For the first time in a very long time no Boston sports teams were in action. The Bruins were eliminated  from the Stanley Cup Playoffs over a month ago, the Red Sox had an off day in Boston before taking on the Orioles tonight at Fenway, and the Celtics traveled to Miami for Game 5 of their series with the Heat, which is tied at two games apiece.

With the series tied at two, it is now a best-of-three series, with the winner advancing to the NBA Finals. Game 5 is tonight at 8:30 airing on ESPN, with local pre and postgame coverage on CSN.

Celtics have taken fifth before– Chris Forsberg has the Celtics fairing very well in Game 5’s under Doc Rivers. Since 2008 when their series’ are tied at two, the Celtics are a perfect 8-0 in Game 5’s.

Celtics have made it a series with the Heat– Bob Ryan says the pressure is now on the Heat, not the Celtics.

Please, no tipping point– Steve Buckley says Rajon Rondo needs to remain calm, and play with poise and composure.

Bench brigade gives Celtics a spark– Mark Murphy says the Celtics’ bench is going to need be at their best in order for the Celtics to have a shot in winning the series.

Rivers faces tough task of lowering Garnett’s minutes– A. Sherrod Blakely says Rivers needs to find a way to lower Kevin Garnett’s minutes.

LeBron’s no big shot Gerry Callahan looks at LeBron James and his talents on the court make him one of the league’s all-time greats, but he hasn’t proven that he is clutch by making big shots down the stretch of big games.

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The other big story in Boston has been Tim Thomas and his future next year. Through posting on his Facebook page it appears that the Bruins goaltender will be taking a year off from hockey, to focus on “the three F’s: Friends, Family and Faith.” A few back Thomas, while many have ripped Thomas saying that it is all business, a way to get back at the Bruins.

Michael Felger: Tim Thomas is ‘out of his mind’Michael Felger on his radio show, Felger & Mazz, shared his opinion on the Bruins goaltender, saying Thomas is “out of his mind.”

Getting inside Tim Thomas’ decision– Joe McDonald says that if Thomas is indeed taking time off just to be with his family, good for him.

Thomas not forcing trade– Fluto Shinzawa speaks with Thomas’ agent and he says that his player is not doing this to get a new contract, or force a trade.

Thomas goes wrong way– Stephen Harris looks back at Thomas’ career, searching for answers as to why he would want to take the next year off.

Monday night was the first round of the MLB Draft. Although not a very big event for fans, it is critical in the development of teams’ farm systems. Alex Speier of is by far the most knowledgeable of the Red Sox’ farm system and draft among members of the Boston media and is a must follow for this week and as the signing deadline gets closer later in the summer.

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington, Scouting Director Amiel Sawdaye break down draftees– Speier has what members of the Red Sox organization thought of their first three picks of the 2012 draft.


16 thoughts on “Celtics-Heat gear up for crucial Game 5

  1. D+C say, “from a source”, he’s not using this at all to leverage a trade (or none), and he genuinely wants time off. Sounded ‘legit’ but maybe it will become more of a story as the day goes on.


    1.  The Glob already had that yesterday.  And they were able to put a name to the source.


  2. Saw a little of the Thomas discussion on Sports Tonight this morning (replay), and Felger says “Can you imagine anyone walking away from the Patriots with a year left on his contract, when they are set up to contend like the Bruins are?” Um yeah I can, his name is Matt Light. He just retired with one year left on his contact even though the Patriots look ready to make another SB run. He also just had one of his best years as a pro, and he walked away. Matt Light must be out of his mind. Or maybe this just proves once again that when a media member has an axe to grind, they grind it.


    1. And didn’t Deion Branch, for all intents and purposes, walk away from the Pats with a year left on his deal?


    2. Felger and his ilk also conveniently either forget or are so awful at their “jobs” (the latter gets my vote) to know that there are more than a few examples of players who have left their respective sports when they were still considered at the top of their games:  Jim Brown, Sandy Koufax, and — locally — Tom Heinsohn all come quickly to mind.  And, all were younger than Thomas.

      But, as Frank points out, when the owners of the keyboards and airways have an axe to grind or an “edgy” narrative/stooooory line to advance — or if they don’t agree with a player’s politics — they seldom, if ever, let the facts get in the way.


      1.  I believe Matt Light retired. He didn’t “take a year off.” He took the rest of his career off. I didn’t watch Matt Light’s retirement speech, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t plug his endorsements during it either.


        1.  Agreed. It has nothing to do with TT’s politics, as Ordway keeps harping on, but the fact that Light retired while TT’s taking a year off. Huge difference.


          1. I’m pretty sure this is Tim Thomas retiring. The only definite that we have heard is that he wants to play for the US team in the 2014 Olympics. Maybe he feels like if he officially retires that will hurt his chances of making the team, whereas if he simply takes a year off his chances improve. Either way the point was would someone just walk away from a championship caliber team? And the answer is yes. Retiring or taking a year off, whatever you want to call it is just semantics.


  3. Come on Boston! I live in FL and I am so tired of hearing about the big three….blah..blah…blah we haven’t won crap but we’re so great blah..blah..blah…that’s all I hear all day. Please make it stop!! GO CELTICS!!


    1. It’s got to suck being a Heat fan since everyone has to wear a white shirt to the game.  I bet a bunch of fans have to throw those shirts away after they get stained by hotdog condiments and spilled beer.


  4. Off topic but:

    @grantwahl:twitter  Mexico-Brazil soccer averages 3.3M audience in US on Univision. Big number, higher than Stanley Cup finals so far (2.9M).

    I am almost surprised but not with the draw Soccer gets in the US.

    If I were the NBA, I’d be worried more about soccer than the NHL @ this rate.


  5. Mike Breen isn’t even trying to hide it anymore – makes a routine play by the Heat sound like a game winning buzzer beater. Hawk Harrelson would be embarrassed.


  6. So, a few “celebrities” have been chiming in. I can’t wait for the fakest of all fake fans Marina Munous to come out next.

    @danecook: Doc Rivers coaches methodically like a general on the battlefield. Erik Spoelstra coaches like he’s playing Xbox.


  7. @jksports:twitter  Huge 7.6 overnight for Game 5 Celts/Heat (up 38%). Games 4 & 5 now 2
    best NBA ratings ever on ESPN. 21.5 rating in Miami, 19 in Boston


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