You could make the case that the Celtics draft picks in some way mirrored the choices that the Patriots made in April.

With one pick, they selected a tall, big man from Syracuse, (Fab Melo) who is still a bit raw, but a good developmental project. With their other pick, they selected a physical thumper from a big program (Jared Sullinger) who fell a bit in the draft due to some physical concerns, but who should be able to step in and be productive right from the start.

You can compare those attributes to Chandler Jones and Dont’a Hightower whom the Patriots drafted earlier this spring.

Promising future starts now – Gary Washburn has the Celtics future looking brighter.

In Jared Sullinger, C’s gamble is worth risk – Paul Flannery looks at how Sullinger ended up with the Celtics and why he was worth picking despite some back issues.

Celtics gamble on Sullinger, Melo – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics hoping to repeat the success they’ve had with Avery Bradley.

Sullinger ‘ready to dominate’ in Celtics uniform – Jimmy Toscano has Sullinger talking about being picked by the Celtics.

When it comes to NBA-level defense, Melo not yet the man – A. Sherrod Blakely says that the Big East Defensive Player will have to make some adjustments at the next level.

Still Andre Carter country? – Jeff Howe looks at why the defensive lineman and the Patriots have yet to agree to a new contract.

Five things we learned on another memorable night for Franklin Morales – The Red Sox lost a 1-0 decision to the Seattle Mariners last night, but Morales sparkled once more. Rob Bradford looks at what we can take from the outing.

Young Bruin Hamilton is hard to miss – Dan Cagan has the Bruins top pick of 2011 standing out at developmental camp. DJ Bean says that Hamilton is ready to make the leap.

Media Columns

Gymnast Aly Raisman’s Olympic quest is subject of documentary – Chad Finn has local filmmaker Torey Champagne waiting for the ending of his documentary on the Olympic hopeful. He also looks at the NFL switching up some late-starting game times, and has a few other notes.

Tornadoes’ Gagalis is more than a voice – Bill Doyle talks to Worcester Tornadoes play-by-play man Nick Gagalis, who does a whole lot more for the team than just call the games.

Times Have Changed In MLB, As Evident By Clay Buchholz Charity ‘Scandal’ – In my SB Nation Boston media column, I look at how the mediahas gone from drinking with players to knocking them for going to a charity even where they don’t drink.

Gary Tanguay is an embarrassment. But you probably already knew that.

Do you want THAT guy taking over for Gil Santos in the Patriots radio booth? No thanks.


18 thoughts on “Celtics Follow Patriots Model In Draft

  1. I know this has been “discussed” but has anyone paid attention to the possibly of “GearBear” doing PbP/color? It’s like the same with Chris Berman being “assigned” a pre-season and the late MNF opener. If you didn’t hear/see the outrage, it’s all over the Internet. I hope they put this out there to “gauge” the reaction because you can usually tell something is a really bad idea when the reaction is like this. (It’s bad enough that columnists are penning opinion pieces in major papers, not just Internet blogs:–20120629,0,3752734.column )


    There isn’t even a question here.

    He’s barely a “host” when he tries.


    Out of all the local CSNNE folks, Carrolyn Manno seems to be used the most on the national/NBCSN. I’ve seen her on NBC half-time/break shows, doing NBC Sports Talk (6pm show). Things looking good for her on moving up? Asking just as a formality because they seem to use her quite a bit compared to every other CSNNE personality, except, maybe, Donnie Marshall.

    Mannix did a league-wide reaction for SI:

    The Celtics were pretty high up there.


  2. It’s bad enough that you get fired so that you can make an opening for the talent that is Andy Gresh, now Gary has the likes of Lou Merloni and Shaugnessy openly laughing in his face. I’ve yet to find anybody on the planet that likes Gary Tanguay. He’s a complete caricature of a sportscaster and what is up with him growing long hair? Total toolbag.


  3. A couple of Hall of Fame moments today on the Sports Hub…
    1) Caller into G & Z helping them out with a few Portuguese words they can use to make Fab Melo feel welcome… Gresh goes into blustery/obnoxious host mode to halt the caller and inform him that Fab Melo is from Brazil. The caller patiently says, yeah, that is the language they speak in Brazil and Gresh proceeds to ask for someone to look it up.
    2) Mazz telling Felger that he believes KG is done because the C’s took 2 big guys… who does Tony think they would have taken there if they thought KG was coming back???
    Embarassing on both counts. These guys should thanking the good lord for every second that they have this job.


    1. Gresh loves the blustery/obnoxious voice – Zo likes to scream whatever pops into his head – RADIO GOLD.


    2. I’m sitting here wondering why any of us should pay attention to the “expert” “opinions” of someone as stupid as Andy Gresh.


  4. The Fat Con Man was called that for a reason. In shape? An exercise workshorse? Gary, that WAS the juice!


    1. Oh, I think he was loving it all the way. He got to sit and moderate an insane debate. Look at him. He looks like a kid at FAO Schwartz.


  5. “Do you want THAT guy taking over for Gil Santos in the Patriots radio booth?”

    As long as he can get player’s names right, what formation they’re in, and how much time is on the clock, yes. (or any of the many younger broadcasters in the area that can do these things) Who says it has to Tanguay?

    I grew up listening to Gil and Gino on the radio but, c’mon Bruce, let those guys retire with some dignity and get some fresh blood and eyes in the booth.


    1. If they are going to replace Gil I hope they bring in somebody from OUTSIDE the area…cause there isn’t anybody already here that I’d like to see do it. Tanguay?..NO!…Meterperal? PLEASE GOD NO!….Dale Arnold?…ICKY BALOOKY! NO!


  6. So first, Tanguay is over the top a bit here. That said, I’ve been in the medical field a long time, and he is absolutely correct that internal bleeding/esophageal bleeding is very serious and many times CAN be attributed to lifestyle. While there’s no evidence here, extended abuse of alcohol is one of several possible triggers for this event.

    Secondly, Clay needed 4 pints of blood – this is a very significant amount of blood to replace. Anyone who has even donated 1 pint knows there is some lightheadedness and/or fatigue that can be experienced. It might have been a better decision to forgo the event, with regrets. Certainly, the hosts would have understood.

    Lastly, I do think that Tanguay’s ultimate point is that there have been & continue to be questions about his work ethic/commitment level to the craft. Clemens is a poor example, as it was acknowledged he was a workout warrior. But the Red Sox would be wise to monitor this situation closely for a while.

    Just my two cents.


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