The Red Sox fell to the Angels 7-3 and now have 14 losses in the month of August. The last time the Red Sox lost 14 games in August was all the way back in 2003 with Grady Little as manager. Clay Buchholz allowed a season-high and tied a career-high by allowing 12 hits in just 5 1/3 innings. The seven runs also matched a season-high for Buchholz, who allowed seven runs in his first start of the year against Detroit. Buchholz had allowed three runs or less in his last six starts going into last night.

Even Clay Buchholz at a loss– Joe McDonald looks at Buchholz’s night, who going into the game was the teams’ most consistent pitcher, but just didn’t have it Wednesday night.

Buchholz: ‘I’m not really disappointed’– Maureen Mullen also looks at Buchholz’s start Wednesday night.

It was bound to happen eventually, even to Red Sox– Peter Abraham looks at some of the most respected and successful franchises in the league who have had losing records since the last time the Red Sox did.

Revolving coaches might be real Sox issue– Scott Lauber says having three pitching coaches in the past four seasons could be playing a role in the pitching staff’s struggles.

Daisuke Matsuzaka era may not end yet– Nick Cafardo says the Red Sox have not “closed the door” on the idea of bringing Matsuzaka back for another season.

It’s all over for the Red Sox– Christopher Gasper (subscription required) says with 38 games remaining the season is all but over, with players just looking to get it over with.

Will anyone frame the 2012 Sox photo?– With the team photo being taken today, Gordon Edes looks at the disappointing season and even ahead to next season.

According to the Inside Track, only four players attended Johnny Pesky’s funeral on Monday. This after the front office had ordered busses for the front office and the team. The report says the front office was “extremely disappointed.” As they should be, Pesky was a Red Sox icon, who no one could ever say anything negative about. Making matters worse was the entire team made it to Josh Beckett’s charity bowling event later that night.

The two-day NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon wrapped up at midnight last night and over the two days $3.2 million was raised to help strike out cancer. All of the local sports teams chipped in to help this great cause. The Red Sox players took time to all go out to center field prior to the game Wednesday and pose for a photo with the tote board showing how much money was raised at that time. This is an absolutely great event and continues to grow year after year. This was the 11th year of the event.

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25 thoughts on “Red Sox fall to six games under .500

  1. We know that trade waivers now is standard for certain players, but:

    @Sean_McAdam Source: Sox placed Adrian Gonzalez on trade waivers today. Pretty
    standard stuff in Aug., but perhaps willing to listen on him this

    @JonHeymanCBS Josh Beckett is on trade waivers now. Competing execs don’t expect him to be claimed. #redsox


  2. I wonder where “Uncle Jerry” is to comment on the last month of RedSox news. He’s been a stout defender of this team, calling most of us out for being disloyal fans. Just curious and wondering if theres a hot, sports take nestled in his bossom.


    1. The team stinks. I have not defended them on how they played on the field. That is impossible. I just don’t pretend that reading sports blogs or listening to sports radio gives me any insight as to how motivated the players or owner are or the reason they are dysfunctional.

      I just have a problem with the drama queen fans. These are the ones who claim they aren’t supporting the team yet read every article about them and listen to hours of sports radio eating up all the gossip and rumors.

      This is there time. They have loved the past months “News.” There has been one thing after another, beer talk, secret meetings, text message scandal, pesky funeralgate. There are just so many things to get upset about!


  3. On D&C this morning he normally evasive Larry Lucchino said bluntly that the Sox management sees the same numbers that the media and fans see and that they see that they have to start looking more towards the future because time to make a run this year has mostly run out. I was shocked. During the same interview Larry admitted the sell out streak might come to an end in September…but he said internally their thinking is basically “it is what it is”.

    He also refused to speculate on Bob McClure’s relationship with Jeff Passan but he did say he was aware of it.

    I almost got the feeling listening to to Larry that he is feeling some heat. It was bizarre.

    On a different note, the Sox players not attending Johnny Pesky’s funeral is a disgrace. Normally I would rip the Red Sox organization…did they talk to the players, impress upon them that this was important etc…but not this time…If a player can’t figure out that he needs to go pay respects to a man who was associated with the Red Sox organization for 70 years, on his own…then why should any fan expect for that player to be dedicated to his craft and put preparation and winning ahead of his own sloth.


    1. The funeral stuff is just piling on. If the team was winning the East, no one would care if they went. Besides, didn’t your teachers make you read the Great Gatsby in school? Betcha no one comes to my funeral.


      1. Can you imagine only 4 patriots players attending the funeral of Gino Capelletti who is the closest comparison I can think of. Gino has been with the Patriots in some capacity for 50 years. Johnny was with the Sox for 70. You would think more than 4 players would have felt an obligation to pay respects. Had it happened in Foxboro Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork would have been the first two on the bus and the rest of the team would have followed. The eyes of Dr. TJ Eckleburg are looking down on the Sox today disapproving.


      2. It may be piling on but it’s not just because of on-field performance. There is a long pattern of behavior that portrays this team as a bunch of entitled, petulant children. Sure, people care about that less when they are winning but the image (and, as the evidence mounts, likely reality) of this team matters, and it is remarkable how poorly that has been handled by Sox ownership since last Sept. The Pesky funeral snub will now be remembered similarly to the moment the 2001 team refused to come to the top step for the anthem post-9/11. Overblown? Maybe, but it fits the image of this team, which has been rightly earned.


    2. Didn’t the Red Sox play a night game in New York the day before the funeral? So that would mean they probably didn’t get back to Boston until after 1, and probably weren’t in bed until 2 or 3 am. Perhaps if the Peskys wanted all the players there, they could have considered starting the funeral a little later.


      1. Yeah…I would not want to inconvenience the team with an early funeral. Might cut into their beauty sleep. I doubt the Pesky family cared at all who from the current team went to the funeral. Clearly the team, who rented a bus, expected more than players to attend. They are the one’s who were embarrassed. They knew the schedule and still expected more participation. But hey let’s let the players off the hook…they played a baseball game the night before.


      2. Bed at 4am, after sleeping a little on the bus, in which you could also most likely expense a hotel room to the team buses at 11 for a 1pm funeral? Then they’re all at Beckett’s Bowl that night drinking?

        Are you seriously going to defend this?

        And, again, lets point out it wasn’t a beat writer letting this into the public.


      1. The Lucchino Way:
        Passim story featuring anonymous “team” sources on details of player-owner meeting: Outrage someone violated sanctity of “round table meetings;” obsessed with finding leaker; implies recently fired coach was rat.
        Hohler story featuring anonymous “team” sources blaming the September collapse on one of his top employee’s divorce and alleged prescription drug addiction: Calls story “interesting.”


  4. I am stunned that there are still zombies here who still believe their team is at no fault at all. It’s very Penn State like in their blind devotion to this team. Get out of the basement once and awhile and check out the real world.


    1. I am stunned that someone an draw a connection between missing a funeral and generally pathetic baseball.


  5. George Cain commented on this but if you’re wondering about the whole Skip Bayless->Jeter thing, here is one take from FoxSports.

    The person I saw this from on Twitter thought it was funny that FoxSports is taking potshots at Bayless while employing Jason Whitlock. Could not be more spot on there.

    Likewise, as George said, Bayless paved the way for people like Felger to thrive in the sportstalk/sportsdebate world. However, ever put two narcissistic like-minded people together? Not enough air in the room and each can’t run their own game in the same environment–basically mutually assured destruction. So, even though it’s asymmetrical shots Felger took at Bayless that he would never respond to, it was still funny.


  6. Well, if you missed the Cycling news because you were.. watching all 4 hours and 10 innings…

    I don’t even know where to go on this one. Thus far, I’ve been looking at big sites (nytimes/espn/etc) and 90% of people are rip*bleep* at anyone for touching beloved Lance. Were we duped? I have no clue where to go here. I, like 99% of America, followed the TDF/cycling only when Lance was winning, and only know the sport seems to be pretty damn dirty these days.

    I called a friend who lives and breathes cycling and he said that they’ve (the agencies accusing him) had a “hard-on” to get him on anything for a bit because they felt burned in the past and needed to re legitimize themselves.

    Cycling nut.. defending his own? I don’t know.

    What scares me: everyone this morning is a cycling/anti-doping expert. That gives me even more trepidation on what information to trust that is coming out.

    I’m also not gonna defend anyone who tries to say “but with my bad, I did a lot of good” junk. Michael Milken still does that to this day, among others.

    Just, again, what surprises me are the media convicting him instantly instead of at least asking some questions here. At the same time, I saw that Nike + others issued a blanket statement supporting him last night. I get their motive. Lance still helps them sell the $1 charity bracelets that they’re most likely getting a profit off of. Why they’re not asking the same questions should get more shame from the media, but it won’t. Turn the heat up and they might… or maybe we can’t do this in the country anymore. Again, isn’t this a perfect opportunity for another “Sara Ganim” star to rise if they did some good reporting here?


  7. Regarding Lucchino, I hate to give George Costanza’s late boss credit for saying ANYTHING prescient, but with the collapse of the Sox as an organization over the last 12 months I have been reminded of something that Steinbrenner said not long after Henry bought the team and Lucchino began ramping up the tone of the rivaly with his “Evil Empire” comment. Steinbrenner basically said that he “warned” Henry — who had a limited partnership stake in the Yankees at the time he bought the Red Sox, and thus he knew Steinbrenner reasonably well — about getting involved with Lucchino. He also implied, I believe, that it would work out well for awhile but eventually Lucchino’s true colors would come out. I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember the quote exactly and it was uttered nearly a decade ago. Streinbrenner no doubt was familiar with Lucchino and how he operates from the latter’s days in Baltimore. Not saying Steinbrenner was right, but given that LL has been front and center during most of this organizational implosion over the last year, I have been reminded of that comment recently. Whatever your opinion of Georgie Peorgie, as Pedro used to call him, he was, at the very least, a good businessman, and he knew how to surround himself with the right people (most of the time–Howard Spira not withstanding).


    1. As others have said, there’s a reason Edward Bennett Williams never, ever, ever gave Lucchino unfettered control of the Orioles.


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