In as frustrating and disappointing a performance as we’ve seen in some time, the Celtics just could not get things going last night in game six and lost to the 76ers 82-75.

I can be reactionary at times, but I don’t think I’m doing that when I am concerned, not about the Eastern Conference Finals, but about game seven on Saturday night. The Sixers have played the Celtics very tough at the Garden, even though game five ended in a blowout, the Sixers controlled that game for more than a half. Three of the Celtics top six players are injured, whether Felger believes it or not, and it’s a factor. Could the Sixers come in fired up and overwhelm a weary Celtics team? I think they can.

The news yesterday that Avery Bradley is likely done for the season is probably the back-breaker for this team. (Who would’ve thought that in December?) What’s even more depressing is it could take Bradley an entire year to recover from surgery, meaning next season could be completely wiped out for him as well.

Even if the Celtics win on Saturday night, I don’t think the expectations are that they can beat Miami (or even Indiana) any longer. Without Bradley and his defense and energy (and offense?) the Celtics are in trouble. It feels a lot like 2009 right now.

Depressing, I know. Maybe it helps that just a month ago, I was saying that a strong performance in the second round was a reasonable ceiling for this team. That changed with some bounces their way, but has their luck (and health) run out?

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3 thoughts on “Celtics Can’t Finish Off Philly, Play Game Seven on Saturday

  1. Did anyone else feel Hubie Brown’s erection during that game last night? He literally had wood the entire game for the 76ers.

    I don’t require or need national announcers to stroke my team and make me feel good but last night was a complete joke in my mind. For a national broadcast to have someone like that on openly wetting himself over Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holliday was unlistenable. I know what you’re gonna say, “but Tommy used to do national.” That was before my time and was probably also a mistake back then.

    For such a disgusting and sloppy game, having a terrible color-guy like Hubie made it an even less enjoyable night.


    1.  Actually, I was wondering the same watching last night. I thought that Hubie was normally good but it seemed like he went out of his way to decorate the Sixers as some “premier” team.. Maybe I missed the other part since I spent most of the time watching the Rangers/Devils match-up last night.

      I normally watch the national telecasts because Tommy screaming about the refs on every call against the Celtics gets annoying. Mike is great but, unlike Chad Finn, Tommy destroys it for me when he goes nuts about this stuff.

       During a few of the Atlanta games, it sounded like Chris Webber was pulling pretty hard against the Celtics as well.


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