Any other season, and last night’s game would’ve been looked at as just a crazy, infuriating but entertaining game.

For this team, it’s just another night at the ballpark, and another kick in the nuts.

The insane 14-13 extra innings loss to the Angels was epically painful. Much like the entire season has been.

I don’t think there is much else to say. Most everyone – players, fans, media are just counting down the days until the season is over and the dismantling and rebuilding can begin. Those die-hards – real fans – who continue to watch each night and look for things to build on for the future, I salute you. I don’t know how you do it, but if anything, maybe this year separates out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the Red Sox fans, and we can go back to a time when those who were at the games and who followed the team did so out of love for baseball and the Red Sox, not because it is the cool thing to do or the place to go and be seen.

The Patriots are in Tampa for their third preseason game, and second this week. While most of the starters are expected to play tonight, given the very weird schedule the Patriots have, it’s hard to tell how much they will play.

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Onto the media columns and notes:

Kristine Leahy leaving Boston for another large market – Chad Finn has the former FOX25 sports anchor set to land a gig in another major city.

He also notes that Steve DeOssie is no longer part of WBZ-TV’s Fifth Quarter programming and recalls his appearance at the Giants pep rally prior to the Super Bowl. Is there a connection? I recall at the time, the feeling at least among media was that DeOssie should not be negatively impacted.

Media Roundup: Are Patriots’ Offensive Line Struggles Overblown? – My SB Nation Boston media column has Matt Chatham telling us to disregard media reports of the Patriots offensive line struggling.

Struggling Solder finds friend in Gruden – Bill Doyle has ESPN’s Jon Gruden defending the play of Nate Solder on Monday night.

Your weekly Joe Sullivan tweet.

The pride with which he tweets this completely embodies everything that is wrong with sports coverage today.

I will say though, that Shaughnessy’s column, (the link in the tweet takes you around the paywall) is actually good today. He has some valid thoughts on the disaster that is the S.S. Red Sox. He also thinks that the uproar over the team attendance to Johnny Pesky’s funeral has been overblown.


20 thoughts on “Another Epic Loss For Sox, Patriots Set For Tampa

  1. “He also thinks that the uproar over the team attendance to Johnny Pesky’s funeral has been overblown.”

    Shank trying to be the contraian again……you can bet your bottom dollar if there was no ‘uproar” over it, Shank would have started one.


  2. When Shaugnessy, Gresh and the wacky bearded morning zookeeper say attendane at the funeral was not a big deal, it’s a big deal.


  3. Anyone know if Fauria has a financial affiliation in the abomination that is Dirty Water TV? That show is so bad it makes DeOssie/Smerlas’ celebrity tailgate thing look legit.


  4. Sullivan has 811 followers. That’s just a crap total, especially for an editor at a major metro paper’s sports section. What an egghead.


  5. Anyone hear Felger & Mazz yesterday when Felger claimed someone who covers the RedSox has told him that a player on the Redsox “has a drinking problem.” He was also told that another player “is an angry drunk.” Was Felger talking tongue in cheek on this? Did I hear it out of context, or was he claiming that this indeed happened?

    If so, how come Felger doesn’t name names? He’s been on the diatribe about the beat writers who keep their mouths shut, acting like if he was in there, he would be breaking news. If this did indeed happen, looks like Felgey fits right in with his BBWAA brethren.


    1. Heard the exact same as well and wondered the same. I’m going to assume that he was told this in confidence by someone on the beat, and had to promise he would not reveal who it was because it could be traced back to the source.

      That’s my only conjecture on it.


      1. You clearly have no idea what the purpose of this website is. This is BOSTON SPORTS MEDIA WATCH, where comments, interpretation, and opinions are made by Bruce and others on those in the Boston Media Corps. Get a life troll!


        1. Do you think that the player with the drinking problem or the “angry drunk” was traded away? I hope that you and Felger get to the bottom of that one.


  6. These are good days to be Tony Mazz. His past few columns on the Sox have been like a pig wallowing in the slop…


  7. So, a lot has transpired this afternoon. Those waiver claims? LAD. And, they look serious.

    So far, it looks like Ken Rosenthal (FOXSports) and Gordon Edes here have the leads on this:

    Their latest articles of my posting:

    Edes claims that CC + Beckett + AGon + Punto would go.


    WEEI was the only non-Football/non-NFL on in town, and we’re about 3 minutes from NESN/CSNNE going live with the latest.

    The best tweet about this so far came from PeteAbe:

    @PeteAbe If Dodgers take Beckett, Magic Johnson will be more popular in Boston than Larry Bird #RedSox


  8. Boston is falling now, but we have keep cheering, fighting and rising, no matter what will happen, no strikeout, no loss, no irritating rival will put us down. We have to win, acheive succeed and RISE! Put the white flag down and raise the flag of victory, the flag of Boston!


  9. Too bad there’s no updates during the weekend. It’s going to be very interesting if the Beckett, CC and AGon trade goes through.


  10. Mike Flynn has been on a bit with Zo doing the Patriots stuff (I assume they give him the day off for show/game prep, etc). I’ve got to say I really enjoy him on the radio. I wish they had him on more. Obviously, his strength is NFL/football but he’s a reasonable voice here even with discussing other sports.


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