Celtics Follow Patriots Model In Draft

You could make the case that the Celtics draft picks in some way mirrored the choices that the Patriots made in April.

With one pick, they selected a tall, big man from Syracuse, (Fab Melo) who is still a bit raw, but a good developmental project. With their other pick, they selected a physical thumper from a big program (Jared Sullinger) who fell a bit in the draft due to some physical concerns, but who should be able to step in and be productive right from the start.

You can compare those attributes to Chandler Jones and Dont’a Hightower whom the Patriots drafted earlier this spring.

Promising future starts now – Gary Washburn has the Celtics future looking brighter.

In Jared Sullinger, C’s gamble is worth risk – Paul Flannery looks at how Sullinger ended up with the Celtics and why he was worth picking despite some back issues.

Celtics gamble on Sullinger, Melo – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics hoping to repeat the success they’ve had with Avery Bradley.

Sullinger ‘ready to dominate’ in Celtics uniform – Jimmy Toscano has Sullinger talking about being picked by the Celtics.

When it comes to NBA-level defense, Melo not yet the man – A. Sherrod Blakely says that the Big East Defensive Player will have to make some adjustments at the next level.

Still Andre Carter country? – Jeff Howe looks at why the defensive lineman and the Patriots have yet to agree to a new contract.

Five things we learned on another memorable night for Franklin Morales – The Red Sox lost a 1-0 decision to the Seattle Mariners last night, but Morales sparkled once more. Rob Bradford looks at what we can take from the outing.

Young Bruin Hamilton is hard to miss – Dan Cagan has the Bruins top pick of 2011 standing out at developmental camp. DJ Bean says that Hamilton is ready to make the leap.

Media Columns

Gymnast Aly Raisman’s Olympic quest is subject of documentary – Chad Finn has local filmmaker Torey Champagne waiting for the ending of his documentary on the Olympic hopeful. He also looks at the NFL switching up some late-starting game times, and has a few other notes.

Tornadoes’ Gagalis is more than a voice – Bill Doyle talks to Worcester Tornadoes play-by-play man Nick Gagalis, who does a whole lot more for the team than just call the games.

Times Have Changed In MLB, As Evident By Clay Buchholz Charity ‘Scandal’ – In my SB Nation Boston media column, I look at how the mediahas gone from drinking with players to knocking them for going to a charity even where they don’t drink.

Gary Tanguay is an embarrassment. But you probably already knew that.


Do you want THAT guy taking over for Gil Santos in the Patriots radio booth? No thanks.


Tracking The Buchholz Story

http://storify.com/bruceallen/the-buchholz-charity-scandal.js?border=false[View the story “The Buchholz Charity Scandal” on Storify]

The Buchholz Charity Scandal

In case you missed it, Boston sports radio and twitter blew up this morning at the news that Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz, fresh out of the hospital, attended a charity event last night. Here’s how it went down, and what they’re saying.

Storified by · Thu, Jun 28 2012 09:29:59

Interesting…….a little bird just told me there’s a damn good pool party going on at MGM Grand Foxwoods…Clay Buchholz is there #peptoScott Zolak
Team source: Clay Buchholz attended but did not drink at Foxwoods charity event less than 24 hrs after hospital release http://fullcount.weei.com/sports/boston/baseball/red-sox/2012/06/28/clay-buchholz-attended-but-did-not-drink-at-foxwoods-charity-event-on-wednesday-night/Alex Speier
#RedSoxTalk Buchholz, too sick to travel to Seattle with the #RedSox, reportedly attended an event at MGM Foxwoods http://ow.ly/bStFZCSNNE.com
CLAY BUCHHOLZ didn’t travel w the team to the west coast, but was at a vodka-sponsored pool party at MGM Foxwoods last night. Details NEXT.Toucher and Rich
AUDIO: Clay Buchholz attended a pool party at MGM Foxwoods on Wednesday night rather than traveling with the team to… http://dlvr.it/1n1X6XWEEI
Some people have a problem with Clay Buchholz going to a charity event? Really?Clay Buchholz just got out of the hospital for esophagitis. Less than 24 hours later, the team has confirmed, he attended a charity event…
#RedSox Clay Buchholz reportedly attended a pool party at Foxwoods on Wednesday… Big deal or non-story? http://cbsloc.al/OChqjn98.5 The Sports Hub
Buchholz attends an event for Greg Hill. Greg Hill is one of @Toucherandrich’s main competition. @Toucherandrich make a big deal about it.Adam Nappa
Footage of Bucholz at the MGM pool party! http://tinyurl.com/6txpeg4Chris Curtis
This Buchholz/Foxwoods story makes me hate being a member of the media. It’s a total non-story but people will act like he committed murder.Michael Berger
I tweet something that was pure info, & the national media uses it as ANOTHER excuse to crap on Boston sports fans. http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/06/28/some-people-have-a-problem-with-clay-buchholz-going-to-a-charity-event-really/Toucher and Rich
This is what the Buchholz/Foxwoods story comes down to: The majority of folks who are outraged work in the media. Fans generally don’t care.Michael Berger
Methinks using the phrase "a little birdie told me" makes you sound like a tool, not informed. #RedSoxRyan Hadfield
#RedSoxTalk Clay Buchholz was at a charity event last night. That OK with you? The Uno’s Sports Tonight guys discussed. http://ow.ly/bT1ngCSNNE.com
So Buchholz gets OK from medical staff, goes to a charity event to help a friend out, shows up doesn’t drink, yet he’s getting killed for itLou Merloni
Gresh & Zo: Buchholz Attends Pool Party: Gresh and Zo kick off Thursday’s show talking about Buchholz attending … http://bit.ly/QrIKOlGresh & Zolak
Can confirm @LouMerloni report that Buchholz granted permission by Sox medical staff to go to Foxwoods last night. There endeth the story?Michael Giardi
I’m all for blasting a player when it’s deserved, but attending a charity event with medical clearance from the team doesn’t qualify.Kirk Minihane
if going to the event was no big deal, why would he ask for clearance from sox staff? if it’s not a big deal then why do you need permissionGresh & Zolak
@GreshandZo If it was a problem why didn’t Sox say no? If he went without permission you’d be blasting him for not asking for clearance.Kirk Minihane
I love how everyone at EEI is contorting themselves into a pretzel to make the Bucholz appearance a non story, comical.Chris Curtis
Clay Buchholz Attends Charity Fundraiser, Boston Media Reports He Attended Vodka-Sponsored Casino Pool Party | The Big LeadBoston pitcher Clay Buchholz recently spent five days in Massachusetts General Hospital with esophagitis. When he was released, he did no…
Report: Buchholz Attends Foxwoods Pool PartyBOSTON(CBS) – Clay Buchholz just went through a "frightening ordeal," spending five days in the hospital fighting esophagitis. Given what…
I guess Clay only drinks during games, not at Stoli sponsored pool parties..Chris Curtis
Pool party for Clay BuchholzWhile the rest of his teammates are in Seattle to begin a four-game series against the Mariners beginning tonight, Red Sox pitcher Clay B…
It’s one thing to be angry about how last year ended. It’s another to leap down every #RedSox throat when you’ve got maybe half a story.Jon Couture

Red Sox bats come alive early, NBA draft tonight

The Red Sox exploded for six runs in the first inning, which was more than enough for Jon Lester as the team rolled to a 10-4 win. David Ortiz continued his hot streak of late with another home run. It was his 21st of the season and 399th of his career. It was Lester’s fifth win of the season. The team is now in Seattle to take on the Mariners in a weekend series.

Following the game word got out that Clay Buchholz, less than 24 hours after being released from the hospital for esophagitis, was at Foxwoods attending a pool party with other athletes. Later it was learned that Buchholz was at Foxwoods, but the Red Sox gave him permission to attend and he did not drink. Regardless, it probably wasn’t the best of moves for the Red Sox pitcher who did not travel with the team and is unlikely to pitch until after the All-Star break.

Looking good, Red Sox– Michael Silverman says the Red Sox are in a good position as they head out West for a week-long road trip.

Successful Red Sox homestand marks turning point– Maureen Mullen says this past homestand could be a major turning point in the season for the Red Sox.

Red Sox come together with solid homestand– Joe McDonald also has what a big homestand this was for the Red Sox.

Five questions about  the resurgent Red Sox– Tony Massarotti has five questions about the Red Sox for the remainder of the season.

A look at who might be the next Red Sox player to be traded– Kirk Minihane has now that Kevin Youkilis has been traded, who might be next.

Pedro Martinez a ‘Bostonian forever’– John Connolly has Pedro Martinez’ remarks from The Tradition held at TD Garden Wednesday night.

The NBA Draft is Thursday night and the Celtics have picks No. 21 and 22, which gives them a number of options. Knowing Danny Ainge he will make the best of his two picks, whether it is using the two picks, trading up, trading out, etc.

Celtics have many good options in 2012 draft– Gary Washburn says with picks No. 21 and 22 the team has many options, some of which could be unexpected.

Rivers reunion fun, but not likely– Steve Bullpett says it is unlikely the Celtics will select Doc Rivers’ son Austin.

Danny Ainge mulls making a move– Mark Murphy has in his notebook that a trade is not out of the question on Thursday night.

2012 NBA Mock Draft 3.0– A. Sherrod Blakely has his mock draft, and I won’t give away who he has the Celtics taking, although one might surprise many people.

July 1, not June 28 is C’s real D-Day– Peter May says the draft doesn’t have many impact players, rather those players will come through free agency.

Fake Twitter Accounts Targeting Celtics Fans, Media

The power of Twitter is instant information and the ability to disseminate extremely quickly. When news breaks, it quickly spreads as people retweet the information, or see other people retweeting it, and decide to do so themselves as well.

A pair of fake Twitter accounts which “reported” a pair of big Celtics news items fooled some fans and media yesterday.


Whoa. Blockbuster. Except Broussard is spelled wrong.

I hate it when that happens.

Then later last night, this was posted.


This kept at least one sports editor in the office a little later than he intended.

But again, the account is one letter off. Why do people set up fake Twitter accounts and do this sort of thing? For exactly this reason. It’s too easy to just hit the “retweet” button. I’ve done it before when someone in my timeline had retweeted a fake account.

The Red Sox got back on track with a 5-1 win at Fenway Park over the Blue Jays. Five links from this morning:

Red Sox have varied contributors – Gordon Edes has a number of players making contributions to this win.

Cherington shoots down rifts between Red Sox players, Valentine – Danny Picard has the Sox GM saying that no players have come to him to complain about Bobby Valentine.

Doc Rivers thinks positive on Kevin Garnett return – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics coach believing that KG will be back.

What to watch for at Bruins’ development camp – DJ Bean tells us what to expect as the youngsters get together.

Options at QB for Patriots – Jeff Howe thinks that Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett offer the Patriots both depth and possible assets.

Monday’s BS Report with Bill Simmons featured Rich Levine from CSNNE.com, and they talked the state of Boston sports. You have get through the segment with Simmons’ Yankees fan buddy JackO first, but then it gets pretty good, though when they got to discussing the most popular athletes in Boston right now, somehow they left out Gronk.

I was wondering how Simmons knew Levine, and it turns out Levine was a finalist for the Sports Guy Intern contest with ESPN back in 2004.

Bob Lobel: The Greatest Moment of My Career – Which moment do you think it is?


Is This Red Sox Team Worth Investing In?

The Bruins season is done, and the draft is over. The Celtics season is done, and the draft is this Thursday. Free agency for both sports starts next week, but we don’t expect a lot of action from either squad on that front. The Patriots have finished their offseason work, and are off until training camp, sometime during the last week of July.

So that leaves the Red Sox. For better or worse, they are your main sports viewing option right now. (Well, unless you want to jump on board with the 7th place New England Revolution.)

How much can you invest into this Red Sox team? Principal owner John Henry seems to think that this is a team that can still win it all. That seems unlikely, but then again, a team doesn’t have to win it all to be worth following and investing emotionally in.

Keep reading this post

Bruce Allen Does Monday Morning Quarterback

Bruce Allen will be guest-writing Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback one week while King is on vacation.

No, not me, the “other” Bruce Allen, who happens to be the GM of the Washington Redskins*. But if I did a MMQB column, part of it would probably look like this:

10 Things I Think I Think.

1) I think the Bill Belichick factor is overlooked in the coverage comparison of the Patriots and Saints scandals. The NFL refuses to reveal evidence against the Patriots, and that is interpreted as further proof of the Patriots guilt. The NFL refuses to reveal evidence against the Saints and it is interpreted as the league having nothing on the Saints.

2) LaDainian Tomlinson will always be affectionately known as the “Little Twat” here in New England. The image of him sitting on the bench in a parka with his helmet on during the AFC Championship game while his QB played on a torn ACL will be a lasting memory.

3) I think Darrelle Revis is a great player. I also think he’s overrated to the point of absurdity and his semi-annual holdouts are ridiculous.

4) I think the release of the All-22 films this year will spell the death of ProFootballFocus.com. At least I hope so. (See #3 above.) By the way, Game Rewind on NFL.com is one of the best deals in sports. If you don’t want to shell out for the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, Game Rewind is your next best bet. You have access to every game (not live) in both full and condensed versions, in HD, with DVR functionality, and the coaches film for $70 for the entire season.

5) Get your house in order, men of Entercom Boston.

6) I think Tony Massarotti is the biggest embarrassment going in the Boston sports media**. Have an original opinion for once, Tony. Alternating between “You’re absolutely right, Mike,” “I can’t argue that, Mike” and “No question, Mike.” doesn’t exactly make for compelling radio.

7) Wow. Shalise Manza Young’s feature in the Globe Magazine a couple Sundays back was a bit of a headscratcher. (One media person referred to it as the “height of entitlement” – strong statement.) I don’t hear Karen Guregian talking about the hardships of being a woman on the beat, and I certainly didn’t hear a peep from Monique Walker about being an African-American woman on the beat when she was down there almost everyday. I certainly didn’t hear Shalise mention either one of them in the piece.

8) I think I’m tired of being told that I now am required to respect LeBron James. Sorry, he’ll remain a front-running punk who screwed over his home town until I decide on my own to change my mind.

9) Who is Joe Haggerty?***

10) If you’re able to, please support the first annual Justin T. Harris Memorial Golf Tournament, and help raise money for the education of two small children who lost their dad, way too young.


Still grinding my own beans and using the french press instead of paying $6 for a quasi-coffee beverage with 600+ calories.


The hops vine out back is growing well, hope to do some experimenting later this fall. No citrus will be involved.

Annoying Travel Note of the Week

Lost three lug-nuts off my front tire this week. Scary. Who was it that “repaired” that tire a couple weeks back?

*Interestingly, I actually get calls and emails (on my personal email) intended for the Redskins GM, from people in the business. Some are pitching scouting services, others computer programs.

**I know I’m repeating myself here, but this is for a national MMQB column, remember?

***Yes Joe, I know who you are, this is a joke about your big-time “if anyone knew who U were” comment to Kirk Minihane.

Ortiz Speaks Out, Schilling Speaks Up, Santos Wants In

It’s a busy Friday in the Boston sports media world. The Red Sox continued their strong play of late with a 6-5 comeback win over the Marlins at Fenway Park. Rookie Will Middlebrooks was the hero, tying the game with the two-run homer in the eighth inning.

Before the game, David Ortiz spoke out against the media crush this week following the “Toxic Clubhouse” reports.

David Ortiz blasts media – Scott Lauber has Ortiz tired of dealing with the drama.

A big blast from Ortiz – Peter Abraham has Ortiz making a pointed response to the drama.

Ortiz: ‘It’s starting to become the [bleep] hole it used to be’ – Sean McAdam has Bobby Valentine saying that perhaps Ortiz went on the rant to take the attention off his teammates and onto himself.

Some feel that Ortiz should just pipe down and has no right to complain. Ever.

Rich Levine thinks that Ortiz just made matters worse, and that the scrutiny from the media will only increase and gives them “another reason to chalk these guys up as selfish, whiny losers.”

Kirk Minihane says that even if the message Ortiz delivered is the right one, he believes Ortiz was really just expressing anger over his contract, and that invalidates the message. So in other words, Ortiz is a selfish, whiny loser.

David Ortiz’s Rant Against Media In Line With Big Papi’s Character, Team’s Changing Climate – Tom Caron believes that  Ortiz had no agenda, he was just answering questions truthfully.

John Henry happy with Sox’ response – Michael Silverman gets an email interview with the Red Sox owner, who is pleased with all the adversity the club has overcome thus far.

Curt Schilling was a guest on Dennis and Callahan this morning, seeking a safe haven on the airwaves to make his initial public statements on the collapse of his company. He got it.

Schilling on D&C: ‘I’m tapped out’ financially -Jerry Spar has Schilling saying he’s lost all the millions he earned in his playing career.

I lost $50M in failed gaming company – Matt Stout in the Herald has Schilling saying that Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee had an agenda against him.

Gil Santos prepared to answer the call for Patriots – Chad Finn has the legendary Patriots voice making a surprising health comeback and hoping to be back behind the mic for this season.

Terry Francona refuses to dish about Red Sox on mic – Bill Doyle wishes the ex-manager shared more insight on the team during his ESPN Sunday Night Baseball telecast.

Wimbledon 2012 Makes Jump From NBC To ESPN – My SB Nation media column has John McEnroe sharing an unusual memory from Wimbledon.

Toxic, or Non-Toxic?

Since Buster Olney’s column on Monday describing the Red Sox clubhouse as “Toxic,” there have been many other voices weighing on the state of the team’s chemistry. It’s a topic tailor-made for sports talk radio and television.

As you might expect, there are divergent opinions on the topic.

Debunking more myths when it comes to these ‘toxic’ Red Sox – On Tuesday, Rob Bradford launched an impassioned missive that said that Toxic is too strong a word, that people just don’t like teams that aren’t winning, and even if there are problems, it hasn’t nothing to do with the performance on the field thus far.

Bradford is making a name for himself as something of a Red Sox, and in particular, Josh Beckett apologist. He makes some valid points, and as usual, things are not always as bad as they seem, but it would be nice if he applied this logical, thought-out, reasonable approach to all topics. This is the same guy you recall, who spent the fall just screaming “TYLER PALKO!” for hours on end.

Jerry Remy: I don’t find it toxic at all – This morning on Dennis and Callahan, the NESN analyst painted the Red Sox as the good ship lollipop, noting how tight the players are, though he did say some of Valentine’s methods could cause some tension, such and not letting players know in advance if they have a day off or not. He also thinks Carl Crawford is going to come back and be the Tampa version of Carl Crawford. All is well!

Red Sox a house divided? – Sean McAdam paints a more serious portrait, stating that “emerging details of the 2012 Red Sox reveal the organization to be somewhat dysfunctional at nearly every level, more closely resembling a soap opera than a successful team.” He though, also notes that the players are tight, and that tension is aimed at Bobby Valentine and ownership. He also notes that some players have taken to bringing complaints directly to GM Ben Cherington, which immediately brings to mind the late 1990’s Patriots under Pete Carroll and Bobby Grier.

So where’s the truth? Or does it even matter?

Offensive explosion leads Red Sox to fourth straight win

The Red Sox bats exploded for a season-high 15 runs in Wednesday night’s 15-5 win over the Marlins at Fenway Park. David Ortiz led the attack with a grand slam, his 18th home run of the season. Mike Aviles, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Will Middlebrooks also homered in the win.

Felix Doubront pitched well enough to earn the win going six innings and allowing four runs on eight hits. He picked up his eighth win of the year, which ties Clay Buchholz for the most on the Red Sox staff. The team closes out its three-game series with the Marlins tonight, before welcoming the Braves to town this weekend.

Down in Pawtucket Daniel Bard was called upon to earn his first save of the season, but two wild pitches led to two runs, a blown save and eventually the PawSox falling in 11 innings. Bard hasn’t exactly impressed in Pawtucket, so it remains to be seen when he will return to Boston.

The annual NHL awards well given out Wednesday night. Patrice Bergeron was awarded the Selke Trophy, given to the leagues best defensive forward. Bergeron could have won this award in each of the past few seasons, so it is well deserved.

Here are a few links on this hot and humid morning:

Where would the Red Sox be without David Ortiz?– Rob Bradford has just how valuable David Ortiz has been to the Red Sox the past two seasons.

Grand master Papi keeps producing– Joe McDonald also looks at Ortiz and the impressive numbers he has posted of late.

Red Sox a house divided?– Sean McAdam looks at the state of the Red Sox clubhouse.

Doubront in it for the long haul– Brian MacPherson has how Felix Doubront is motivated and getting results on the field.

Red Sox first-round pick Deven Marrero: ‘This is real now–I get to start my dream’– Alex Speier has the Red Sox top pick signing his contract on Wednesday and will now start to live his dream as a member of the Red Sox organization.

Please Support The 1st Annual Justin T. Harris Memorial Golf Tournament

The Friends of Justin Harris have organized a benefit to celebrate his life and in the process, raise money for his children’s future education. BSMW invites you to participate and benefit the future of two great kids.

Justin T. Harris was born September 30, 1974 and grew up in Holbrook, MA. Justin’s outgoing personality and terrific sense of humor enabled him to make friends and establish strong relationships throughout his life. Justin loved and
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While Justin enjoyed many things: golf, sports, movies, video games, and hanging out with his best friends (Mike, Will, Dave and Brian) and family, his number one priority and focus was that of his beautiful, loving children- Jack and Melina. They were always on his mind and he always looked forward to spending time with them. He adored those kids.

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Please join Justin’s friends and family in celebrating his life, sharing funny stories about a man who will always be loved, who is greatly missed, and who will never be forgotten.

Proceeds from this event will go into a trust to be used to support Jack and Melina’s educational needs as they get older.

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For more information, either contact Mike above, or download the event brochure to sign up:

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