After losing five straight games the Red Sox have bounced back with wins on back-to-back nights after crushing the Marlins 10-2 Wednesday night. Felix Doubront took a no-hitter into the sixth inning, where it was snapped by a Jose Reyes solo home run, but even so Doubront pitched possibly his best game of the year. He allowed just two runs on three hits, while striking out nine. It was also the first time the Red Sox scored double digit runs since May 13.

With the Red Sox traveling to Chicago to take on the Cubs this weekend, Theo Epstein is back in the spotlight with the Boston media. Epstein appeared on Felger & Mazz yesterday touching on a variety of subjects in a lengthy interview. He also appeared on Dennis and Callahan this morning, and did a lengthy Q&A with Dan Shaughnessy in the Globe.  Also, a few Red Sox media members traveled to Chicago ahead of the team to speak with the former Red Sox general manager in his new office on Wednesday.

How success bred a monster: Theo Epstein considers his Red Sox legacy– Alex Speier has a number of thoughts from Epstein touching on a number of subjects, both from his time in Boston and now with the Cubs.

Theo Epstein’s unhappy ending– John Tomase focuses on Epstein’s departure from Boston.

Wednesday was the second day of Patriots mini-camp. Despite the rainy weather the team still held practice outdoors. Tom Brady spoke to the media for the first time, which was a big topic for the local media.

Tom Brady sticks with the program– Mike Reiss has mechanics still being key for Brady, and how he will remember his late mentor Tom Martinez.

Tom Brady tunes up– Jeff Howe also takes a look at how important mechanics are for the Patriots QB.

Brady adjusting to Lloyd’s unique skills– Tom E. Curran says newly signed wide receiver Brandon Lloyd is not the type of received Brady is used to and will have to get used to Lloyd’s ability to made plays on balls thrown his way.

Why Brandon Lloyd might be one of the most rare receivers in recent Patriots’ history– Christopher Price looks at the first impressions of Lloyd in a Patriots uniform.

Belichick won’t read into ‘unwritten’ rule – Alex Prewitt’s notebook in the Globe has the Patriots coach denying any breach of the unwrittens in claiming Jake Ballard off waivers.

Wednesday mini-camp observations– Andy Hart has his usual in-depth look at what took place during Wednesday’s second day of mini camp.

Celts’ future begins with current roster – Mark Murphy has a positional breakdown of the current roster.


7 thoughts on “Doubront leads Red Sox to second straight win

  1. I don’t really see the arrogance. And mocking him for the media calling him ‘boy wonder’ is totally unfair. That’s like when people criticize Belichick, calling him a ‘self-described genius’ when he has never called himself a genius.  You shouldn’t blame someone for what other people call them. 


  2. Media very quick to paint belichick as a ‘bad guy’ again….ohhh..Did big Bad Bill break the “unwritten rule”…..ohhhhhhh


    1. Wasn’t there someone that Chilli did (when he was HC with MIN) this to against Hoodie? On the media (TV/radio) side, I didn’t see much “Hoodie is a dink” stuff because you run this risk.


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  4. @darrenrovell:twitter  Game 2 of the NBA Finals on ABC gets same 11.8 overnight rating that Game 1 got. Still, best overnight for Game 2 since ’04.

    Gotta wonder what the temptation of a Game 7 will be..


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