Celtics Follow Patriots Model In Draft

You could make the case that the Celtics draft picks in some way mirrored the choices that the Patriots made in April. With one pick, they selected a tall, big man from Syracuse, (Fab Melo) who is still a bit raw, but a good developmental project. With their other pick, they selected a physical thumper … Continue reading Celtics Follow Patriots Model In Draft


Tracking The Buchholz Story

http://storify.com/bruceallen/the-buchholz-charity-scandal.js?border=false%5BView the story "The Buchholz Charity Scandal" on Storify]The Buchholz Charity ScandalIn case you missed it, Boston sports radio and twitter blew up this morning at the news that Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz, fresh out of the hospital, attended a charity event last night. Here's how it went down, and what they're saying. Storified … Continue reading Tracking The Buchholz Story