moreover, many picked the Rams to win, so it doesn’t help that after they discount a BIG win. If they said “well, it’s the Rams.. it’s brian schottenheimer” (meanwhile people were complimenting him this morning on ESPN because his replacement with the Jets is worse..)
            If it was just “the Rams” and a “Shotty” coached team on offense, why did they pick the Pats to lose even on a neutral field?

            How can you call that fair coverage? Beating the Rams isn’t beating the 49ers, but if you are covering the team and can’t give it a fair shake because they did (finally) show a complete 60-minute game, you’re going to get complaints from here.


          4. F+M aren’t covering anything. They are just spewing statements to get people talking about them and listening to them. It’s like what Howard Stern used to say about his listeners back in his early days: The people that liked his show listened for maybe an hour a day and the people who hated listened for like three hours a day. I’m paraphrasing but you get the point.


          5. ..I sort of agree with that…but in my case I’ll admit I don’t listen to their whole show..I’ll channel surf over there, listen for 5-10 minutes (usually that’s as much as I can stand) and comment on what I heard.

            Guess you could make an argument I shouldn’t base their whole show on 5-10 minutes…..but I don’t think their “usual tune” changes very much.


        2. because I do find their whole shtick to be mind-boggling bad… it’s like a bad car wreck…you don’t really want to see but you can’t help but look


      1. I was hoping Greg Bedard/Reiss/Chatham could address that. Maybe the stats are better but there has to be a scheme explanation for this on why they have “looked” and “performed” better w/o him. Show me one national guy who would put his name on this.


  2. Obviously the media hacks ‘stuck’ in London prayed for such an outcome, realizing that they can feast like pigs on someone else’s dime.


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