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The nightmare of a season for the Red Sox finally came to an end Wednesday night with a brutal 14-2 defeat at the hands of the Yankees. Daisuke Matsuzaka pitching in undoubtedly his final game in a Red Sox uniform and possibly his last game in the major leagues in general, did not go out on the right note as he allowed five runs on six hits, including two home runs in just 2 1/3 innings of work. The Red Sox finished 69-93, their worst record since 1965, and they finished last in the AL East for the first time since 1992.

The first report of Bobby Valentine being fired following the season came Wednesday from CBS Sports. (Jon Meterparel “reported” this morning on WEEI that Valentine will be fired.)Ben Cherington would not comment and told reporters in New York he would not talk about the situation until following the season. It was a bit of a surprise Valentine did not make any comments directed at the Red Sox organization about the season at all during his three days in New York. It would be assumed upper-level management would meet Thursday to make a decision on Valentine with an announcement soon there after. Last season Terry Francona was let go on a Friday, with a press conference early Friday evening and it would not surprise me if it were the same this time around with Valentine.

Once the manager situation is taken care of it will be all about rebuilding the team, which will certainly keep things interesting in these parts all winter long.

Shortened links today due to a variety of factors, none of which you care about…

Valentine was a managed disaster for Red Sox – Sean McAdam doesn’t hold back in his criticism of Valentine and ownership, of whom he says “failed to take into account, however, was that, often, for every problem Valentine solves, he creates two new ones.”

On 98.5 this morning, McAdam suggested the possibility that Ben Cherington could quit if he does not get to make the decision on the next manager.

Ben Cherington plays blame game– Nick Cafardo looks back at the season at the relationships within the organization.

For Bobby Valentine and Red Sox, 2012 is a wrap- Dan Shaughnessy says Valentine did not go out “guns blazing” in his final days.

A year of chaos: The Bobby Valentine Timeline – Alex Speier looks back at an unmitigated disaster.

Bitter end for Bobby V, Sox – Michael Silverman says that Valentine didn’t change who he was right to the bitter end.

Bobby V’s longest year will end soon – Gordon Edes looks at the end of the longest year for Valentine and Red Sox fans.

Is the NBA in prime position to usurp MLB? – Ryan Hadfield wonders if the struggles of the Red Sox and the lockout of the Bruins will vault the Celtics and the NBA past the Red Sox and MLB locally.

The Patriots will face Peyton Manning and the Broncos Sunday at Gillette in a game where weather may play a factor, with rain expected and highs only in the mid-50’s. For Patriots coverage visit Patriotslinks.com.

If you tune into 850 AM this morning, you’ll hear a loop recording pointing you to 93.7 FM in preparation for ESPN Radio to take over the 850 frequency tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Nightmare finally over for 2012 Red Sox

  1. Meanwhile, the Braves — who collapsed just as bad last year but who did NOT completely, utterly, and thoroughly overreact to that by destroying their organizational coherence — will be hosting the Cardinals tomorrow. In the playoffs.


  2. Watched “A Football Life Cleveland 95′” on the NFL Network last night….it was more like, “A Football Life Bill Belichick Part 2” ..as BB was a huge part of the program and came off looking like a genius. Brought me back to the the MOST BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION sports media story in history which was of course, “Spygate”

    I remember at the time holier than thou types like Peter King saying the 1st line in Belichick’s obituary will include a mention of “Spygate”, how his reputation will be forever “sullied” by it and how it may affect his Hall of Fame chances. Looks like the, “Knights of the Keyboard” were DEAD WRONG again. Belichick’s legacy as one of the best coaches in NFL history is SEALED and he will enter the Hall in his first year of eligibility.


  3. The nightmare might be over for Valentine, but it’s just starting for the Red Sox. Their ‘nuclear winter’ will begin no matter which media-fawning manager comes in. Fenway Park is only appealing to visiting tourists from Nebraska. Everyone else who sits on those seats on 80+ days of the year does so because their favorite team plays there. Not anymore. It’s a burdensome chore to get to Fenway and then get cemented there for 3+ hours, and even moreso if you’re there to witness a moribund team.


  4. Man that loop was /annoying/. (I don’t get 93.7 very well at home, and I listen to ESPN while falling asleep, so I was all forlorn and bereft. OK, neither forlorn nor bereft, and I’m glad they had /some/ plan for steering the diehards over to FM, but it seemed a little excessive.)


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