Led by slugger Cody Ross’ two three-run home runs the Red Sox powered over the White Sox 10-1 Wednesday night at Fenway Park. Felix Doubront picked up his tenth win of the season, which is the same number as Jon Lester and Josh Beckett combined. Jacoby Ellsbury continued his strong play since his return as he went 3-for-4 with three runs scored.

After receiving a second opinion on his Achilles it was determined that designated hitter David Ortiz will go on the 15-day disabled list. The Red Sox will get Dustin Pedroia back Thursday, and will most likely use the DH spot to give a few guys a rest from playing the field, rather than having one player fill the shoes of Ortiz.

Around this time of year no rumor should be a surprise, but this one came out of no where. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, as well as USA Today reported the Red Sox have been engaged with trade talks involving Carl Crawford. One of the teams he mentioned was the Marlins and the deal would be the Red Sox sending Crawford and Jose Iglesais to the Marlins in exchange for former Red Sox Hanley Ramirez and closer Heath Bell. This really doesn’t make sense on so many levels, but during July this probably won’t be the last crazy rumor to get out there.

On top of the trade rumors, Crawford has had to deal with the aftermath of the racial slur directed at him during his rehab game with Portland in Manchester, NH. You really have to feel for the guy who has been outstanding in his first three games of the year having to deal with all of this, and to Crawford’s credit he has said all the right things.

Felix Doubront fulfills promise foreseen by Bobby Valentine– Scott Lauber looks at Doubront’s outing and how Valentine has believed in him since the first bullpen session he saw him throw.

Ross, Gonzalez step in for injured Ortiz– Danny Picard has players stepping up to try and make up for Ortiz’ absence in the lineup.

Cody Ross helps fill void– Joe McDonald also has Ross stepping up to make up for Ortiz’ production while he is on the DL.

Cody Ross validates decision to sign with Red Sox, showing swing suited for Fenway Park– Didier Morais looks at Ross’ swing being perfect for Fenway, and how he already has more home runs than all of last season.

Gonzalez headed in the right direction– Brian MacPherson has Adrian Gonzalez being locked in at the plate ever since the teams’ West Coast trip prior to the All-Star break.

The return of the real Adrian Gonzalez– Alex Speier looks deeper into Gonzalez’ recent hot streak at the plate.

Rondo NBA’s best point guard?– Interesting quotes from Rajon Rondo in an interview to a French newspaper while at a Nike Camp in France. This was supposedly translated from English to French, then back to English, so things could have gotten a little distorted. Rondo calls himself the best point guard in the league, and adds he has been “running” Celtic timeouts for the past two seasons.

Penn State should discuss ending football– Bob Ryan adds in his take on the Penn State scandal and the aftermath.


8 thoughts on “Red Sox blow out White Sox, Ortiz to DL

  1. So I listened to the Larry Lucchino spot on WEEI with D&C this am. I find it interesting that he was willing to come out of the bunker after the Sox have won 4 of 5 since the all-star break and are 1 game out of the 5th wild card spot (as an aside if the sox clinch the 5th spot will there be champagne and if there is does that violate the Sox no alcohol in the clubhouse rules?). He took the obligatory shots at the media. He said that Bill James had been spoken to. He claimed that Ben Cherrington has both the authority and guts to make a major deal at on or before July 31. And he announced that the Sox were trying to get a weekly Thursday morning gig with D&C for Sr. Management…it would rotate…Larry, Ben, Dr. Charles, maybe an owner.

    How great is that…on their Flagship broadcast station the Sox are discussing/negotiating an infomercial for ownership. They must be getting hit in the pocketbook for ownership to be around the park more and Larry willing to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. Maybe this means they might change the personality of this team.


    1. No, that wouldn’t violate the rules. There are lots of other clubs that don’t have beer in the clubhouse that spray champagne when they win something.


      1. You might want to refer to what happened last September if you missed ltd’s humor there.

        I turned it off when the interview came on. Something about softball interviews is something, to me, that make 0 news, and if they do, will wind up in an article somewhere.

        Granted it’d violate their partnership, wouldn’t it be must listen radio if you had a Felger interviewing one of them each week? Again, compare the “management sitdown” on WEEI to the “Henry invades our studios” on TSH last year.


        1. Have you ever listened to D&C’s interviews with Lucchino? I’d say they’re far from “softball”, the most recent one included. Callahan in particular doesn’t pull any punches. It’s arguably the most entertaining regular interview D&C have next to Doc Rivers.

          And no, I don’t think Felger doing a weekly impersonation of a poor man’s Mike Wallace with Red Sox management would be must-listen radio. Felger’s become an caricature of his former rational contrarian self. He’s the TMZ of sports talk radio.


          1. Is WEEI, and maybe even TSH, having all of their interns register accounts each day and basically defend WEEI on every single comment with brand new accounts?

            Just fyi, doing a regression analysis on this and “Guestly” comments from the past is hitting >95% on correlation.

            Each day, there is something new like this. New user, defending WEEI tooth and nail, and then no more comments/posts. Maybe it is time for some type of moderation?

            Personally, I think it is a good thing that people who clearly work for outlets around here care enough to be on here. However, I’d hope that you at least be objective about it.


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