Troy Brown will be enshrined into the Patriots Hall of Fame this weekend, being honored for his 15-year career with the team.

Pat’s Hall beckons all-time great – Mark Farniella looks at the former 8th round pick, who was cut in training camp in 1994 after a particularly poor performance on the returns team.

Troy Brown, true Patriot Hall of Famer – Mike Reiss talks to those who played and coached alongside Brown.

Can’t put finger on Josh McDaniels – The Chatham Report has become a must-read on the Patriots. Today, the former linebacker notes that against the Titans “there wasn’t a single repeat combination of personnel group, formation and play-call until the 25th play of the game.

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Heidi Watney bounced from Lakers job – Chad Finn’s media column looks at the former NESN Red Sox reporter leaving Time Warner Cable Sports before she ever even appears on the air.

Media Roundup: John Henry Talks Red Sox Sale; Patriots Open With Strong Ratings – My SB Nation Boston media column has a number of items from this week, including Toucher and Rich’s fan question, John Henry’s appearance on WEEI, Greg Bedard’s new radio gig and a number of other items.

Red Sox fans turn off TVs, but still care about team – Bill Doyle talks to NESN’s Don Orsillo who says that he doesn’t know what the ratings are, but he knows that people are asking him more than ever about this team which shows they’re still interested. Orsillo also thinks Bobby Valentine should return next season.



13 thoughts on “Patriots/Cardinals caps Hall of Fame weekend

  1. Dick Stockton doing the Pats game this week…i like it, it will bring back memories of 1975 Red Sox (probably last time I watched /listened to EVERY Sox game) Fred Lynn-Jim Rice rookie seasons- Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson. “Game Six”… 75′ series Red Sox-Reds….. good times, great memories


  2. Kinda summarizes the national media attitude to the lockout about to happen: @awfulannouncing It’s funny that ESPN puts more coverage into a potential NHL lockout than an NHL season.


    1. I know if you get the links from TWITTER sometimes they are behind a pay wall and sometimes they aren’t….Don’t care about Shank, I don’t want to read his drivel anyway. Finn is OK…Then, if it is behind pay wall i guess word on the street is you can get them if you “delete cookies” other than eating cookies I don’t like messin’ with them.


    2. If you delete the cookies for a site before going to the Globe, using something like this for FireFox (works on all platforms):

      It “sometimes” works. What I’ve found is that they lock it behind the Paywall for specific days like Sundays, and you would have to get a login for it to work. Other days, they just limit the # of articles (hence the cookie deletion).

      Look, if you want to read his articles or another journalist on there, I’d suggest a subscription. I don’t know the cost of a subscription but this is why I pay for my WSJ subscription.


  3. So, we’re locked out. It’s funny how little attention ESPN paid to it. Honestly, I think Doria + co just do it to rub it in.

    Darren Rovell had a great article on why the NHL can bank on us, the hardcore hockey fan (and fellow readers here) will come right back, no matter when the lockout ends.

    This is an interesting article on the media coverage of the lockout and if they will give up:

    Last, some lockout stats and figures:


    1. I say Goodell, by far. Petty, tin-god dictator who almost took a billion dollar business into the crapper over a couple of decimal points, and is diminishing the value of his product by nickel-and-diming the lowest guys on the league totem pole.

      Bettman’s just plain incompetent, not maliciously incompetent like Goodell. Hockey has legitimate issues, and a work stoppage over them was almost unavoidable. Football really didn’t, and both work stoppages (player and officials) should have been easily avoided but for the man in charge.

      Selig is what he is — an ur-demon from the bowels of Gehenna — and nothing’s going to change there.

      Stern is a bit pompous, and he’s definitely The Guy You Love To Hate, but he runs a tight ship, and both owners and players have benefited from his stewardship. (Sure, part of that is because the player’s union has traditionally been run by a bunch of idiots, but that’s beyond his control…)


  4. Early W2->W3 overreactions:

    Flacco no longer elite. Brady sucks. Bench him for Mallet. I’m sure these will add up.

    It’s insane what Twitter has turned into. The funny thing is that people put their name to certain comments..


  5. Still think the Welker issue is a media fabrication? Obviously there is more the story than people “making things up”.


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