Monday was a busy day in the world of Boston sports, led by the return of Kevin Youkilis to Fenway Park. The Red Sox won the game 5-1 over the White Sox as a result of Adrian Gonzalez’ three-run home run in the eighth inning. The big story of the game was on the home run designated hitter David Ortiz appeared to injure his leg while rounding second base. Following the game manager Bobby Valentine said it was an achilles injury and he is expected to miss a few games. Ortiz said he would have an MRI Tuesday.

Ortiz injures achilles tendon– Nick Cafardo in his notebook has what a bizarre injury season it has been for the Red Sox.

Kevin Youkilis feels love at Fenway– Joe McDonald looks at the former Red Sox’ return to Fenway, a game in which he had three hits.

Kevin Youkilis feels comfortable with White Sox– Bob Ryan (subscription only) also has a look at Youkilis’ return to Fenway. It was Ryan’s last official Red Sox assignment with the Globe before he is set to retire after the Olympics. The media gave Ryan a standing ovation in the press box during the game.

Another solid outing from Aaron Cook– Maureen Mullen has another quality start from a Red Sox starter.

Crawford gets off to good start– Mullen also has a look at Carl Crawford’s first game back this season.

Ross can relate to Youk facing former team– Brian MacPherson and Tim Britton in their notebook have what Ross said it is like facing a former team.

In football news, Monday was the deadline for players who were franchised to reach long-term agreements with their respective teams. Otherwise the players will be forced to play the entire 2012 season under the franchise tag and cannot sign a long-term deal until the 2012 season is over. As expected the Patriots and Wes Welker did not reach a long-term deal.

What’s next for the Pats and Welker– Mike Reiss has the options the Patriots have Welker have regarding his next contract.

Wes Welker, Patriots, will wait– Jeff Howe has what the next off-season will look like for the Patriots and Welker.

In media news, came out with “2012 Talkers Heavy Hundred of Sports Talk”, ranking sports talk shows from 1-to-100. Boston was well-represened in the list as Dennis & Callahan came in at No. 7, followed closely by Toucher & Rich at No. 11. No. 21 was The Big Show and Felger & Mazz was No. 33. Rounding out Boston’s representation was Mut & Merloni at No. 73. Gresh & Zo were not on the list. Take this list for what it is worth.

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13 thoughts on “Youkilis returns to Fenway, Ortiz injured

  1. Dennis and Callahan were NUMBER 7 IN THE COUNTRY?!!?! Dear god this list is meaningless. There are at least 100 shows better than Gresh and Zo and Dennis and Callahan is not one of them.


  2. What is the metric used to measure what qualifies as one of the “best sportstalk shows?” Was this list merely a poll on 100 random writers, listeners? I don’t think this is ratings based, merely by the fact that T&R have beat D&C for over a year now. I wonder if Jason Wolfe sent whoever came up with this list a message about how the ratings should be higher for WEEI programs, seeing as they didn’t count Providence.


    1. that’s why I said I don’t think much of “The List”…First off. don’t know much about this website (TALKERS, the “Bible of Talk Radio??…OK, if they say so) …secondly, the list is top heavy with “Big names” Francesa, JIM ROME, “Mike&Mike”, Dan Patrick, Tony Kornholer….to me it just seems like a haphazardly thrown together list of Big names from Big Markets……one thing I do find amusing is that Rome (who D&C love to call a jock-sniffer) came in 5 SPOTS ABOVE THEM….another useless list put together for debate purposes (which I fell for, hook, line and sinker)


  3. Wait, nothing in this post, not even a single link was to trashing Penn State and Joe Paterno?


    1. I hear you, man. I thought the Penn State story would die out once Sandusky got sent to prison but unfortunately that’s not the case. I mean, unless you’re a delusional Penn State supporter there’s really only one opinion you can have on the story.


      1. The problem is Penn State keeps compounding the issue by making head scratching decisions. I understand why they want to play football this year…the away gates effect other institutions, Paterno is dead, there is nothing else to do in that part of Pennsylvania. But they could have shown they were proactive by taking the Paterno name off the library showing that institution is not blind to the plight of the victims. Instead the university still behaves as if it is the victim in all this and until it changes its mindset…the story will continue.


    2. Your continual posts about how bored you are with the Penn St. subject is downright baffling. This is only one of the biggest, most horrifying stories in the country — and one of the worst sports related stories in history. It might shock you, but millions of people are more interested in it — and its relevance to society — than hearing about Celtics Summer League.


      1. I’m not against talking about it at all. I’m against doing entire shows on it and the coverage being so excessive that it just turns into a “trash this or trash that”. I’m railing against the “Casey Anthony-ization” of the story instead of reporting on it properly and doing good segments on it. If shows/hosts/producers want to go this way, and their listeners are there for this, then more power to them.

        Also, there is other things to talk about than Summer League. Wasn’t baseball still going on? Free agency in the NHL/NBA? Potential lockout? Doing 4 hours of “Where will Dwight end up” isn’t what im thinking here. Why are most shows, including national ones, only doing a segment or two on it when there is something new on it?

        Now, as ltd said below, they’re also not doing themselves any favors by keeping themselves in the news.

        I just tune into sports talk for talk about sports, not excessive sleuthing.


        1. You don’t realize it, but you’re kind of answering your own question. I’m not sure there are any sports talk show hosts in this market capable of putting together well-thought out shows. It’s alot easier to just throw slop against the wall and get everyone to call in and react to it. (Oh yeah, and don’t forget to shout out your points because that’s good for ratings, right YARMarotti?)


  4. I’m always amused by people who’s jobs are to give opinions advocating the firing of others for… giving their opinions.

    I mean, we all know that Gary Tanguay is a frighteningly stupid individual, but I thought he’d at least have the self awareness to understand how dumb what he said was.


  5. I wish they’d keep Bob Ryan in front of The Globe’s pay-wall; I wish they’d always keep Shaughnessy behind it.


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